William Saito is leading the Way in the High Tech World

William Saito is an entrepreneur and businessman. He is a former Japanese strategic and political advisor, as well as an expert in cyber security. His technology roots reach deep and when he was just 10 years old, he took on his first job as an intern as a computer programmer. When he was in college, Saito established a software company from the confines of his dormitory room. When he was 34 years old, he sold his company, which he named I/O Software to Microsoft. In 1998, Saito was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Ernst & Young.

Saito wrote about his entrepreneurship in his book entitled “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur.” In this book he highlights the challenges he encountered and how he made his way around the potholes as he made his way through the business world. Saito is a Japanese-American and he struggled to learn English. That did not deter him from following his dream. William Saito always had an engineering train of thought and always looked at an object and wondered what made it work. He especially enjoyed finding out how software worked and how to break into the copyright protection just for the heck of it.

In today’s world of technology, William Saito is an advocate for cyber security, as it is essential for all companies and individuals. It is important to not become paranoid about cyberspace and the fear of a cyber attack. With understanding of the issues anyone can safeguard themselves from problems that may occur due to online activity. Disallowing connectivity is counterproductive in today’s world. It is essential the latest safeguards be employed in the war against cyber attacking and it is counterproductive to try and rationalize not employing the latest safeguards. Always take suspicious activity seriously and be proactive when it comes to taking action.

Put an auditing process in place when installing or upgrading cyber security. It is important all team members are aware of what a cyber attack looks like and oddities are communicated to the entire team. Security measures should always be up to date, as well as being invisible. This encourages team members to use the system safely and with a high degree of confidence. Preventing cyber attacks is putting a multi-fold system in place so an attacker has to go through a series of obstacles and at some point discourage the attack.



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