Who Is Alexei Beltyukov?

Alexei Beltyukov is an author as well as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. The foundations of his training include an initial interest in medicine followed by a change to pursue business education. He is Russian, but many of his initiatives will be found to influence the entire world.

In completing his education, About.me shows Alexei received his MBA from INSEAD in 1997. This institution which was begun in 1957 is known as one of the top international business schools. There are campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Later he helped establish the Russian Alumni Scholarship at INSEAD to benefit other Russian students who wish to pursue advanced business degrees there.

Within Russia Mr. Beltyukov is known for his role in founding A-Ventures Ltd. This is a Russian company that focuses on finding financial assistance for Russian businesses that are struggling financially. As recently as 2013 he formed Endemic Capital to provide angel funding for startup companies in his country as well.

CrunchBase reports Alexei Beltyukov is the Vice President of Skolkovo Foundation. The focus of Skoldovo Foundation is to provide grants and opportunities that benefit Russian technology start-up companies. Russian based entrepreneurs who are seeking to expand opportunities for their countryman can also be helped by the resources of the Skolkovo Foundation. Focusing his career on business and education in Russia, one of the goals for Alexei has been to make executive leadership courses financially accessible for the public at large.

Scholarships and capital are not the only areas that are receiving benefits from the business skills of Alexei Beltyukov. New Gas Technologies a project related to the use of petroleum gas and Mechanicus which is a car repair business are other fields of interest.

Perhaps the project he has developed that is of most interest and benefit to educators is a math education system called Solvy. This educational software system was released at the Edsurge conference in Los Angeles in April of 2015. Mr. Beltyukov is seeking feedback from math educators and tech support about this online homework space.

Who is Alexei Beltyukov? He is a businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist and educator. He motivates us all on to continuing education by applying its principles to his own entrepreneurship.

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