Trump’s Record Number of Lawsuits

Today, a quick departure from the book club news.

In a recent USA Today article, Donald Trump’s reputation for lawsuits was noted as being higher than any recorded presidential nominee. As Trump moves toward claiming nomination at the Republican National Convention he still has 50 or more civil lawsuits open. Donald Trump’s reputation is to respond to small disputes with incredible legal force, something not recommended in this review of Online Reputation company BrandYourself. This is not how a commander-in-chief should enforce leadership.

Donald Trump tries to convince everyone he has the reputation of being a skilled negotiator, however; lawsuits are one of those tools he uses which only distance him from projects that have failed. According to USA Today he also has the reputation of using the legal system to argue his tax bills that have been reported to turn into liens against his property.

Some of Trump’s legal cases that are ongoing involve local and state governments which if he were to be elected would then turn into legal disputes between the President of the United States and other branches of the government. This is an unheard of situation for the leader of a country. Some worry that Trump’s reputation for legal actions says something about how he will act as President.

There are concerns regarding Trump’s business record and how it will translate into leading a government that is one of the most powerful around the globe. Being in the role as President of the United States one should be able to build proper coalitions and extend patience with other governments as well as being able to abide by the law at all times.

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  1. He is known for taking credit when things go well and distancing himself from failure and placing blame on others. Trump has had more than 70 new cases just since he declared his candidacy one year ago. That may be what essay-on-time review has been trying to plan for them which may not be so necessary.

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