The Outstanding Financial Services that are offered

NexBank Capital is a firm that has specialized in providing a wide array of financial services. The solutions that the company offers are divided into three, and they include mortgage banking, institutional services, and commercial banking. It is focused on providing personalized financial and banking services to financial organizations, institutional clients, and corporations across the country. The professionals who serve the company are devoted to offering result-oriented services that address the individual needs of the customers.

The bank is recognized as the 4th largest institution of its kind in Dallas, Texas. It has a set a legal borrowing limit of $101 million, and it can syndicate in case there are large transactions. NexBank reached a mortgage banking volume of $1.0 billion within the first quarter of 2017. In 2015 the company reached $3.5 billion while it was at $5.0 billion in 2016.

The excellent performance of NexBank has enabled it to be offered different awards. It has been recognized by organizations such as S&P Global Market Intelligence, ICBA Independent Banker Magazine Top Performing Banks, Bank Director Magazine, IDC Financial Publishing, Inc., and Bank Director Growth Leaders Ranking.

The success of the NexBank has been facilitated by its excellent team of leaders and executives. Its administrators are highly talented, innovative, and committed to making sure that clients accomplish their financial goals. John Holt serves as its CEO and president. He is in charge of developing and implementing strategies of the firm and also overseeing its operational and financial performance. Holt joined NexBank in 2011, and he has led it in growing its asset to $5.3 billion. His outstanding administration skills have enabled NexBank to increase the variety and quality of services that it provides to its clients. Other executives that serve the firm are Matt Siekielski (COO), Dierk Hohman (general counsel), Craig S. Korbuly (CFO), and Craig Campbell (senior M.D).


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