Sujit Choudhry Contributions in Legal Matters

Sujit Choudhry who is the Center for Transitions’ director became a member of a top constitutional expert in Kiev on 10th July. This is a team of skillful people who discuss various essential matters in Ukraine. For instance, this squad discussed the constitutional crisis facing the government of Ukraine and its semi-presidential system. These discussions got hosted by great think tanks like the center of policy and legal reform, the international institute electorate assistance and democracy and other international organizations that support freedom all the world. In that conference, Sujit said that it was a great honor to discuss powers of the executive together in an adept to resolve the county’s problems.  Check to read a note-worthy article about politically related issue.

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Sujit got accompanied by people who have had immense knowledge on such matters. These people include the Viktor Musiaka who is the representative of the president in supreme court, constitutional commission member Sergyi Holovatyi, Vladimir who is the human rights representative in Ukraine and also a member who was the former advisor to the president and as well as a member who was a member of parliament sometime back.  For additional article, check

In that meeting, Sujit contributed significantly to its success. Firstly he cited how transitional democracies have been involved in making decisions concerning the constitutional. In this matter, he said that it was important for present leaders to support the process of legal reform by gathering and discoursing about the options that are policy based. Secondly, he said that the duties of the Center for Constitutional Transition are mobilizing and generating knowledge used in the building of the constitution. It performs this task by gathering and directing the global network of experts that create evidence-based policy options. They then support the makers of decisions in reciprocity. Through collaboration with many NGOs, many think tanks and international network of  multilateral organizations they have been able to achieve their goal.  More to read on

Sujit  Choudhry is a professor of law at the University of California and also in Michael Heyman. He was also the first American-Indian dean in the university. He has been an advisor of the constitution in many ways. His experience includes consultations, mediating public dialogue with groups of civil society, bureaucrats and civil servant training, drafting technical reports and engaging parliamentarians and party leaders.  Be updated with his blogs, visit his page.

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