Sujit Choudhry an Expert in Constitution Implemetation

Sujit Choudhry is the director of the great Constitution implementation body called Center for Constitutional Transitions. The body has worked in collaboration with many world countries to bring cohesion and stability amongst the World countries. He is a respected professor of law and for sure a great scholar. He is a famous award winner because of his efforts towards trying to bring cohesion in the unstable countries. He is the solution to the problems many countries are going through and I working tirelessly to ensure that the effort Center for Constitutional Transitions applies are felt in every corner of a bleeding nation. He is an expert in interpreting creating constitutions. His experience in the field is very expansive. His scholarly skills have made him an exceptional professor when it comes to the way people grasp certain things. He has come from far before rising to that level that he is today.  Added reference on

Sujit Choudhry went to the Havard School of Law for his LL.B. That is one of the most prestigious law schools around the globe. Few people knew that Sujit had abandoned a biology degree from McGill University to study at the Oxford University for a Bachelors in Law degree. He was not satisfied with a bachelor and went forth to pursue a master at the University of Toronto and subsequently at the Havard Law School. He has also done several research activities there and later worked for Antonio Lamer who was the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. He was employed as a law clerk at his offices.  Additional article on

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Sujit Choudhry has worked as a member of the great governing council called the Toronto advisory panel which has been on the frontline pushing for major reforms in Canada. He has supported so many world movements including same sex marriage law in Canada. He has dealt with two major cases in Canada as the senior counsel i.e, Guantanamo detainee and the Charkaoui certificate of security case. Those are some of the most involving cases he has dealt with as a great lawyer. More to read on

However, he has spent most of the time of later traveling around the world offering his constitutional assistance.  For update on his recent timeline activities, hit on

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