Securus Technologies Instrumental in Solving Cold Cases

When my team of crime scene investigators is assigned a cold case, we have to retrace steps that may have been taken months or years ago. The one thing we have become to rely on more than anything else in solving these type cases is the help from informants. Even those who wish to remain anonymous are extremely helpful because they share information that we may have never had a chance to uncover without them. This month, my team was trying to break a cold cash that was going to let a killer back on the streets if we could not find solid evidence fast.


We have tried to collect evidence without help, but when you are dealing with a case that is so old, nothing is where it was during the crime. Eyewitnesses can often point us in a direction that we may have missed, and that was our hopes with this case. We knew no weapon was ever recovered in this crime, and we knew somebody knew where it could be. We decided to head to the jail this suspect was spending his last few days to try and rattle his cage so to speak.


We knew the jail had installed the Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system, and it was going to play a key role in getting us help. This company has 2,500 systems in jails around the country, making the world safer in their own way. Once the inmate got wind we were in the jail and taking about his crime, he reached out to his sister to see if everything he asked for was taken care of. She did not apparently, and our suspect told her to get it done today. When we traced her, we discovered she was trying to locate and dispose of evidence in his case.

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