Securus Technologies Brings the Highly Anticipated Video Visitation Program

For many inmates, staying away from their families could break them. For most times, these inmates are parents that have lived with their families all their lives. A visit from family members once a month is usually not enough. The visits are occasional and short. It never allows them to share their emotions feelings. On the other hand, families with inmates will struggle to cope up with daily routines. Families that have children and one parent in prison will strain the working parent. He or she would have to work on a full-time basis to support the entire family.


Luckily, things are changing thanks to the advancement of technology. Securus Technologies has created a technology that allows inmates to make video calls from correction facilities. Families take part in scheduling the video call. Inmates can now participate in special family events. Imagine how good it would be for an inmate to connect with their families during special events such as graduation, Christmas and birthdays. Through the use of the video visitation program, families have created a stronger bond with their members in correction facilities. The result is that Christmas and other special occasions have become more enjoyable. Securus Technology created the video visitation program as a special gift for inmates and their families. The technology is so powerful that the company has stated that family members can use the program to assist their children with homework.


While there is no substitute for family or friends during the holiday season, there is no option for someone behind bars. Securus Technologies is providing one of the best opportunities for people in correction facilities. The company has developed the video visitation program which allows individuals in correction facilities to keep in touch. Once connected, people can communicate with their friends and families in real time. I think that the technology developed by Securus is a great leap in prison communication industry.


The ability to see and talk to family and friends is something very special during Christmas. Securus Technologies is a company that has dedicated to improving the lives of inmates. It enhances their security and enables communication to be carried in a smooth and flawless manner. The company has established its offices in different parts of the world. It is currently available in correction facilities within the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Apart from developing communication services, the company is dedicated to developing other technology services to improve security in prisons.


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  1. Wow!! Is a wonderful improvement to Securus over their counterpart GTL. Even prisoners are now jubilating while in chains and also recgonises that a particular company loves them. This will actually foster good relationship among all. Considering this fact bestessay will awards all her loyalist readers and article purely written in behalf of the company.

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