Rocketship Public Schools : Preparing for Futures Out of This World

Rocketship Public Schools was co-founded in 2006 by Preston Smith. Smith has held several leadership roles and is more than qualified, as he has served as principal ay one of the highest performing low-income elementary schools in California. Rocketship Public Schools have become one of the leading public schools.

In Washington, DC the Rocketship Public Schools elementary branch received the highest recorded score for any elementary school in the nation. Since its conception Rocketship Public Schools have maintained record breaking stats. Rocketship Public Schools has been in the forefront of helping those students considered at-risk. Legacy Prep, the Rocketship Public Schools site located in the 8th ward, enrolled twenty-two percent of the youth who are considered homeless. Despite this alarming number, the school has seen an increase in both Math and English proficiency scores.

Rocketship Public Schools boasts that students at this site gained over a year of knowledge while attending for one school year. One of the main goals of the school is to seek to eliminate the achievement gap between its school attendees and students from opulent neighborhoods. Rocketship Public Schools are having a phenomenal impact with at-risk students in the DC area. Although its has started with just two sites in DC, these sites appear to be thriving and breaking many records long held by schools in more affluent neighborhoods. Happy with its initial progress,Rocketship Public Schools, seeks to continue to help students to reach their full learning potential. See more.

The school is a system that seeks not only to assist students with their learning potential but also create communities that foster the sort of environment that pushes learning to the forefront. Students have been making amazing strides in attainment and learning enrichment. Rocketship Public Schools seem to really be set on making sure their students futures are out of this world.

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