David McDonald has instilled a tremendous aspiration for growth since joining OSI Group 30 years ago. He has ensured that OSI Group maintains that growing appetite to date. OSI Group is anchored on a constant desire to improve and expand. Its vision is to become a global leader and valued partner to its clients. What drives OSI Group’s growth is its relentless push to deliver quality products to its clients. The team at OSI Group has an overall expectation that it will exceed its customer’s needs. However, for both partners to receive mutual rewards, it will require OSI Group to establish flexibility, trust, and patience over time. OSI Group is a privately-held corporation that strives to provide more nimble and flexible solutions.

OSI Group began with building formal partnerships. It would look for partners who understands the culture in their respective regions. Together with its business associates, OSI Group created a governance that would oversee its global operations. Nonetheless, OSI Group makes best management decisions closest to its customers. As such, most of its everyday decisions are made by its partners. OSI Group is inspired to be innovative by its clients. OSI Group feels inspired when a customer challenges it to respond to a business need. Over time, OSI Group has been using its innovative food development processes, customer insights, and global sourcing experience to provide its customers with unique products. Collaboration with customers leads OSI Group to additional refinements and improvements, resulting in a custom, innovative products. OSI Group measures its effectiveness through failures and mistakes. It is through this errors and failures that OSI Group can learn valuable lessons. OSI Group encourages all its team members to be risk takers. Its innovation is fuelled by a constant quest for improvement and commitment to improving its production processes.

OSI Group regard failure as an essential learning experience, but not a negative consequence. OSI Group continues to thrive in a family-oriented culture. OSI views its customers as part of its family. It strives to produce quality products to serve its respective families proudly. Quality and safety remain hallmarks of products that OSI Group supplies to its families and customers around the world. Adapting to change has always ensured that OSI Group continuous to thrive in the global marketplace. Keeping current with changes gives OSI Group a competitive advantage. Consumers tastes and needs keep changing over time. Consumers wants different things at different places and times.

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James Larkin was an Ireland born labor organizer and an activist born in 1874. He grew up from a humble family which he later left for Belfast. He acquired a bit of formal education that enabled him to secure a variety little jobs.

He later upgraded and as per the year 1905, James became a full-time trade union organizer. As a result of improper care to the workforces, He moved to National Union of Dock Laborers. The Irish born is remembered for his role in the 1913 Dublin Lockout.

The Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, the union gained fame in Ireland under James Larkin organization. The union primary focus was to bring all together all Irish laborers to enlighten them with their rights. The union did not discriminate; it combined all levels of employees.

The party was responsible for a string of strikes which included constant support for thoughtful strikes and boycotting of goods. Most significant of these were the anti-war marches, 1913 Dublin Lockout where more than 100,000 employees went on strike for almost eight months. Eventually, the union won the right to fair employment.

The Dublin lockout gained support from the time prominent leaders and influential figure such as James Connolly and William X. O’Brien together with Patrick Pearse,

In the year 1914, The Union collapsed and James left for the United States to raise funds to fight the British. In the United States, he became an enthusiastic supporter of the Soviet Union. In 1923, he was exiled to Ireland. By the year 1924, James organized a huge workers union of Ireland secured recognition from Communist International. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and James Larkin | Biography

He was a fervent Marxist who continued his labor organizing into the 1940s. In 1943 he became a member of Labor TD for North East Dublin. In late 1946 he died in the Meath Hospital in Dublin. In honor of James activism, the 50th anniversary of the Lockout marked the revival of the Larkin legend.

Larkin has been the subject of poems by Brendan Behan alongside other artists. Additionally, James Larkin was commemorated by an Irish rock band Black 47. Presently, Larkin statue stands on O’Connell Street in Dublin.

Mark McKenna, MD licensed in Medicine and Surgery by Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. He is an orthopedic surgeon in Laramie, Wyoming and he can admit patients in multiple hospitals such as Invasion Memorial Hospital and Community Hospital. He is the founder of ShapeMed. Dr.Mark McKenna originates from New Orleans where he resided during his Medical Training at Tulane University Medical School. Dr. Mark McKenna is a dedicated community servant who helped with relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina. His successful career began when he completed his undergraduate degree and started practicing Medicine with his father.Dr. Mark McKenna together with his Father launched McKenna Venture Investments, a firm that dealt with real estate development. Dr.Mark efforts and determination enabled him to acquire two companies namely Uptown Title and Mortgage lending company. His companies grew incredibly, and he was able to give back to the society by creating job opportunities for over forty people. The companies offered clients with solutions in the financial service sector and real estate.

Dr.Mark McKenna’s business interests got shattered on 29th August 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans city. However, he participated in rebuilding the city by redeveloping low-income housing.Dr. Mark McKenna relocated to Atlanta in November 2007 and launched ShapeMed; aesthetic based medical practice, and wellness. ShapeMed got sold in the year 2014. He served as the National Director of ShapeMed after selling the firm. a is the CEO of OVME, a medical healthcare company that is technologically enabled and uses aesthetic medication to reinvent elective healthcare. OVME connects aspiring women and men with experienced healthcare providers worldwide. OVME combines an innovative Dr. Mark McKenna direct to mobile consumer platform that delivers high quality at low invasive cosmetic services to individuals who would want to enhance their physical appearance.

Dr. Mark McKenna married Gianine McKenna. They are proud parents of Milan Elle and Ryder. Dr. Mark is an active member of Entrepreneurs Organization, and he has also served as an active member of New Orleans Industrial Development Board and New Orleans Jazz Festival.

Dr. Mark McKenna is an ambitious man who has achieved and accumulated wealth through is commitment and hard work. He is a well-disciplined man who sets ups his own goals and plans before embarking on something. Meditation has contributed immensely as his success formula. He is self-motivated and an early riser who wakes up early more than anybody else in his home.

Sujit Chudhry, among other constitutional law scholars, wrote an open letter to the Catalan and Spanish governments concerning the current crisis in Catalonia. San Francisco’s Patch wrote that Chudhry and other scholars hope that the letter will foster an open-minded discussion about the issues at hand. They implore President Puigdemont of Catalonia to assume a steadfast commitment to organize a referendum in order to ascertain the desires of the Catalan people. The scholars also advise Spain’s Prime Minister, Rajoy, to accept Catalan’s secession as a fact and not supress their ability to express their desires.

In the letter, co-authored by Sujit Choudhry, it is stated that the interests of Catalonia and Spain as well as those neighboring them will be secured only by a peaceful termination of the dispute. Without a peaceful agreement, the basic ideals of the European Union itself will be undermined. The authors assert that Spain’s actions on 1st October 2017 were derailing to an agreeable settlement. Puigdemont’s postponement of the referendum to dialogue with Spain corrected the situation, which could have gone much worse.   Additional article to read on constitutionaltransitions.org.

More to read on works.bepress.com.

According to the article by Angela Stevens, it is still unclear whether the people of Catalonia want to secede or not, as some members of the population have expressed resistance against secession. The scholars affirm that the Spanish government went to extreme ends to subdue voter turnout in the attempted referendum, a wrong move. However, they also stress that contrary to what happened, it is not the prerogative of the Catalan government to decide whether secession is the direction but rather one of the Catalan people. As such, Prime Minister Rajoy needs to take a step back. The Puigdemont government also needs to give up insisting that the Catalans definitively want a secession. In the letter Sujit Choudhry and the other scholars state that there is a lot to consider than just the majority. The Catalonian people may be open to solutions that are less drastic than secession. Catalans need to agree on what the best solution will be, a process the scholars say will be determined through democratic, just and truthful means. Additional article to read on patch.com.

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Sujit Chaudhry teaches law at the University of California, Berkley. He is also a founding director at the Center for Constitutional Transitions. He is an expert on comparative constitutional law, with extensive knowledge in the field. Chaudhry has also been an advisor to foreign dignitaries building their own constitutions. He was also a consultant with the World Bank Institute and the United Nations Development Program.  Refer to blogs.law.nyu.edu to read more info about the professor.

Read blogs on https://www.linkedin.com/in/sujit-choudhry-738656100

Securus Technologies is a Texas-based inmate communications company. It has been in operation since 1997, and during this time, they have managed to completely transform the manner in which communication in the correctional facilities is handled. When the company started out, they were only offering telephone services to connect the inmates to their loved ones at home, but with time, they have expanded their reach, and they are now offering comprehensive security solutions to both the correctional facilities and private companies.


The customers who have used the services offered by Securus Technologies have had a lot of positive things to say about their services. There is one customer who states that they were having a hard time dealing with one of their employees because he seemed to be keeping some secrets. They contacted Securus for video monitoring assistance. After a week of monitoring the individual, they had gathered the evidence they needed to take him to court for bringing in contraband through their business premises.


Another one of their customers states that their main problem was a case of a gang of criminals working from inside the correctional system to organize crimes, smuggle in drugs and weapons. When they contacted Securus, they got video monitoring systems. These methods enabled them to catch those who were involved in the criminal activities, and once the gang knew that the administration was on to them, they stopped their illegal activities.


These are just a few of the cases where Securus has come in and helped customers to solve their security and crime-related problems. The CEO of the company, Rick Smith, believes that they have made commendable progress in the right direction. He also believes that they are going to get even better with time and that the strategies they have put in place will help them deliver superior quality service to their customers all the time.


Sujit Choudhry is a well-known lawyer who specializes in constitutional law. In his successful career, the legal expert has experienced a lot of success, and he has assisted governments and other societies so that they could introduce the best constitution that suits all their needs. Sujit has spent most of his career life in this department, and this has made him one of the highly sought out constitutional lawyer in the entire world. Apart from his successful career in law, the businessman is a book author who has written several publications. These books are used in several learning institutions in the globe. The books have helped students who want to acquire knowledge in law. The educational background of Sujit has been fundamental in his career. His parents educated him by taking in universities that are located in various parts of the world. By learning various forms of constitutions in the world, the businessman has assisted many people to embrace the best practices so that they can live in peace. More to read on constitutionaltransitions.org

Be updated with his tweets, follow him on his twitter.com page.

Just recently, Sujit and a team of other constitutional legal scholars from all over the world sat down and wrote an open special letter to the Spanish and Catalan governments. The primary role of the unique letter is to address the crisis that is currently taking place in both governments. The letter is asking the two leaders to engage in dialogue so that their subjects do not have to suffer. The legal experts are asking the leaders in the two governments to act in good faith by having a discussion that is open-minded, especially in the matters concerning the constitution.  Related article on works.bepress.com.

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In the open letter, Sujit and his team of scholars are asking Puigdemont, the Catalonian president to show his commitment to the country by committing to the seceding plan from Spain. The legal experts say that this will only be possible when the president arranges for a special referendum so that the people can express their desires.  Read more of his views on politically related issues on iconnectblog.com.

The prime minister of Spain has been asked to accept that the secession plan is what the other team is interested in, and he should not do anything that will make things any difficult for the Catalonians.  Additional article here.

Have an in-depth look at Sujit’s profile visit http://sujitchoudhry.com/

Sujit Choudhry is a highly qualified law professor and author. He is a specialist on various aspects of comparative constitutional law. He oversees the Center for Constitutional Transitions, a legal research center with a strong focus on constitution building. It is in the latter capacity that he joined other legal specialists in a workshop in Kiev to discuss Ukraine’s presidential system of government.

The seminar brought together key stakeholders including prominent legal think tanks and intergovernmental organizations. Sujit Choudhry mentioned a few challenges affecting the stability of the presidential system of governance in the country. He stated that power is unevenly focused on the presidency and the legislature. Weak political parties compound the problem.

The panel included university dons, human rights experts, representatives from the Supreme Court and civil society as well as lawmakers. He encouraged thought leaders to examine evidence-based constitutional reform options that have been proven to work in transitional democracies. He has been involved in handling numerous constitutional crises sparked by interim governments around the world.  Relevant article on patch.com.

As the head of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, he is tasked with aggregating research and mobilizing support for constitution building processes. The research helps set the agenda and empower decision makers in particular situations. The institution leverages strategic partnerships with global multilateral organizations to put together an elite team of experts for various projects. It provides transformative and targeted legal research that enables countries to resolve constitutional, political, national security and democratic governance issues within their borders. Additional article on works.bepress.com.

Sujit Choudhry is the Dean of Law at the University of California. He attended McGill University. He studied law at the prestigious Harvard Law School as well as the University of Oxford. He has positioned himself as a global authority on the constitution building process. He has participated in similar operations in Nepal, South Africa and Egypt among numerous other countries.  More to read on blogs.law.nyu.edu.

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Sujit Choudhry has published numerous articles, research papers, and even hardcover books. He is the author of “The Political Origins of Constitutional Courts,” published in 2009, co-author of “Strengthening the Foundations” and the author of “The Migration of Constitutional Ideas,” published in 2002.  Check indiawest.com to read more about this.

Read tweets from him on https://twitter.com/sujit_choudhry

Answering To The Call Of Nations

Being a world influencer is something to strive for. Those seeking a legacy of improving the world are seeking a reputation in transition. To do so is to follow the trends and transformations of peoples around the globe. There are over 149 countries. Each exists as independent governments today. The word is a heavy load to say the least. There are also great men and women who lift up this weight.

We first have to understand the realm of transition and the most influential in it. Sujit Choudhry is among those most known for effective work. His work is in world progress, democracy and transition. Answering to the needs of nations across the globe began when Mr. Choudhry learned law. Sujit has been requested for the struggles that men and women have in equality.  It takes high education and great passion to meet the needs of a world in transition.   Read a relevant article, click on this.

A Calling, A Dream And A Great Passion For Life

There’s an ingredient that can’t be overlooked if the world seeks a hero. The people we rely on must have leadership within themselves. Influential men and women begin with a personal calling toward power. This is the same for Sujit Choudhry. He had to find meaning in life and did so through the confines of legal, world progress. Next, Sujit had to develop a dream to live and one to make real.  For additional details about the professor and his impressive works, check this link on sujitchoudhry.com.

When he found his calling and vision, he brought them into existence. Keep up-to-date with his latest work, visit him on his social media page on twitter.com.   Mr. Choudhry found fortune through passion. Passion is a rare attribute in work, and not many people seek it. Even when we live out our best motivation, passion is capable of dwindling as soon as it‘s had.  Related article here.

The work Sujit Choudhry claims shows an enduring passion nonetheless. It’s this ingredient that makes Professor Choudhry unique. We have few to model Sujit’s likeness. There are less who have the passion to.  Additional article on blogs.law.nyu.edu.

Read about his published work herehttp://www.indiawest.com/news/global_indian/u-c-berkeley-law-professor-sujit-choudhry-co-edits-new/article_163b28d6-e9a6-11e6-a1f5-f7dfdfa8c09d.html

You can hardly turn on the television today without seeing the next latest and greatest diet fad that promises amazing weight loss with while still being able to eat your favorite foods or the newest workout trend that will have you losing tons of weight with little to no effort. The majority of companies are preying upon the insecurities people have in their own bodies in a sick attempt to make money rarely caring about whether or not their clients are actually successful in their weight loss journey or other health goals.

Luckily, there are a few companies out there, such as IDLife, who genuinely care about their customers and seek to provide them with personalized health plans that work best for the individual and not a generic health plan for everyone. Many people fail to get all of the nutrients their body requires through just the food they eat. For this reason, supplements can help make up for the areas where you are lacking. The problem with supplements is that there are so many of them out there and it is extremely difficult to tell them all apart and figure out which one is best for your specific needs. This is where IDLife can step in and help. IDLife is able to conduct an analysis of what nutrients your body is lacking and create a plan that is specific to you so that your body can operate at its maximum efficiency.

Whether you are attempting to lose weight, maintain weight or even gain weight in the form of muscle, IDLife can assist you in achieving your goals. IDLife was founded by Logan Stout who is a former professional baseball player. Stout is also the company’s CEO and founded the company because he saw how individualized health is through his many years in sports. All around him were people doing very different workouts and dietary habits yet all still competing at the same high level. This led him to affirm that health should be tailored to the individual and not sold as a generic product for everyone. What makes IDLife so unique is the fact that they are not trying to sell you a new diet fad or weight loss workout plan. Instead they are providing you with a personalized health plan that is specific to your current health situation and the goals that you are hoping to achieve.

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A team of experts met on July 10, 2017, to discuss the semi-presidential system of the Ukraine government. The experts also talked about the constitutional challenges that the system is facing. In attendance was Sujit Choudhry, the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Dalarna University’s Thomas Sidelius and Sumit Bisarya of International IDEA among other notable people graced the meeting. It was a privilege for Mr. Sujit to share and discuss executive powers with his fellow experts.   Relevant article to read, check on patch.com.

During the discussion, Mr. Sujit noted that the democratization in Ukraine was unstable. According to him, the instability was as a result of the weak political parties that exist in Ukraine, the concentration of the presidential powers and the legislature electoral system just to mention a few. Sujit went ahead and mentioned the involvement of transitional democracies in making decisions on constitution making. According to him, constitutional leaders ought to put together and discuss policy based alternatives that support the process of reforming the constitution. The Constitution is an interesting topic for many scholars who will just engage in analyzing case studies and articles and in turn use them to put together information for reforming the constitution.   Additional article on constitutionaltransitions.org

Sujit Choudhry is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California. He also served as dean in the same institution. Mr. Sujit is a learned person. He studied Biological Studies at McGill University before moving to the University of Oxford where he graduated with a degree in law.   More reading on law.nyu.edu.  He, later on, joined the Harvard School of Law where he studied and attained his Masters’ in Law. He is internationally recognized for having experience in the constitutional making processes. Sujit has served Libya, Nepal, Ukraine, Sri Lanka and South Africa as an advisor on constitutional making matters.

Sujit Choudhry is the current director of Center for Constitutional Transitions. The center operates with experts from over 25 countries dealing with constitutional and political affairs worldwide. For updates on his recent timeline activities, hit on crunchbase.com.

He is an author and has published dozens of articles, book chapters, reports and papers that have assisted in the constitution making process.   Learn about his published works here.

Sujit took part in drafting the Canadian constitutional law.

Follow his tweets, visit https://twitter.com/sujit_choudhry