Brad Reifler is the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital. He is a licensed investor and financial professional. Brad has three decades of experience. Brad attended Bowdoin College where he graduated with a degree in Business. He started his first company known as Reifler Trading Company in 1982.

The firm focused on institutional research, global derivative advisory, information dissemination, and discretionary accounts. Reifler Trading Company became one of the top independent futures company under the management of Brad. Its success led to its acquisition by the largest futures company known as Refco Inc. in 2000. Reifler joined Refco in 1995. He was responsible for the sale of global derivatives. He also came up with investment packages for high net-worth individuals.

Brad Reifler started Pali Capital while he was still an employee at Refco Inc. Pali Capital was a sell side broker-dealer that specialized in the equity markets. Brad Reifler was able to capitalize on hedge fund growth by performing detailed research and credit analysis. He taught this strategy to his traders until they were able to execute the strategy correctly.

The company made more than 1 billion dollars in commission income. It also expanded to other countries. It employed hundreds of people and experienced exponential growth with Reifler as the CEO.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler left Pali in 2008 to start Forefront Capital. Forefront is made of multiple subsidiaries including Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory, LLC. The principals of the company are experienced financial professionals who are respected in the industry.

They have worked together with Reifler to steer the company to success and to meet its goals. The board members of the company are affiliated with Fortune 100 companies. They have received numerous accolades for their business excellence.

Reifler decided to start the company after observing that many people were locked out of investment properties because they were not accredited investors. His company helps these individuals to diversify their investment portfolios since they are exposed to multiple investment opportunities.

He has served as the director of various companies including Wins Finance Holdings, Genesis Securities, the European American Investment Bank, and Foresight Research Solutions. Brad Reifler is currently a director of Sino Mercury Company, ROOT Exchange Company, and ITG Market Research.

In a financial perspective it is very important to look at the issue of social security. A survey conducted by the nationwide security institute confirmed that most advisers are not talking about the social security and this has made those who have retired and those that are attaining the retirement age to change advisers. Furthermore, the advisers avoid the topic on social security because it is complex to comprehend. Similarly, advisers should take interest in the social security since clients will start moving out if they think about the retirement process. Social security is important so that the clients can know about the consequences of taking retirement benefits early and the advantages of delaying these benefits.



Since April 2013 David Giertz has been the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors. Previously in march the same year he held the position of vice president. He also serves as the president, senior Vice president and director for other Nationwide companies. Prior to his current position he served as a vice president, Sales FI/WH from the year 2009 to 2013 and later as a vice president-NF sales (Bank Channel) from 2004 to 2009. David recommends the creation of an income plan that will be in exclusive of the Social security benefits.



According to the study a majority of the retirees tend to experience unexpected problems such as health earlier than expected forcing them to take up their retirement benefits early. This should not be the case since taking up benefits early leads to a lower monthly amount after retirement. Most retirees with advisers tend to foresee such occurrences and avoid them. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those without advisers. This shows that advisers play a major role in facilitating proper planning for retirement. As such, the advisers should also advise clients on social security to ensure that the clients are fully prepared.

It is very hard for an individual to live his/her home country and decide to live in another state and still become successful. Sujit Choudhry is one person who understands the precise meaning of the saying that goes “when you go the Romans, act like Romans.” Having being born in Delhi, Mr. Sujit decided to go to America and make a living while working there. He has gained respect and acknowledged for the good job he has done while living in America. His hard work made him become the first Indian ever to become a dean at the University of California.  For more, try clicking

This was a privilege for Sujit Choudhry considering he was heading one of the top law schools in the United States. Many people find Choudhry as a mentor, scholar and most importantly a professor. His interest in Law enabled him to join New York University as a Law professor. Regardless of the fact that Sujit had to work his butt off in a foreign country, he has become very successful compared to some native of America. Over the years, the law industry has been faced with numerous changes that almost crippled the sector, but Sujit is never afraid to serve justice. He believes that through hard work, commitment and togetherness, the law industry can become one of the beset sectors in America.  Related Articles here.

According to Sujit Choudhry, joining the University of California, Berkeley was the best thing he has ever done considering how the university is filled by individuals who are innovative and willing to try and experiment new things. Sujit argues that for one to become successful, one should be ready to take risks while having an open mind to enable a person to learn new things. Sujit Choudhry’s comprehension of comparative law has opened numerous doors for him which lead to him to work in various places.  He once worked at the World Bank Institute as a consultant. Based on, he has also worked as an expert when it comes to constitution transition of numerous states such as Tunisia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Egypt, and Libya.   Useful link here.

Having earned his law degrees from various universities such as Toronto, Harvard, and Oxford, Choudhry believes that in his own unique way he is transforming the American Law industry.  Check this on



Jason Halpern the Business Leader

Many of the people that have gotten wealthy will tell you that one of the most effective vehicles to get there is real estate investing. The great thing about real estate is the fact that even though you might get it wrong a few times, when you do your due diligence, the returns are amazing. One man that has learned how to invest in real estate the hard way is Jason Halpern and through his experience, he has become the busiest business man in the entire western hemisphere. Jason currently operates between New York, Miami and has a company with a capital base of half a billion dollars.

Jason Halpern with Family

There are many companies that he has collaborated with to create the property that is part of his portfolio. These include Madden Real Estate and the projects that they did together, The Aloft South Beach Miami project that was finished two years ago. Currently, his company is planning to convert the Wild Turkey Bourbon building into condos. According to the agreement, the company will make 338 condo units from the current building. Jason has also in the past teamed up with Madison and purchased the Brooklyn Heights Cinema to make condos out of it.

He confides that he has had a few setbacks when he was investing. One of the most memorable of these setbacks for him was watching a major deal that had cost him a lot debacle at the last minute. He states that these are the failures that make an investor tough. Through mistakes, he has learned to make better investment choices.

Jason’s Background

Jason’s father was a real estate developer too. He worked for his father before setting out on his own. When Jason is not busy working, he really enjoys staying at home and spending quality time with his family. He has a son that he really enjoys engaging in activities such as car racing and others. There was a time that he wanted to be taking part in car racing as a hobby, but being the busy man that he is in business, this has been put in the backseat for now.

Igor Cornelsen is definitely knowledgeable on the things that one should invest in. Igor Cornelsen has wealth of experience, and he knows there are some investment opportunities in places that people may never think to consider. The average American is not going to readily get involved with stocks or investment index funds in Brazil. There is money in this, but many people just do not know it. Surprisingly, this is where many of the best investments in raw materials can be found at Igor Cornelsen knows and he is taking every possible opportunity to give me Investor’s Insight on what they can benefit from.

Igor Cornelsen doesn’t want anyone to lose their shirt in the investment world so he puts a lot of emphasis on spreading the events out. This is valuable information because it is the first step to securing a portfolio that will be stable regardless of the economic conditions that are present in certain parts of the world.

There are times when healthcare in technology stocks will be great. There are other times, however, when stocks like this will suffer because of the economic conditions. What Igor Cornelsen believes investors should do is spread out their investments towards a plethora of different Industries. This can be the first stop to building a better portfolio with the better investments that are helping you meet your financial goals.

That may be one of the biggest aspects of investing that few people take heed to. Many people will start investing, but they have no financial goals set written on They are not sure how much they need to save for the long run so they don’t know about a possible stopping point for investing. This is what happens when there are no goals put in place. That is why is going to make more sense for the investor that is trying to look at their retirement options to set goals. This is the only way to prepare for a solid retirement on Tumblr. Some people may not even know is there return on investment is too low if they’ve never set a financial goal for themselves.

Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of the greatest things ever to happen to the world of science. With certainly a calling for research in the field of oncology and aging, professor Mikhail has committed much of his research time mulling the best approaches to the management, prevention, and treatment of cancer. the scholar with a keen focus on the age old question of aging has also sought to make us understand the secrets of aging while proposing ways of its possible conquest.

Mikhail Blagosklonny enrolled in the Pavlov State Medical University in St. Petersburg after high school. While in this university, he earned an M.D. in internal medicine and proceeded to complete a Ph.D. in cardiology and experimental medicine. Following his graduation with a Ph.D., Mikhail got hired by the New York Medical college Valhalla to the position of an associate professor. He then moved to the Ordway Research Institute where he became the senior scientist and stayed in the position until 2009. From Ordway Research Institute, Mikhail joined the Roswell Park Cancer Institute becoming a professor of oncology.

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Professor Mikhail currently works at the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute in New York USA. His research interests fall within the fields of cellular and molecular biology, clinical research on tumor suppressors and oncogenes, apoptosis and signal transduction, the cell cycle and cancer drugs, aging and aging diseases.

Professor Mikhail has written more than 3000 articles, book chapters, and reviews.his is the editor in chief and founder of the cell cycle. Co-editor and the co-founder of the aging, oncoscience, and oncotarget. He has also served as the associate editor for cancer research, an international journal of cancer, cell death, and differentiation, cancer biology and therapy, the American journal of pathology and autophay.

Professor Mikhail TOR signaling hypothesis. TOR is a nutrient sensing protein kinase that regulates growth and metabolism in eukaryotes. This kinase is the target for inhibition by the drug rapamycin pioneered by Mikhail for anti-aging.

Visit ResearchGate to know more about Mikhail’s latest work.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has reacted to urge for action concerning title defects by making property reports accessible by ordering online. Title defects have become an alarming issue in the real estate market of late. The title defects have some feeling that it is causing wrongful foreclosures while others feel it has caused trouble in what would be a smooth handover of assets in the secondary market. Property records hold the key to making sure that a clear process of ferrying and minimizing the risk of buybacks.


The Online Project


Nationwide Title Clearing, which is a leading document processing and research provider for financial and homeowners loans industry, has made a step in making the process of securing property reports easy. The company launched an updated website, which has made property reports available online.


Causes of Title Defects


Title defects often occur when a person or entity lay claim to property possessed by someone else. A title is rendered invalid if simple matters on wording in the document do not compliment the area standards of real estate. Lack of an influential party’s signature that is necessary to the transaction may also cause a title to be invalid. A title also becomes invalid if there is the presence of encumbrances and prior liens. For a title to be marketable, it needs to be free of encumbrances. When recording real estate documents, one need to follow filing or recording procedure or else the title will be rendered invalid.


Products Available Online


According to the company’s Executive Chairman, John Hillman, getting property reports well before a property is transferred or sold is the only way to avoid title defects. So as to assist the developing mortgage industry, the company has made the various online services available including tax status report, tax status (plus) report, current owner report, assignment verification report


An Overview of NTC


Nationwide Title Clearing is a single location business in Palm Harbor established in 1992. It provides expert research, document processing, audit services to companies that lender mortgage and investors. It also offers lien release, document tracking, retrieval, and imaging.


It provides training packages for mortgage servicers, investors, and lenders based on best packages. It aims at providing a fast, simple, step-by-step process of securing property reports. The firm enables buyers and sellers to access information about any residential property nationwide before making any transactions.



Most discussions about traffic problems in the Austin area tend to focus solely on the city. However, the recent Williamson County Growth Summit provided a forum to discuss transportation issues in the suburbs.


Among the experts was Mike Heiligenstein, Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority; Leandre Johns, Texas Eternal Affairs Director for Uber Technologies Inc.; Joseph Kopser, the founder of RideScout LLC; and Jared Ficklin, a designer from ArgoDesign. The discussion occurred at Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center, was focused on the impact of technology on transportation.


Heiligenstein said that technology needed to be combined with increasing the capacity of infrastructure. This would result in smarter roads, which according to him, was the way to meet the demands of the growing population in the suburbs.


Ficklin said that land use codes needed to be kept flexible, in response to a question from Round Rock Mayor, Alan McGraw, the moderator. According to him, even with autonomous vehicles, roads and parking garages would still be needed. However, he said that parking garages would be radically different from how they look today. Thus, there is a need to keep land use codes adaptable to the future infrastructure.


Heiligenstein was, however, not optimistic about the future of driverless cars. For one, he thought that the adoption rate of such technology was going to be quite slow. He said that the growing population would nullify any improvements to existing roads. Thus, there was a need for more roads.


Johns from Uber also contributed to the discussion. He said that first and last miles capabilities from firms such as Uber were essential for the increased use of public transportation. If people had the first and last mile taken care of, it would increase use of public means, according to him.


About Mike Heiligenstein and the Mobility Authority


Mike is the Executive of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Its goal is to come up with the plans for a modern transportation network to serve the people of Central Texas. Mike has worked at the mobility authority since its founding. He oversaw the development of its first project, the 183A, a cashless toll collection point.


Mike is on the advisory board of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. He is also the President of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. He has been working as a public official for the citizens of Williamson County for 23 years.

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The successful presidential campaign and a subsequent ascension of President Donald J. Trump brought to the fore details of his local and foreign business partners. It emerged that President Trump, the former no-nonsense real estate mogul, had a business partner in Dubai, who shared a lot of characteristics with him. This partner is Hussain Sajwani, a self-made billionaire who is heavily invested in real estate both in and outside Dubai.


His Education and Career


Sajwani attended the University of Washington where he graduated with a degree in Economics. Upon his graduation, Sajwani worked as a contracts manager in GASCO. He soon left his employer to form his own company Draieh Management Services Co (DAMAC) which was later re-branded to become the DAMAC Group. In 1992, he established DICO Invest , which is an investment company holding portfolios of securities that are traded in different global markets. Other ventures in which he has substantial stake include Al Jazeira Services Co SAOG, Al Ahlia Insurance Company, Global Logistics Services Co. and Al Anwar Ceramics Co SAOG.


His Relationship with President Trump


Sajwani is often referred to as the Donald Trump of Dubai because of the fact that both of these business moguls are heavily invested in the real estate industry. Hussain Sajwani is one of the major business partners that have done business with the Trump Organization. This real estate billionaire enjoys a personal and cordial relationship with the president’s family. He has interacted with Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka both in business and social gatherings. Sajwani has intimated that he intends to continue his business relationship with Trump Organization, which is now under the leadership of Trump’s oldest sons.


DAMAC Business Ventures


The DAMAC Group traces its origin during the first Iraq war when the company offered food service to the United States Army. Although the company has gone forward to focus most of its business pursuits around real estate properties, Hussain Sajwani posits that the food business is still an integral part of DAMAC Group. Today, DAMAC Group is considered to be the largest luxury private real estate developer in Dubai and the wider Middle East.


Hussain’s Philanthropies


Hussain Sajwani, through his company DAMAC Group believes in giving back to the society. In 2013, the company donated over AED two million, which was to be used to clothe over one million needy children.

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Hussain Sajwani

Most people are well aware of the benefits having access to efficient and effective methods of communications brings them. Unfortunately, many of those very people are unaware of where to look when striving to find such methods of communications. They’re often referred to as being “solutions” as they enable people to connect with one another to accomplish common goals. However, it’s important for everyone to know that communicative solutions certainly exist for all kinds of people in all types of environments and/or professions in this highly developed and technologically advanced society.


Securus Technologies is a form of communications protocol that has revolutionized the world of technologies to an extent that people are able to communicate with those who they may have otherwise thought as being nearly impossible to accomplish. A vast array of individuals have no idea that they are able to communicate with inmates who are incarcerated without needing to actually physically visit them. In such cases, one may wonder, how exactly is that possible? They are able to do so by utilizing the program that has been designed with state-of-the-art elements in its elements of engineered of Securus Technologies.


The Securus Technologies platform has not only allowed inmates and their significant others, family members, or friends to communicate with one another, it’s also given police agencies a chance to follow up on the sessions that have been conducted in the video conferences to potentially use anything that may be relevant to a crime as parts of investigations. Customers service technicians are able to assist and guide you on how to use this tool. The BBB has accredited Securus Technologies as being a reliable company that people can depend on to deliver the services as it says it will. They’ve also been rated well by past customers, thus, a testament to the quality of services that it provides.