Beginning at Northwestern with a Journalism degree, she soon after got her Juris Doctor at University of California Berkeley and worked with famed liberal human rights Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun. This helped spur her love for justice and desire to grant equality for those without a voice. She worked in business law for many years with a focus on fighting internal corruption and was appalled by the financial crisis of 2009 when the corruption of banks and the economic sector became transparent for all to see.

Her desire to fight the corruption that was now plainly obvious to the world never faltered. Helane became the first female SEC head of enforcement after an impressive run combating corrupt CEO’s that many were afraid to touch. In this capacity, she helped bring many business leaders with underhanded dealings to justice.

A new cause for Morrison is equality in the financial sector. While equal amounts of men and women are interested in business, once in the workplace there is segregation between them and women do not have the same opportunities. Morrison joined Hall Capital, an entirely female-run investment advisory in the Bay area and also the most successful, which attempts to change the business workplace culture and making it more inclusive.

With someone like Morrison out there, the average investor can feel more confident that the bad guys are brought to justice and that the everyday person won’t be taken advantage of. In the financial climate post-2009, this is clearly important. The wounds of such a betrayal of the American people have not truly healed, with many Americans still viewing financial institutions with contempt and distrust.

Hopefully in the next few decades more corruption will be uncovered and America will come to rights with more integrity than ever before. This seems to be the goal of people like Helane Morrison, who are trying to fight the good fight for those without a voice. It remains to be seen where Morrison will end up in her career, but you can be sure that she will focus on equality and justice as she always does.

Retirement funds are an important part of investment for anyone who is trying to live well once they start working. A lot of people already have retirement funds that are going to help them retire, but they might want to spend some more time investing that money to multiply it. Martin Lustgarten knows how to help people invest for retirement, and he has a plan for anyone who wants to learn how to make the right investments.


Martin Lustgarten is an international investment banker who helps people make a lot of money, and he is willing to invest in any nation where people want. There are a lot of markets out there where people can invest for their retirement, and there are even more places where people can invest with a lot of confidence.


There are precious metal and commodity markets around the world that are going to be great for some investors, and there are stock markets in every country where investments would be more than worth the money. The money that gets spread by investors like Martin Lustgarten is going to be much more useful for people who are looking for help, and it is going to produce better results over the course of time.


Every investor who comes to work with Martin Lustgarten needs to make sure that they are asking him how he would handle their retirement funds. The retirement fund for someone who wants to make a move overseas is going to get a lot bigger when they are working with Martin Lustgarten or someone like him. He is the best in the world at what he does, and he can introduce people to markets that exist in nearly every country in the world. There is more money to be made when investors are willing to dare with their retirement funds. Check out his Soundcloud page to see what music he’s into.

More information for Lustgarten:

Class dojo is a user-friendly app which has made learning an exciting activity to students, parents, and teachers. Education is the key to success and class dojo has been on front line to ensure equitable and lively learning in schools by sending inspirational messages to students and other parties involved. Class dojo has also broken monotony and boredom which may arise when the students get used to one teacher who is glued in class every day. The three parties must work closely and gel well by embracing the app in favor of students whose main goal is to excel in exams.
The app was started to enhance good morals in students and they are awarded marks according to their behaviors. Teachers have found it easier to communicate to the parents as they share all occurrences in the classroom by sending photos, videos and text messages via class dojo .For effective learning to take place in schools a triangle shape is used, wherein the three corners represent students, parents, and teachers.
The growth of the high-tech app has not only been felt in U.S schools but also in 180 schools in other countries. Let’s learn and enjoy together is the motto of the class dojo and just like the opinion of Director of PERTS Researchers Dave Paunesku that the app is exciting and comfortable. The PERTS researchers are on ground improving and growing the app to fit the changes that are experienced every day.
The PARTS researchers are working on a new intelligence concept by providing five-part series of animated videos which are released every Sunday and takes 3-4 minutes playing. Carol Dweck and her colleagues in Stanford’s University have teamed up and provided motivational learning skills. Praising students encourage them to strive more and more and achieve test, playing guitar or making a sports team. The affirmative words to use are; See, you worked very hard and your marks are high or Wow, you never slept practicing, and look how you have improved.
Jennifer Ellison a computer teacher in all grades at Phillips Elementary in Napa, California adores the high-tech app and she uses it to educate and build the entire society.

Chief Executive Officer Bob Reina is no stranger to altruistic behavior. Many even speculate that in today’s day and age he has revived it. Using the face of Talk Fusion to make a difference in the world today, Mr Reina has once again made headlines for his generous donations.

In recent weeks Mr. Reina has donated more than 1 million dollars to the ASPCA in Florida. He desires to help stranded and abandoned animals find forever homes and have a place that is warm and has plenty of food in the mean time. This is one of the largest donations that the ASPCA has received in their 100 year history.

One of the ways that this money is being used is for new vehicles. These vehicles are being given a totally new look to help bring attention to the cause of the ASPCA. New shelters have also been added in Florida to help animals have a temporary home. Emergency shelters are a large part of what the Reina donation is going for.

Talk Fusion sees their charitable donations as the biggest part of what they do. They do offer one of a kind, high quality video marketing solutions to a wide range of businesses, both large and small. Talk Fusion works hard to offer brand recognition and sound advice for aiding with enhancing profits and extending the business’ reach around the globe.

Bob Reina at the helm of Talk Fusion also makes perfect sense. He has long been known for his desire to help others and his deep rooted love of everything dog. Even when an injured dog showed up at a shelter he took it in, helped it heal, and got the dog back to his original owners.

The million dollar donation is of no surprise to those who know Reina personally, and know of the efforts that Talk Fusion takes to help others.Talk Fusion does not just talk about doing, they take action and do something.

Philanthropy and wealthy family dynasties go hand in hand. The Koch, Walton, Simon and Buffet are just a few of the billionaire families who have powerful foundations. One family that isn’t as well known but equally big on giving is the DeVos family. This conservative clan of billionaires has been a major charitable contributor for several decades

Dick DeVos and his family amassed a huge fortune with Amway products. The platform has made the family one of the richest in the U.S. Amway founder Richard DeVos and his wife, Helen, run a large foundation in Michigan. The considerable amount of wealth they have distributed through their foundation has helped many of the state’s underprivileged. The DeVos’ are staunch supporters of school choice. A great deal of the money has gone to Christian and faith-based schools and organizations.

The 90-year-old Richard DeVos Sr. not only founded Amway in 1959, he is also owner of the Orlando Magic NBA team. After a stint in the Air Force during WWII, DeVos followed his entrepreneurial spirit by founding the Amway Corporation. Over the years, the multi-level marketing program has expanded into 100 countries. DeVos Sr. is now one of the richest men in the U.S. with a net worth of over $9 billion. 

The DeVoses have a great deal of influence in Michigan’s evangelical community. They have given a great deal of funding to many conservative candidates. The DeVos’s son, Dick DeVos and his wife Betsey also wield a considerable amount of power. Many believe that the DeVos’ influence helped transform Michigan into a “right to work” state. There is no doubt that the Devos family does a great deal of political policy shapers. There is likely no change on the horizon.

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

Intelligent discourse is rare in politics today. Donald Trump bloviates, using half-truths, lies and bigotry to push an empty agenda. His ad hominem style makes for great ratings and allows him to lead the news every night. Fox News uses this confrontational style to drive up ratings in their own reporting.

Sometimes the network uses interviews with unsuspecting interviewees as a weapon against ideas they do not agree with, like the Democratic socialist agenda of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Recently the network brought the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and film producer, Thor Halvorssen, on the network for an interview. The man is world famous for being a human rights activist and it appears the network tried to use his good name to slam socialism and Bernie Sanders all at once. But cooler heads prevailed and Thor Halvorssen turned the interview around against Fox News.

According to Forbes, Thor Halvorssen used intelligent discourse to expose Fox News bias during the interview. The network figured that Thor Halvorssen hates socialism because his own father was a political prisoner of the socialist dictator of Venezuela. But Thor Halvorssen’s response to the question, “Why is socialism a violation of basic human rights?” shocked the network. He calmly explained that socialism is not bad and that unchecked unilateral power in the hands of one dictator is bad, no matter the form of government.

The hostess then asks the world famous human rights advocate to define socialism. He then asks her what kind of definition she wants; the academic definition, the theoretical definition or the definition of in a socialist ideal. The hostess couldn’t handle it, calling all that information mere “details”. That’s when an exhausted Thor Halvorssen tells Fox News that he supports Bernie Sanders and has donated to the insurgent candidate’s campaign.

You can hear the shock in the hostess voice. It’s as if the entire network squeals through her.


There is exciting news for Fabletic fans. According to Forbes, Fabletics is anticipating opening 100 stores within the next five years. With six stores and a seventh on the way. This is great news for fans who would like to try before they buy. You can check out Racked to learn more here.
Fabletics, co-founded by Kate Hudson, is a line of clothing for athletic-minded women. You get to look good while you work out, without paying a small fortune. The ultra trendy outfits change every month, making your Fabletic experience fun and exciting.
There’s a large variety of styles and colors to choose from. No matter what your workout or personality there is bound to be something for any woman to enjoy. You can browse Kate’s personal picks, accessories, children’s apparel, and even men’s fashions too. The discounts you enjoy being a subscriber make this a must for any athletic-minded individual.
Subscribing to Fabletics is a super easy process and entitles you to enjoy huge discounts. You’ll be asked to take a short lifestyle survey to determine what fashions work best for your routine. Once you’re signed up, you’ll be charged once monthly and receive your outfits accordingly. If you don’t want an outfit for any particular month, just be sure to log in between the 1st and 5th of the month and select “skip this month” to opt out. Fabletics excepts returns within 30 days, so if you do not log in between the 1st and 5th chances are you can use this option. If you decide you no longer want to subscribe, you can cancel any time easily by phone.
Not only is Fabletics vying to open more stores, they are revamping their FAQ’s section and making major changes to their customer service system. It is really important to Fabletics that any current or potential customers fully understand the subscription process.


It is very difficult to put together five women and expect no spectacle. Queens of Drama is a new, high octane and rib cracking television series produced by Jessica Altman Da Rocha and Carrie Vandiver, among other gurus in movie production. Its conception was first made public on October 2015. This elicited a lot of excitement amongst film enthusiasts because it promised to be a thriller, and lived up to its expectations.

The Cast

The series features former bankable stars who are keen to recapture their lost glory in the movie industry. Lindsay Hartley featured in “All My Children”, Days of Our Lives and Passions. Vanessa Marcil starred in “Las Vegas” and “General Hospital”. Hunter Tylo was a star actress in “The Bold and The Beautiful”. Crystal Hunt on the other had has acted in “One Life to Live”. They are later on joined by Donna Mills and Joan Collins.

The Plot

The show is about former actresses who are out to regain their lost glory through the production of their own movie, which will give major roles to women. They form a film production firm, which will help them in their quest to produce their series. Trying to put together diverse characters is a difficult task because each of them has a super-sized ego. They disagree from the word go and this puts the whole undertaking at jeopardy.

This introduces Don Mills, who stood out for her role in “Melrose Place”. In this film, she is portrayed as a nonsensical character with a penchant for order and organization. She however falls out with the women when she makes pertinent decisions without involving them. They therefore elect to drop her. The series is full of drama just as its name suggests, and is bound to keep viewers entertained and glued to their TV sets.

In Queens of Drama, Crystal Hunt has a bittersweet relationship with Hartley. One of the highpoints of the series is when she causes a catfight between the two after she says that her co-star is old and ought to get grandma roles. Her assertive side however comes out due to her refusal to move with the crowd all the time.

The Florida-born star has been on the big screen for most of her life. She has participated in beauty pageants from the tender age of 2, and has matured with time to become one of the most standout performers in Hollywood. She is currently exploring the world of film production.  Crystal Hunt is a photographer in addition to her acting work.  She passionately communicates with fans through her Instagram, and she can also be found on which has her full career history.

Melissa Click, a 12-year communications professor at the University of Missouri, is now internationally infamous for her controversial actions at a student protest. In the midst of the chaotic protest, Click was videoed ordering some guys to take away a journalist who was there about the protest. The video soon went viral all over the nation. For her immensely controversial actions, she has been suspended from her job pending further investigation. It really doesn’t look good for her, though. Her criminal charges include third-degree assault, and a misdemeanor.

In addition, over 100 lawmakers are calling for her firing. Now the embattled former professor is fighting back. She is backed with the help of Status Labs, an Austin, Texas-based online reputation company. Although Status Labs specializes in helping companies improve their online public relations with customers to drive up business, it is also internationally known for helping individuals like Click in public relations predicaments. Status Labs currently has more than 1500 clients in more than 35 countries worldwide.

Status Labs recently handled the huge controversy of the famous Ashley Madison scandal. Ashley Madison is known as an online site where individuals can carry on private cyber-sexual affairs with supposedly complete privacy. But in the now infamous debacle, the accounts of more than 37 million of its users were hacked.

They successfully advised them how to improve the bad situation they were in and how to avoid further dangers. The Status Labs ( people are trained to help anyone or any business in any public relations quandary. As with Click’s current situation, they will gladly and easily tailor their expertise to your needs.

Jon Urbana is the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, located in Colorado. The camp focuses on building skills on the field and features competitions and giveaways. Lacrosse is a game that is fun to play, but that the students also learn discipline, fair play, and honesty. Jon Urbana played lacrosse where he gained honors as an All-American defensive player at Villanova University. Jon’s core duties at the Next Level Lacrosse Camp is to train Colorado athletes on various lacrosse skills and personalized guidance regarding best gaming practices and techniques and provides scholarships for those who are eligible. At Next Level lacrosse, aspiring young athletes have the opportunity to learn from some of the best lacrosse players in the business

Charity Work
Jon Urbana Launches Charity Drive benefiting the Animal Rescue & Adoption Society (ARAS). All proceeds raised during the fundraiser go directly to the Animal Rescue & Adoption Society. They strive to find a loving home for all the cats in their shelter. While he first reached out for help on Facebook, he has since expanded the push to his WordPress and Tumblr blogs.

Urbana has also launched a GoFundMe campaign. Mr. Urbana is donating the proceeds of the campaign to a local non-profit organization called Earth Force. The purpose of the campaign is to mobilize youth to become activists and participants in improving their local environments.

Flying Career
Jon Urbana has set a positive example with a good flying record and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recognized Jon Urbana and has included him in the FAA Airmen Certification Database which is prestigious.

He shares his photography on Instsgram and on his Vimeo collection. Jon Urbana has demonstrated that he has a great skill as a photographer and makes some personal videos that he shares for all to see. He uses it to create some good pictures as shown here.

He promoted a remix of Paper Navy’s Swan Song, in addition to M-22’s song Good To Be Loved, which will be released on January 29. He linked to their website as well as from his Facebook page.