Human rights is a very beautiful thing to have. However, it is also a very easy thing to lose. There is always someone who wants to challenge the rights of others. It is up to people to continue to fight for their rights so that they don’t have them taken away. In many cases, people can’t stand without help. For citizens of tyrannical countries, there are human rights activists that are fighting to raise more awareness of the inhumane living conditions of certain countries. They are also trying to help with finding a way to get rid of the tyrannical rule that plagues the country. Among the most effective human rights activist is Thor Halvorssen.

Thor Halvorssen is one of the prominent activists in the fight for human rights. He is in fact becoming the new face of human rights activism. One thing to notice about him is that he does not fit the common stereotype of human rights activism. He is very passionate and enthusiastic. He also has a love for people. This goes without saying. If one has a love for human beings, he would want everyone to have equal rights. Thor continues to fight passionately for the rights for others.

Among the violators of human rights that Thor Halvorssen is taking on is North Korea, which is currently being run by the Kim Dynasty. Thor himself is deeply involved in the fight for human rights. He often takes some of the punishment that other victims of human rights violations take. Thor accepts it as part of the deal. He understands that it is important for a human rights activist to be able to roll up his sleeves and get himself dirty. Thor does see a long war to fight when it comes to providing more human rights for others that are in countries that are not so free.

For a lot of business people, finding the time to be successful in business can be a full-time pursuit. It isn’t always written in stone that just because you are working long hours trying to fulfill your dream that you will actually get there.

So it is refreshing to see that some entrepreneurs like Mark Sparks have not only crossed the goal line with several of their businesses, they have turned community service into a social science by creating incentive for social service workers to get out and try and receive funding for the ideas that they want to see enacted.

A base in making social services work

Mark Sparks has a history of working within the community to promote change. While he was growing his businesses several years ago, he decided to spend time with his family refurbishing and upgrading a community center that provides shelter and relief for those that do not have what they need economically.

The net result was a type of business that was dedicated solely to the community- one that has created a lot of positive change.

Spark Tank Begins

From that experience, taking a community center that needed guidance and turning it into a showpiece that is optimized to serve more people than ever, Mark Sparks decided to put together a competition for funding among social service people. Known as Spark Tank, the idea was straight-forward: every social service person that worked for a charity or non-profit that wanted funding could submit an application that detailed what they wanted and why.

They would compete with each other in front of a panel of judges for funding money that would be disbursed to the winners. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

The first round of the competition has already been completed, several non-profits entered and the competition was strong for the initial $5000 check.

A winner emerges

The first round winner ended up being a non-profit that focuses on helping take care of the dogs of people that are alcoholics or addicted to drugs. Too often, when someone is going through a disease or addiction, the pets that are there for companionship suffer and are not taken care of at all.

By taking care of the animals until the person has completed rehabilitation, the animals are able to continue with their lives without being subjected to cruel treatment. Read more:  Marc Sparks – Dallas, Texas, United States, Timber Creek Capital

The other two finalists in the first round also focused on helping homeless or addicted people.

Going forward

As the first round of Spark Tank was a success, the team has committed to two more rounds this year in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The hope is that they will continue to energize people working in social services to innovate in their own agencies. With continued success, the concept may even become regional in nature.

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Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, in 2010 Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. One section of the sweeping new law established a program to encourage whistleblowers within the financial industry to report violations of the law to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The SEC just announced it awarded $17 million to the former employee of a financial services firm because their tip led the SEC to a successful investigation and enforcement action.

That’s the second highest award so far. In 2014, the SEC gave a whistleblower $30 million. In October 2013 they gave another whistleblower $14 mllion. The law allows for whistleblowers to receive from 10 percent to 30 percent of money from SEC enforcement actions that collect over $1 million. A total of 32 whistleblowers have received a total of $85 million in the five years since the program began.

Information from this whistleblower enabled SEC to conserve time and resources as it collected the evidence necessary to act against the guilty company, the SEC Enforcement Chief Andrew Ceresney said, according to the Washington Examiner.

The SEC does not release the names of the companies it takes enforcement actions against. The identify of the whistleblower is kept secret to protect them from retaliation and blacklisting.

The law firm of Labaton Sucharow became the first in the country to set up a practice dedicated exclusively to representing those SEC whistleblowers.

Labaton represented the whistleblower just awarded the $17 million for their part in the SEC’s successful sanction against their former employer. This whistleblower exposed “significant” problems with in a major player in the financial services industry.

Jordan A. Thomas is the head of Labaton’s Whistleblower Protection Practice. He used to be an Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel at the SEC, in their Division of Enforcement.

Whistleblowers may also collect additional compensation from sanctions collected by other regulators and law enforcement. The law protects them from retaliation by their employers. And, if represented by a law firm, they may make their reports anonymously. Learn more about the SEC Whistleblower attorneys

Labaton represented the whistleblower who received the $17 million dollar award. According to Thomas, that is just the beginning. He predicted the SEC’s most significant cases would come from whistleblowers.

Talk Fusion has been in the business of connecting people for many years, and it was founded as a video chat and email company that worked great for businesses. Everyone who is trying to talk with their colleagues around the world can subscribe to Talk Fusion, and then these same people can start making videos for business purposes.

The videos that people make will be created using a new video recorder reported by PR NewsWire. The video recorder was designed to help improve the quality of the videos that are made on the platform, and it can also run when people are in a video chat session. Better recording technology from Talk Fusion makes it very easy for people to get the videos done quickly, and they do not have to look back at parts of their videos and see something that is fuzzy.

It is also important for people to make sure that they have recorded their video chats. The video chats can be looked over just like anything else, and they look a lot better when the new recorder is in use. Everyone who is trying to keep a record of all the work their company does will find the video recorder really useful, and they will also learn that they can record for as long as they need without losing any of the quality in the video.

People who are subscribing to Talk Fusion are paying a fee every month to use the software, and the software is very helpful when someone needs to send a video email. The video email craze is very helpful for businesses, and it helps them make sure that the videos convey all the ideas that need to be shared. Video email can speed up business, and it can provide the platform for sharing ideas that companies do not usually have. Talk Fusion now makes clearer videos, for less money and offers more video options.

Traveling is what everyone wants to do at a certain point an time in their life, especially if they’ve never done it before. Many people make it a point to travel somewhere every year, especially when they get a vacation from a job that they’ve worked for tirelessly throughout the year. Not everyone can afford to go on a trip like a cruise or even on a trip to another state. A great way to experience other countries without ever leaving your home is by using the travel feature that is on the Skout network. Skout Travel is a dynamic way to explore the world for a very low cost.

Look at the cost of plane tickets these days. A single plane ticket can easily cost hundreds of dollars or even over $1000, especially if the person chooses to travel to a faraway land. Those who are interested in going to places like Australia, China, Japan, Africa, and the UK can simply use their portable device or even their computer to do traveling if they use Skout Travel. Instead of paying the high plane ticket prices to do traveling, using the Skout Travel feature will give a person all the information they want to know about a particular destination.

The person can see pictures, sites and learn more about a faraway place, and it’s even possible to meet someone on the Skout network who lives in the place that the person chooses to visit. No place is off-limits on Skout Travel, which means a person can easily check out new and exotic destinations that may be of interest to them, especially if they want to plan for future visits.

Using the Skout Travel feature only costs a few points, which leaves a person with a very memorable experience that they can share with others. Choose from the many destinations that are available on the Skout Travel feature, and travel to several places a day if time permits it. Traveling is no longer a luxury if a person chooses to use the Skout Travel feature because it’s low in cost, fun, exciting, and can help anyone to learn more about the world around them.

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Today, a quick departure from the book club news.

In a recent USA Today article, Donald Trump’s reputation for lawsuits was noted as being higher than any recorded presidential nominee. As Trump moves toward claiming nomination at the Republican National Convention he still has 50 or more civil lawsuits open. Donald Trump’s reputation is to respond to small disputes with incredible legal force, something not recommended in this review of Online Reputation company BrandYourself. This is not how a commander-in-chief should enforce leadership.

Donald Trump tries to convince everyone he has the reputation of being a skilled negotiator, however; lawsuits are one of those tools he uses which only distance him from projects that have failed. According to USA Today he also has the reputation of using the legal system to argue his tax bills that have been reported to turn into liens against his property.

Some of Trump’s legal cases that are ongoing involve local and state governments which if he were to be elected would then turn into legal disputes between the President of the United States and other branches of the government. This is an unheard of situation for the leader of a country. Some worry that Trump’s reputation for legal actions says something about how he will act as President.

There are concerns regarding Trump’s business record and how it will translate into leading a government that is one of the most powerful around the globe. Being in the role as President of the United States one should be able to build proper coalitions and extend patience with other governments as well as being able to abide by the law at all times.

Kate Hudson has been a household name most of her life. Born to famous actress Goldie Hawn, Kate has been working in showbiz since an early age. We have seen her on the big screen and watched her come out from under her mother’s wing and pave a way for herself as an A-List movie star.

Now Kate has gone from Almost Famous to Fabulous! She recently sat down with Marie Claire Magazine on for an in depth interview about some exciting new additions to her already successful Fabletics line of active wear.

In April, Hudson added another reason for women of all shapes and sizes to absolutely adore her. Fabletics is now offering what the company is referring to as “athleisure” dresses. These sporty yet classy pieces give women all the sexy qualities of the little black dress without all the pesky discomforts usually associated with them.  This is a wonderful feature that is sure to be wildly appreciated by women. While Kate confesses in the Marie Claire interview that she would not necessarily recommend a hiking excursion in the new dresses, she can vouch that they will provide the same comfort and quality of the existing line of active wear of Fabletics that has been available since October of 2013.

Most recently, Kate Hudson has launched the Fabletics line for men. It promises to provide premier pieces for men to workout, play, and live in. The basic structure works the same as the original Fabletics line. Items are purchased in sets to provide a full outfit. Kate’s brother Oliver Hudson, an athlete in his own right, is the face of the new men’s line.

Fabletics has experienced huge growth thus far. There is no denying that having Kate Hudson’s star power paired with an incredible, affordable product is a winning formula for success.

Luciana Lossio makes the electoral court better because she is a young woman who is signaling that a lot of progress is going to happen in Brazil. The Brazilian nation is going to be in a position where it will be able to make bigger strides because it has a woman leading its electoral court, and the appointment of a young woman to the court means even more for the country.

Luciana Lossio is one of the most accomplished attorneys in Brazil, and she is an amazing person who listens to all the arguments that are there to be had. Arguments about the elections have to come before the court because those arguments make sure that the country has been given the best leaders in a fair manner. Fair elections are very important for all the people of Brazil, but they cannot stay fair unless the government is hearing cases that come before the court.

She made herself into of the biggest stars in the law trade, and she has been at the top of trade by being in front of the court more than just about anybody. Everyone in the country has learned the name of Luciana Lossio because she has been in the news as she fought for the rights of the electorate.

Her appointment will help everyone in Brazil make sure that they are going to have the best elections and their rights protected. Protecting the rights of people who vote is very important, and it is even more important for the people of the country to remember that they have a judge who is capable of helping everyone get the right elected officials. The elected officials that go through traditional elections have their elections overseen by the electoral court, and that is why appointing Luciana Lossio is so important.

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The president of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen, was interviewed for a program on Fox News. Halvorssen was asked to talk about his views on socialism and whether he agrees with the policies proposed by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders has been traveling across the country during his presidential campaign to spread his theories that socialism can help to fix some of the economic issues that have been tearing the country apart for quite a few years now. Halvorssen said that even though he supports Senator Sanders for the next presidential election over the alternative candidate, Hilary Clinton, he does not agree with all of the socialist policies proposed by Senator Sanders.


In sum, Thor Halvorssen is mostly concerned with how socialism can affect the status of human rights. He says that with a socialist regime, it is far more likely that private property rights will not be respected. This recent Buzzfeed article about Thor Halvorssen shows that it becomes easier in a socialist society for the government to start accumulating more power and using it for political purposes.

More information for Thor Halvorssen:

Beginning at Northwestern with a Journalism degree, she soon after got her Juris Doctor at University of California Berkeley and worked with famed liberal human rights Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun. This helped spur her love for justice and desire to grant equality for those without a voice. She worked in business law for many years with a focus on fighting internal corruption and was appalled by the financial crisis of 2009 when the corruption of banks and the economic sector became transparent for all to see.

Her desire to fight the corruption that was now plainly obvious to the world never faltered. Helane became the first female SEC head of enforcement after an impressive run combating corrupt CEO’s that many were afraid to touch. In this capacity, she helped bring many business leaders with underhanded dealings to justice.

A new cause for Morrison is equality in the financial sector. While equal amounts of men and women are interested in business, once in the workplace there is segregation between them and women do not have the same opportunities. Morrison joined Hall Capital, an entirely female-run investment advisory in the Bay area and also the most successful, which attempts to change the business workplace culture and making it more inclusive.

With someone like Morrison out there, the average investor can feel more confident that the bad guys are brought to justice and that the everyday person won’t be taken advantage of. In the financial climate post-2009, this is clearly important. The wounds of such a betrayal of the American people have not truly healed, with many Americans still viewing financial institutions with contempt and distrust.

Hopefully in the next few decades more corruption will be uncovered and America will come to rights with more integrity than ever before. This seems to be the goal of people like Helane Morrison, who are trying to fight the good fight for those without a voice. It remains to be seen where Morrison will end up in her career, but you can be sure that she will focus on equality and justice as she always does.