NGP VAN Shares Tips for Staying on Track for a Successful Political Fundraising Event

An important process in any campaign will always be political fundraising. Whether it’s a small or large campaign, political fundraising still plays a vital role in whether there will be a successful outcome for the candidate. An essential element of fundraising is being able to associate with members of the community, which will result in expanding the candidate’s base. NGP VAN is the leading technology provider to Democratic campaigns, progressive campaigns, and nonprofit organizations. As the leading provider for political campaign software, NGP VAN has provided national candidates with an integrated platform to achieve the best fundraising outcome.


You can achieve a successful fundraising event by using a few tips.


  1. Choose traditional and non-traditional venues to maximize results.


Political fundraising can take place in various types of venues. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a fundraising event at a five-star hotel or an event at a supporter’s backyard for a barbeque, there will be a high-level of expectancy to bring engaging people together to interact socially. The primary reason for any fundraising event is to get people to come through the front door. The more passionate people that you can get through the front door, the greater chance you have for meeting your candidate’s ultimate political desires.


  1. Establish a monetary goal for the fundraising event.


Establish a reasonable goal for the expected donations you will raise. It’s important that you stay realistic. Take a look at previous fundraisers that are comparable in order to get a good understanding of a reasonable outcome. However, there should not be any reason to expect the exact outcome, even if there is every matched similarity – with the exception of the same candidate. NGP VAN has established products that are specifically designed for targeted emails, fundraising, online actions, online contributions, social network integration, contact management, and event management. Make sure the fundraising goal coincides with the type of event that will be held. Donors are much more generous when they feel contributions will be on the same level as the fundraising event.


  1. Keep all of your RSVP’s organized and traceable.


Every RSVP should be traceable with all contact details and pertinent information. Ideally, there should be a database created to locate this information instantaneously. NGP VAN’s software has been used by most democratic campaigns in America, including Barrack Obama’s presidential campaign. The company’s software is used by client’s for voter contact, fundraising, volunteering, as well as for adhering to campaign compliance regulations for all 50 states. If someone was sent an RSVP, the database should show the day it was sent, confirmation of a response and any follow-up information. Your RSVP database should be “real-time” and conveniently accessed for your fundraising duties. This will not only make your job easier for the current fundraising event, but it will also be helpful for future events.

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