Nathaniel Ru Leads the Way With Better Fast Food Options

Nathaniel Ru has definitely proven that he can take on fast food competition with a healthy food alternative like Sweetgreen. Very few people may have thought that this would be a possibility before the first Sweetgreen opened up near Georgetown University. Now it appears that everyone wants to get in on the investing portion of Sweetgreen.

Venture capitalists have put up more than a hundred million dollars to invest in this idea that Nathaniel Ru created. It is a clear-cut sign that he is someone that had a vision that others could believe in.

Everyone that starts out in the restaurant industry is up against a lot of competition right away. There are so many well known staples in the fast-food industry that have made the barriers-to-entry extremely difficult.

Nathaniel Ru may not have considered this much because he was simply looking for a healthy food alternative for himself.

He did not have any desire to engage in world domination when it came to leading in the fast food industry. It appears, however, that Nathaniel Ru may be able to push his way to the top with the fresh fruit and vegetables that are part of the Sweetgreen menu. It is definitely a sign that people are tired of eating the same things over and over.

They are tired of the fast food that is not as fulfilling as the fruits and vegetables that are served by Nathaniel Ru. Nathaniel wants to do something different with Sweetgreen, and he has shown that people are receptive to the idea that he created.

There is a lot of buzz about new Sweetgreen locations because there is a lot of interest in changing the way people look at fast food in the south. Right now Sweetgreen has still not penetrated southern markets just yet.

There is still a great amount of interest in getting these franchise restaurants into the south because that is where the biggest obesity rates are occurring. Nathaniel Ru definitely has a lot of room to grow, and the South may be one of the best areas for him to expand to.

He has already shown people in the east and the west that they can have healthy alternatives. Now people can look forward to more of these restaurants popping up in southern states.

That is why people are looking forward to what Nathaniel Ru is going to do next.

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