Halvorssen Takes Issue with Socialism

The president of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen, was interviewed for a program on Fox News. Halvorssen was asked to talk about his views on socialism and whether he agrees with the policies proposed by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders has been traveling across the country during his presidential campaign to spread his theories that socialism can help to fix some of the economic issues that have been tearing the country apart for quite a few years now. Halvorssen said that even though he supports Senator Sanders for the next presidential election over the alternative candidate, Hilary Clinton, he does not agree with all of the socialist policies proposed by Senator Sanders.


In sum, Thor Halvorssen is mostly concerned with how socialism can affect the status of human rights. He says that with a socialist regime, it is far more likely that private property rights will not be respected. This recent Buzzfeed article about Thor Halvorssen shows that it becomes easier in a socialist society for the government to start accumulating more power and using it for political purposes.

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  1. There is no guarantee that a socialist government will have the best interest of the people in mind. Rather, those in charge tend to exploit their power for their own political and economic gain. It is incredibly surprising that http://www.thecollegiateblog.com/ would have done much for the in the long run.

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