Dr. Mark McKenna’s successful medical career and Entrepreneurship

Mark McKenna, MD licensed in Medicine and Surgery by Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. He is an orthopedic surgeon in Laramie, Wyoming and he can admit patients in multiple hospitals such as Invasion Memorial Hospital and Community Hospital. Dr.Mark McKenna originates from New Orleans where he resided during his Medical Training at Tulane University Medical School. Dr. Mark McKenna is a dedicated community servant who helped with relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina. His successful career began when he completed his undergraduate degree and started practicing Medicine with his father.Dr. Mark McKenna together with his Father launched McKenna Venture Investments, a firm that dealt with real estate development. Dr.Mark efforts and determination enabled him to acquire two companies namely Uptown Title and Mortgage lending company. His companies grew incredibly, and he was able to give back to the society by creating job opportunities for over forty people. The companies offered clients with solutions in the financial service sector and real estate.

Dr.Mark McKenna’s business interests got shattered on 29th August 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans city. However, he participated in rebuilding the city by redeveloping low-income housing. He is the CEO of OVME, a medical healthcare company that is technologically enabled and uses aesthetic medication to reinvent elective healthcare. OVME connects aspiring women and men with experienced healthcare providers worldwide. OVME combines an innovative Dr. Mark McKenna direct to mobile consumer platform that delivers high quality at low invasive cosmetic services to individuals who would want to enhance their physical appearance.

Dr. Mark McKenna married Gianine McKenna. They are proud parents of Milan Elle and Ryder. Dr. Mark is an active member of Entrepreneurs Organization, and he has also served as an active member of New Orleans Industrial Development Board and New Orleans Jazz Festival.

Dr. Mark McKenna is an ambitious man who has achieved and accumulated wealth through is commitment and hard work. He is a well-disciplined man who sets ups his own goals and plans before embarking on something. Meditation has contributed immensely as his success formula. He is self-motivated and an early riser who wakes up early more than anybody else in his home.

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