Creating Better Nations through the Constitution

Constitutions control nations. The Constitution enables the development of a nation. Citizens get to experience positive growth if a state maximizes the potential of a Constitution. The country is able to develop from one level to another. There are no bodies that hold leaders accountable in many countries. The people of a nation are made sovereign by the Constitution. The power of the citizens is abused if they do not understand it. People should understand their power and use it to their advantage. Individuals and various stakeholders have a role to ensure that the Constitution is used as a tool for development rather than a tool for exploitation.

Sujit Choudhry uses the law as a tool that enables the constitution to be implemented. Sujit is a constitutional lawyer. He uses knowledge and policy-based evidence to enable people to understand the role of the Constitution as a symbol of development in a nation. Sujit has worked with different stakeholders who have enabled him to achieve some of the goals. He has edited some of the constitutions that are considered the most powerful globally. The constitutional knowledge is developed at a global level because it influences the globe.  Read his latest work on

Sujit has worked with some of the best non-profit organizations to educate citizens about their power as shown in the constitution. He has written different papers to add more information for people to understand the role of the Constitution. Sujit plans to conduct collaborative projects to increase the positive influence in the community-based projects in future. Sujit says that working with the people at the grassroots and honoring them yields results because these people are in direct contact with the citizens.   Relevant article to read on

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Citizens should learn to use the different resources that they can access. This will assist them to be informed while they elect leaders. They will be able to understand the policies that different leaders are putting in place. The communities will understand their role as explained in the Constitution. Additional article to read on This will enable the countries to experience development because people will be in a position to understand what it takes to build a nation.  Added info on

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