If you’ve ever attended a wine tasting led by an independent Wine Consultant for the Traveling Vineyard, you’ll see that they have a great time while they earn money. He or she owns her own business, earning commissions from the wine sales. If you look at the Traveling Vineyard’s Facebook page, you’ll notice videos made by Wine Consultants who joined the company’s program for a variety of reasons, including extra income, the social aspects or some individuals want to replace their full time job with one that gives them the freedom to set their own hours.

There is a fee for the Traveling Vineyard’s Success Kit to get started, however, the kit contains, among other things, 10 bottles of wine. If they did not charge for the kit, people might keep the 10 bottles of excellent wine and decide not to participate. For each wine tasting, the Wine Guide brings five bottles, so the Success Kit covers the first two tastings. It also includes everything, including training materials, for you to begin holding tastings.

The Traveling Vineyard is upfront with individuals who are considering the opportunity. If you decide to join, you will pay for your Success Kit and each subsequent five bottle tasting set. In addition, the Traveling Vineyard supplies each Wine Guide with a website that they can personalize; after three months, you will pay $15.99 each month for hosting and related expenses. For less than $200, you can start your new business today.

Learn more about Traveling Vineyard: https://www.directsalesaid.com/companies/traveling-vineyard