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In a recent USA Today article, Donald Trump’s reputation for lawsuits was noted as being higher than any recorded presidential nominee. As Trump moves toward claiming nomination at the Republican National Convention he still has 50 or more civil lawsuits open. Donald Trump’s reputation is to respond to small disputes with incredible legal force, something not recommended in this review of Online Reputation company BrandYourself. This is not how a commander-in-chief should enforce leadership.

Donald Trump tries to convince everyone he has the reputation of being a skilled negotiator, however; lawsuits are one of those tools he uses which only distance him from projects that have failed. According to USA Today he also has the reputation of using the legal system to argue his tax bills that have been reported to turn into liens against his property.

Some of Trump’s legal cases that are ongoing involve local and state governments which if he were to be elected would then turn into legal disputes between the President of the United States and other branches of the government. This is an unheard of situation for the leader of a country. Some worry that Trump’s reputation for legal actions says something about how he will act as President.

There are concerns regarding Trump’s business record and how it will translate into leading a government that is one of the most powerful around the globe. Being in the role as President of the United States one should be able to build proper coalitions and extend patience with other governments as well as being able to abide by the law at all times.

It is very difficult to put together five women and expect no spectacle. Queens of Drama is a new, high octane and rib cracking television series produced by Jessica Altman Da Rocha and Carrie Vandiver, among other gurus in movie production. Its conception was first made public on October 2015. This elicited a lot of excitement amongst film enthusiasts because it promised to be a thriller, and lived up to its expectations.

The Cast

The series features former bankable stars who are keen to recapture their lost glory in the movie industry. Lindsay Hartley featured in “All My Children”, Days of Our Lives and Passions. Vanessa Marcil starred in “Las Vegas” and “General Hospital”. Hunter Tylo was a star actress in “The Bold and The Beautiful”. Crystal Hunt on the other had has acted in “One Life to Live”. They are later on joined by Donna Mills and Joan Collins.

The Plot

The show is about former actresses who are out to regain their lost glory through the production of their own movie, which will give major roles to women. They form a film production firm, which will help them in their quest to produce their series. Trying to put together diverse characters is a difficult task because each of them has a super-sized ego. They disagree from the word go and this puts the whole undertaking at jeopardy.

This introduces Don Mills, who stood out for her role in “Melrose Place”. In this film, she is portrayed as a nonsensical character with a penchant for order and organization. She however falls out with the women when she makes pertinent decisions without involving them. They therefore elect to drop her. The series is full of drama just as its name suggests, and is bound to keep viewers entertained and glued to their TV sets.

In Queens of Drama, Crystal Hunt has a bittersweet relationship with Hartley. One of the highpoints of the series is when she causes a catfight between the two after she says that her co-star is old and ought to get grandma roles. Her assertive side however comes out due to her refusal to move with the crowd all the time.

The Florida-born star has been on the big screen for most of her life. She has participated in beauty pageants from the tender age of 2, and has matured with time to become one of the most standout performers in Hollywood. She is currently exploring the world of film production.  Crystal Hunt is a photographer in addition to her acting work.  She passionately communicates with fans through her Instagram, and she can also be found on which has her full career history.

Jon Urbana is the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, located in Colorado. The camp focuses on building skills on the field and features competitions and giveaways. Lacrosse is a game that is fun to play, but that the students also learn discipline, fair play, and honesty. Jon Urbana played lacrosse where he gained honors as an All-American defensive player at Villanova University. Jon’s core duties at the Next Level Lacrosse Camp is to train Colorado athletes on various lacrosse skills and personalized guidance regarding best gaming practices and techniques and provides scholarships for those who are eligible. At Next Level lacrosse, aspiring young athletes have the opportunity to learn from some of the best lacrosse players in the business

Charity Work
Jon Urbana Launches Charity Drive benefiting the Animal Rescue & Adoption Society (ARAS). All proceeds raised during the fundraiser go directly to the Animal Rescue & Adoption Society. They strive to find a loving home for all the cats in their shelter. While he first reached out for help on Facebook, he has since expanded the push to his WordPress and Tumblr blogs.

Urbana has also launched a GoFundMe campaign. Mr. Urbana is donating the proceeds of the campaign to a local non-profit organization called Earth Force. The purpose of the campaign is to mobilize youth to become activists and participants in improving their local environments.

Flying Career
Jon Urbana has set a positive example with a good flying record and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recognized Jon Urbana and has included him in the FAA Airmen Certification Database which is prestigious.

He shares his photography on Instsgram and on his Vimeo collection. Jon Urbana has demonstrated that he has a great skill as a photographer and makes some personal videos that he shares for all to see. He uses it to create some good pictures as shown here.

He promoted a remix of Paper Navy’s Swan Song, in addition to M-22’s song Good To Be Loved, which will be released on January 29. He linked to their website as well as from his Facebook page.

Forefront Capital Advisors with its chief executive officer Brad Reifler have partnered with a charitable organization called Easter Seals Dixon Center. Their main objective is to participate in changing the lives of many veterans and military groups, their families and the communities they live in. Easter Seals Dixon Center connects the retired veterans and the military persons to organizations and individuals who require their assistance. This makes them financially stable such that they can participate in community development initiatives and help their families as well. Many military persons are forgotten after retirement and they end up suffering in poverty after long years of committed service to their loved state. Reifler hence has partnered with the organization together with Forefront Capital Advisors to give the lives of the retired militants and veterans a new meaning.

As a start of this new partnership, Forefront Capital Advisors has donated $3 million to the organization that will help run programs in the institution. The program is in existence include education, advocacy, job training, health and wellness and caregiver training services. Reifler believes that partnering with Easter Seals Dixon Center will not only change the financial position of the organization but will help militants and veterans continue with a lifetime of service. This time, will be through private employment that will make them useful in their community. Reifler sees it as a great business opportunity too.

Brad Reifler is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Forefront Advisors a firm that has specialties in giving advises to investors about forex markets and trading of commodities. He studied bachelor’s of economics and political science at Bowdoin College. He is also an American serial entrepreneur and the founder of Pali Capital. He has been in the field for more than 30 years and has highly contributed to the field of business with his advice, build company portfolios and banking. When he founded Pali Capital back in 2005, he was its chief executive officer until 2008, by then he had managed to employ more than 200 employees and making revenues of over $200 million per annum. Reifler made Pali Capital operate in United Kingdom, United States, Latin America, Singapore, and Austria.

He began independent investments long ago in his career by founding Reifler Trading Corporation that was later sold to Refco Inc. Reifler also works as a board member of different companies in different companies. Of the companies that he has played the role of directorship includes Symmetry Property Development, LLC, Root Markets Inc. and ITG Market Research Inc. Brad has overtime held class conversations with middle-income investors to invest more even coming up with products at Forefront Advisors that are fit for savings for middle-income earners.