Cameron Clokie is a well known oral surgeon as well as Scientist in Canada. He is presently head of oral surgery at the University of Toronto. Dr. Clokie is highly respected for his work and research studies. In addition, Cameron Clokie is considered an exceptional surgeon. In the late 1990’s Dr. Clokie was named head of oral surgery at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Clokie’s ultimate goal is to create bio-implants that will one day take the place of bone grafts. His area of expertise is reconstruction and bone regeneration. Dr. Clokie has published some recent medical supplements that address the topic “Where does the Future of Regenerative Medicine Stand?.

Dr. Clokie has also devoted over three decades to clinical practice treating thousands of patients with bone and jaw problems. In addition, Cameron Clokie has written several research papers which address regenerative medicine as well as bone reconstruction.

According to Crunchbase, Dr. Cameron Clokie has lectured extensively at the University as well as medical conventions. Many are astonished at Dr. Clokie’s in depth research and analysis studies. He hopes to one day perform additional reconstruction procedures that require little recovery time and leaves the patient with very little pain.

Accomplishments/ Research Studies:

In late 1993. Clokie established his Bone Research Group at Mc Gill University. This was a major accomplishment for Dr. Clokie. Dr Clokie was referred to as somewhat of a genius by colleagues at Mc Gill University.

In addition to his position as head of Oral Surgery, Dr. Cameron Clokie is also the CEO and founder of Induce Biologics. Induce Biologics provides solutions for physicians specializing in skeletal reconstruction.

Educational Background:

Cameron Clokie has some impressive educational credentials. Dr. Clokie graduated from Mc Gill University with his degree in dentistry. It was shortly after his graduation from Mc Gill that he was offered a staff position with the college. Dr. Clokie also holds a Doctorate degree in Philosophy. He also has an extensive portfolio of continuing education certificates as well as Fellowship Awards.

Dr. Cameron is currently researching the usefulness of stem cells combined with certain proteins which may one day hold promise in skeletal reconstruction.

Finally, Cameron Clokie has certainly established himself as a respected and well known surgeon, scientist and researcher. One can only imagine how far Dr. Clokie can go with his research studies and his overwhelming ambition.

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