As technology becomes advanced, there have been a lot of devices that give people the ability to do a ton of different things. Among these devices are smartphones and tablets. These devices allow people to surf the internet, play video games, talk with others, and plenty of other features. However, there is one set back. One has to pay for a service in order to be able to use it. This could be a major disadvantage depending on the carrier. For one thing, carriers charge a lot for their services. This is why it is important for people to make sure that they are able to afford their services. The unfortunate thing is that some people may find themselves in hard times.


Fortunately, there is a carrier that is willing to help people that have very little money to pay monthly phone bills. This company is called FreedomPop. This carrier offers people the chance to use their devices for the services that they have to offer. This makes it possible for them to be able to use their phones without even having to pay for their services. At this point, they will be able to save up money until they are in a better position to pay for better service.


While FreedomPop offers free services. They are not the only services that are offered. There are tons of other services that are very affordable. One type of service is an unlimited service which allows people to use an unlimited amount of talking, texting and data. In order to use FreedomPop, one needs a device that is connected to the Sprint network. Fortunately, FreedomPop also has some devices that have been refurbished for people to use. In order to find out what services the company offers, people can easily read a FreedomPop review. This will help them determine what type of service they want.


My cell phone service was cut off because the bill became so high that I couldn’t possibly pay for it. When I was working at my past job, I didn’t mind paying over $100 a month for my cell phone service, but after losing my job, the phone bill became too high for me to keep up with. I had to seek other means of cell phone service, and that’s when I came upon FreedomPop. I was told about FreedomPop in the past but felt that any service that was offered for free couldn’t possibly be anything that I would like.

I was very wrong about FreedomPop and must admit that I was wrong. I started off with the free service that FreedomPop was offering because I was on such a strict budget that I couldn’t afford to pay for cell phone service. Luckily, the phone I was using with my last service provider was paid for an unlocked, so I was able to use the phone with FreedomPop. I only needed to purchase a sim card from FreedomPop that only cost $4.99. Once I received the sim card, I inserted it into my phone and began using the service.

I found a lot of ways that were very creative to keep using my phone service free of charge, and one great way was using Wi-Fi whenever I could as well as using Google Talk or other calling services that were free. Eventually, I was able to get enough money to start paying for service, and I switched over to the FreedomPop unlimited service.

The great thing about the 3-in-1 sim card that FreedomPop sells is the international calling capabilities that it has. I’ve added an international calling plan to my phone because I have family in other countries that I want to call, and the price is very low when I use FreedomPop’s international calling plan. I also found that I can avoid roaming charges as long as I’m in one of the 25 countries that FreedomPop allows usage of their cell phone service. I would suggest that a customer who’s interested in FreedomPop services to read a FreedomPop review to learn how great the company is.

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