We all lose our hairs every time we comb our hair. It is natural and perfectly OK. However, the only thing that should get you worried is the amount of hair you lose every time you brush your hair. In addition to hair breakage, you also need to monitor any changes in your hair. Does it feel strangely clumped up? These changes will tell you whether your hair is undergoing any distress or is just normal. From there, then you have an idea of the problems that you are addressing with your hair and what to do about it.

You don’t need to be a hair dresser and expert to take care of your hair. All you need to do is know your hair and the problem you are trying to solve. Then, invest in a good cleansing conditioner. Conditioners are like an oasis in the desert. Something that restores and is valuable. Conditioners can be applied every time you take a shower. But for excellent results you need to apply the right amount and stroke your hair evenly until all the strands get some.

Cleansing conditioners not only strengthen the hair but protects it from the external taints and blemish surrounding us. They get to close the hair cuticles that when left open can result in the loss of moisture and natural oils. By closing the air cuticles, you are assured that your hair will be moisturized which gives it a healthy feel and a lustrous look. Moreover, conditioners help the hair retain their color and also feel which comes in handy especially because of the pollutants that cause a lot of damage to the hair.

Wen Hair Care is a brand developed by Dean Chaz fifteen years ago. The product has received so much positive reviews with people agreeing that the product is unique and perfect for all hair types. The products are made from plant extract which gives 100% surety of no chemicals that could damage the hair. More so, the product is suitable for all types of hair. All you need is to know your hair texture so that you can apply the correct amount of the product.

Wen cleansing conditioner is a five in one product that cleans the hair with the shampoo in it and ensures that the hair is detangled and conditioned with one application and an extensive stroke. Chaz gives us the opportunity to enjoy a safe product that gives desired results.

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