It is no secret that athletic wear brand Fabletics came out of nowhere to win the race. The company is just a few years old, yet it has become the sweetheart of the athletic wear industry. Part of this can likely be attributed to co-founder Kate Hudson’s general popularity. People see her as genuine and she is well known for her passion for fitness and athletics. However, Fabletics has also simply chosen to do things different and people appreciate it. The innovative business style of Fabletics has them pulling ahead of large online warehouses like Amazon.


About Fabletics

Fabletics is an “athleisure” wear brand founded in 2013. As athletic wear moved from something you simply wear to the gym to a way to show your style, Fabletics wanted to offer quality athletic wear that was also trendy and allowed people to express their personal style. The company is the brainchild of actress Kate Hudson and TechStyle Group. TechStyle has had many successful ventures in the world of online retail.


Fabletics chose to launch as a membership model. This means that instead of having to go online and sift through thousands of items, members have an entire outfit sent to them each month. They then have the option to return anything they don’t want for another item. In an age when we are all so busy and there are so many online options, the outfit each month saves time and energy.


What is a Reverse Showroom?

Fabletics uses the reverse showroom technique to give members addition benefit. While many companies that have been around for decades are struggling to give a great online experience, Fabletics start with its online platform. The company only has a few stores in key locations around the country. Members and potential members receive the full shopping experience online and because of the membership model they are also treated to being as hands on or off as they like.


Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is the stunning face of Fabletics. However, she isn’t just a spokesperson. Kate actively directs major efforts like social media strategy and advertising. She also works closely with the pieces that Fabletics designs. She checks the sales information of each piece of clothing carefully each week to see what members love and what pieces are only doing average.


The most fun way to learn about Fabletics is to bounce on over to the website and take the LifeStyle Quiz!

People have gotten conscious these days about what they wear and the brand they choose. One of the genres of clothing that have become highly popular among the people, irrespective of the age or sex is athleisure clothing. Athleisure clothing is comfortable, casual, and stylish, and most of all encourage you to stay fit and active at all times. As people are getting more and more conscious about their health and fitness, it is only natural for people to be choosy about the clothes they wear. Fabletics is an athleisure brand that was started in the year 2010 and in just a few years has grown exponentially to become one of the leaders in the athleisure niche. The company offers high-quality athleisure products at highly economical prices. Moreover, the company has an extensive product line that is regularly updated to add new products.

Techstyle Fashion Group, the company that owns the Fabletics brand, relies on data heavily to devise the business strategies to take the brand forward. It is what has helped the company to depend on the consumers’ feedback to build the brand from scratch. In today’s date, social media and the internet plays a crucial role in how the brand is made, and it is how Fabletics came into being. The company relies heavily on the power of the social media and the people therein as it is the consumers’ feedback that has helped build Fabletics, brick by brick, in the last few years. It is essential for the companies to embrace the power of people and their opinion these days if they want to sustain in the world of heavy competition. The brands that haven’t listened to the public opinion have failed to survive, and it is why Fabletics has risen to the top in such a short period. The company has been able to meet the demands of the consumers and come up with the products and designs that were popular with the people. Most of all, the products of Fabletics didn’t pinch the pocket and are highly economical.

Kate Hudson, one of the leading Hollywood celebrities and world famous actress, is also one of the co-owners of Fabletics. She has contributed immensely to the growth of Fabletics over the years. Kate Hudson says that the reason why Fabletics is at the top is that the company relies on data for developing business strategies and ensuring that the board can identify market opportunities from time to time. Kate Hudson added that she likes to stay updated with what is going on with Fabletics, internally and otherwise. Kate keeps tracks of what is selling and what’s not, and the products that aren’t popular with the people are only removed from the shelves. She believes that staying motivated and inspired and believing in you would always help the person to stay ahead of the competition. For individuals who are new to Fabletics, if you are looking to shop at Fabletics, it is highly recommended that you take the Lifestyle Quiz at the company’s site before engaging with shopping.

Kate Hudson has been a household name most of her life. Born to famous actress Goldie Hawn, Kate has been working in showbiz since an early age. We have seen her on the big screen and watched her come out from under her mother’s wing and pave a way for herself as an A-List movie star.

Now Kate has gone from Almost Famous to Fabulous! She recently sat down with Marie Claire Magazine on for an in depth interview about some exciting new additions to her already successful Fabletics line of active wear.

In April, Hudson added another reason for women of all shapes and sizes to absolutely adore her. Fabletics is now offering what the company is referring to as “athleisure” dresses. These sporty yet classy pieces give women all the sexy qualities of the little black dress without all the pesky discomforts usually associated with them.  This is a wonderful feature that is sure to be wildly appreciated by women. While Kate confesses in the Marie Claire interview that she would not necessarily recommend a hiking excursion in the new dresses, she can vouch that they will provide the same comfort and quality of the existing line of active wear of Fabletics that has been available since October of 2013.

Most recently, Kate Hudson has launched the Fabletics line for men. It promises to provide premier pieces for men to workout, play, and live in. The basic structure works the same as the original Fabletics line. Items are purchased in sets to provide a full outfit. Kate’s brother Oliver Hudson, an athlete in his own right, is the face of the new men’s line.

Fabletics has experienced huge growth thus far. There is no denying that having Kate Hudson’s star power paired with an incredible, affordable product is a winning formula for success.


There is exciting news for Fabletic fans. According to Forbes, Fabletics is anticipating opening 100 stores within the next five years. With six stores and a seventh on the way. This is great news for fans who would like to try before they buy. You can check out Racked to learn more here.
Fabletics, co-founded by Kate Hudson, is a line of clothing for athletic-minded women. You get to look good while you work out, without paying a small fortune. The ultra trendy outfits change every month, making your Fabletic experience fun and exciting.
There’s a large variety of styles and colors to choose from. No matter what your workout or personality there is bound to be something for any woman to enjoy. You can browse Kate’s personal picks, accessories, children’s apparel, and even men’s fashions too. The discounts you enjoy being a subscriber make this a must for any athletic-minded individual.
Subscribing to Fabletics is a super easy process and entitles you to enjoy huge discounts. You’ll be asked to take a short lifestyle survey to determine what fashions work best for your routine. Once you’re signed up, you’ll be charged once monthly and receive your outfits accordingly. If you don’t want an outfit for any particular month, just be sure to log in between the 1st and 5th of the month and select “skip this month” to opt out. Fabletics excepts returns within 30 days, so if you do not log in between the 1st and 5th chances are you can use this option. If you decide you no longer want to subscribe, you can cancel any time easily by phone.
Not only is Fabletics vying to open more stores, they are revamping their FAQ’s section and making major changes to their customer service system. It is really important to Fabletics that any current or potential customers fully understand the subscription process.