Sujit Choudhry is a well-known expert on the United States Constitution. He has spent a lot of time studying the format and is used to dealing with the criticisms that come with his opinions. The US Constitution is very different from other forms of government ruling documents. It is flexible and far more advanced than what most countries have to operate with. The Ukraine is an example of a nation that is struggling to find an procedure that works well for its current situation. The country shed itself of Communism many years ago but is still without a accepted plan of action.

Choudhry and many of his peers were invited to a conference to discuss the problems that were going on in the Ukraine. The event attracted many interested scholars who wanted to give their opinion on how the country could find a new path of direction. Experts of constitutional law and political strategist attended the workshop. Most of them have reputable names and views that are valued worldwide.

The attendees at the event were trying to gain an understanding of the Ukraine’s current operating structure. The country still has not settled into a democratic form of operation. There are many issues plaguing the nation that more progressive societies have been able to figure out. Some of the activist believe that the Ukraine’s current leadership would not allow a new form of government to remove them from their positions. Other scholars were trying to establish ideas for how the government could work with its current leadership. Additional article to read here.

Sujit Choudhry is well studied at many reputable universities around the world. Chaudhry was a Dean of the University of California Berkeley. He spent time as a professor of Law at New York University. Sujit studied at the University of Toronto and also was the law clerk for Chief Justice Antonio Lamer on the Supreme Court of Canada.   For additional details about the professor, click on

Sujit Choudhry has spent many years touring the world as a speaker. He a wide range of topics and agendas to his presentations. To read about his published work, hit  Choudhry is very passionate about the advice he gives to help countries build more effective operating government systems.  Have a better insight into his career choices, check

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Sujit Choudhry, the former Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law at New York University currently serves as a Law Professor at the University of California. He also acts as the Dean in the institution. Additionally, Professor Choudhry is the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. The center produces knowledge and mobilizes it to sustenance constitution building. He is a globally recognized expert who researches on various aspects of comparative politics and constitutional law. Choudhry studies federalism, Constitutional design in ethnically divided societies, constitutional design in the context of the transition from authoritarian to democracy, semi-presidential systems, official language policy, security sector oversight and law courts. He has also advised on several constitutional building processes. Read his insight and views here

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On July 10, 2017, Professor Sujit together with other constitutional experts in Ukraine came together in a workshop organized by the International Institute for Democracy & Electoral Assistance, and the Center for Policy and Legal Reform. The other experts included Thomas Sibelius of Dalarna University and Sumit Bisarya from International IDEA. They held a discussion on semi presidential-ism and the constitutional problems in Ukraine. Democracy in Ukraine has been destabilized for a while now due to the separation of powers of the President and Prime Minister, the concentration of authority in the presidency, the electoral system for the legislature and weak political parties. The main aim of the workshop was to come up with better ways of governance in Ukraine.

Sujit Choudhry has a degree in law from three major universities, Toronto, Harvard, and Oxford. He has previously served as the Scholl Chair at the University of Toronto and as a law clerk to CJ of the supreme court of Canada, Antonio Lamer. He is an author of several working papers, reports, book chapters and over 90 articles. For his recently authored article, click  Some of the books he has published include Constitutional Design for Divided Societies; Integration or Accommodation? Constitution Making, The Migration of Constitutional Ideas and The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution. Additional reading on  Sujit owes membership to the Editorial Advisory Board of the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law, the Executive Committee of ICONYS, the International Advisory Council of the Institute for Integrated Transitions. He also serves in the Indian Constitutional Law Review as an Honorary Member of the Advisory Council.  Hit on for updates on his recent timeline activities.

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