The Wessex Institute of Technology, or WIT, is an England-based scientific organization offering a multitude of informative classes and conferences to the community, both on campus and online. In addition to the many valuable resources and seminars WIT offers,

Wessex also boasts an impressive Elibrary. Here, individuals can access a wide collection of documents, including scholarly texts, journals, and other various publications.

Texts offered in the Wessex Elibrary span a myriad of STEM-related subjects, including, but not limited to those regarding the Engineering Sciences, Information and Communication Technologies, Ecology and the Environment, plus Health and Biomedicine. These core research areas are then broken down into a comprehensive selection of subtopics. An advance search bar is provided to make browsing the more than 27,000 free texts offered on the site, in addition to the texts being divided by category and volume.

Accessibility to texts offered is also made easy and straightforward by WIT. Visitors to the site can search and access abstracts from all listed papers sans charges and restrictions. A conglomerate of academic papers are included in the Open Access Collection, and are free for public download without requiring a registration or login. For a small, pay-per-download fee, access to full text PDF papers is also available.

Today, a quick departure from the book club news.

In a recent USA Today article, Donald Trump’s reputation for lawsuits was noted as being higher than any recorded presidential nominee. As Trump moves toward claiming nomination at the Republican National Convention he still has 50 or more civil lawsuits open. Donald Trump’s reputation is to respond to small disputes with incredible legal force, something not recommended in this review of Online Reputation company BrandYourself. This is not how a commander-in-chief should enforce leadership.

Donald Trump tries to convince everyone he has the reputation of being a skilled negotiator, however; lawsuits are one of those tools he uses which only distance him from projects that have failed. According to USA Today he also has the reputation of using the legal system to argue his tax bills that have been reported to turn into liens against his property.

Some of Trump’s legal cases that are ongoing involve local and state governments which if he were to be elected would then turn into legal disputes between the President of the United States and other branches of the government. This is an unheard of situation for the leader of a country. Some worry that Trump’s reputation for legal actions says something about how he will act as President.

There are concerns regarding Trump’s business record and how it will translate into leading a government that is one of the most powerful around the globe. Being in the role as President of the United States one should be able to build proper coalitions and extend patience with other governments as well as being able to abide by the law at all times.

Class dojo is a user-friendly app which has made learning an exciting activity to students, parents, and teachers. Education is the key to success and class dojo has been on front line to ensure equitable and lively learning in schools by sending inspirational messages to students and other parties involved. Class dojo has also broken monotony and boredom which may arise when the students get used to one teacher who is glued in class every day. The three parties must work closely and gel well by embracing the app in favor of students whose main goal is to excel in exams.
The app was started to enhance good morals in students and they are awarded marks according to their behaviors. Teachers have found it easier to communicate to the parents as they share all occurrences in the classroom by sending photos, videos and text messages via class dojo .For effective learning to take place in schools a triangle shape is used, wherein the three corners represent students, parents, and teachers.
The growth of the high-tech app has not only been felt in U.S schools but also in 180 schools in other countries. Let’s learn and enjoy together is the motto of the class dojo and just like the opinion of Director of PERTS Researchers Dave Paunesku that the app is exciting and comfortable. The PERTS researchers are on ground improving and growing the app to fit the changes that are experienced every day.
The PARTS researchers are working on a new intelligence concept by providing five-part series of animated videos which are released every Sunday and takes 3-4 minutes playing. Carol Dweck and her colleagues in Stanford’s University have teamed up and provided motivational learning skills. Praising students encourage them to strive more and more and achieve test, playing guitar or making a sports team. The affirmative words to use are; See, you worked very hard and your marks are high or Wow, you never slept practicing, and look how you have improved.
Jennifer Ellison a computer teacher in all grades at Phillips Elementary in Napa, California adores the high-tech app and she uses it to educate and build the entire society.

Alexei Beltyukov is an author as well as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. The foundations of his training include an initial interest in medicine followed by a change to pursue business education. He is Russian, but many of his initiatives will be found to influence the entire world.

In completing his education, shows Alexei received his MBA from INSEAD in 1997. This institution which was begun in 1957 is known as one of the top international business schools. There are campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Later he helped establish the Russian Alumni Scholarship at INSEAD to benefit other Russian students who wish to pursue advanced business degrees there.

Within Russia Mr. Beltyukov is known for his role in founding A-Ventures Ltd. This is a Russian company that focuses on finding financial assistance for Russian businesses that are struggling financially. As recently as 2013 he formed Endemic Capital to provide angel funding for startup companies in his country as well.

CrunchBase reports Alexei Beltyukov is the Vice President of Skolkovo Foundation. The focus of Skoldovo Foundation is to provide grants and opportunities that benefit Russian technology start-up companies. Russian based entrepreneurs who are seeking to expand opportunities for their countryman can also be helped by the resources of the Skolkovo Foundation. Focusing his career on business and education in Russia, one of the goals for Alexei has been to make executive leadership courses financially accessible for the public at large.

Scholarships and capital are not the only areas that are receiving benefits from the business skills of Alexei Beltyukov. New Gas Technologies a project related to the use of petroleum gas and Mechanicus which is a car repair business are other fields of interest.

Perhaps the project he has developed that is of most interest and benefit to educators is a math education system called Solvy. This educational software system was released at the Edsurge conference in Los Angeles in April of 2015. Mr. Beltyukov is seeking feedback from math educators and tech support about this online homework space.

Who is Alexei Beltyukov? He is a businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist and educator. He motivates us all on to continuing education by applying its principles to his own entrepreneurship.