Chief Executive Officer Bob Reina is no stranger to altruistic behavior. Many even speculate that in today’s day and age he has revived it. Using the face of Talk Fusion to make a difference in the world today, Mr Reina has once again made headlines for his generous donations.

In recent weeks Mr. Reina has donated more than 1 million dollars to the ASPCA in Florida. He desires to help stranded and abandoned animals find forever homes and have a place that is warm and has plenty of food in the mean time. This is one of the largest donations that the ASPCA has received in their 100 year history.

One of the ways that this money is being used is for new vehicles. These vehicles are being given a totally new look to help bring attention to the cause of the ASPCA. New shelters have also been added in Florida to help animals have a temporary home. Emergency shelters are a large part of what the Reina donation is going for.

Talk Fusion sees their charitable donations as the biggest part of what they do. They do offer one of a kind, high quality video marketing solutions to a wide range of businesses, both large and small. Talk Fusion works hard to offer brand recognition and sound advice for aiding with enhancing profits and extending the business’ reach around the globe.

Bob Reina at the helm of Talk Fusion also makes perfect sense. He has long been known for his desire to help others and his deep rooted love of everything dog. Even when an injured dog showed up at a shelter he took it in, helped it heal, and got the dog back to his original owners.

The million dollar donation is of no surprise to those who know Reina personally, and know of the efforts that Talk Fusion takes to help others.Talk Fusion does not just talk about doing, they take action and do something.

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