The Spring is always beautiful and it brings out fierce competition in fashion, style, and colors. The Lime Crime brand delivers many soft, but bold matte colors that are hard to resist. During the year’s most colorful season, Lime Crime is there to back you with exuberant colors. You will love the way you look and feel with smart bold shades and hues. They understand with so many trends one can be hard to adopt, but they help you decide on a great palette that is very affordable. They’re dedicated to giving customers irrestible colors they can afford.

What’s Trending With LC Cosmetics

There are a few Lime Crime products that come to mind, if you’re trying to stay on trend this Spring. In fact, their line of cosmetics is unapologhetically, for both men and women to feel unique and stand out with brillant colors.


Imagine an highlighter that brings out the structure of your face. It’s used to enhance your features with a powder or a stick. Remember, a highlighter will provide a glow wherever you apply it. Many women use it to illuminate other features in the face by applying it to the cheekbone area.

Matte Lips

Matte lips are an opportunity for your eyes to sparkle. Matte has no texture, shine, or gloss; forcing your natural lip lines to shine through. Lime Crime’s most popular matte this season is their Apricot Nude with a rose tone and a velvety-smooth tone.

There a hundreds of exclusive colors to choose from with majestic shades and hues with Lime Crime. In fact, many users are saying, the Venus 3 Palette featuring 8 all new, Spring ready shades is a must have. All Lime Crime products mentioned are currently available on their website and at select exclusive department stores nationwide.

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