Securus Technologies is a Texas-based inmate communications company. It has been in operation since 1997, and during this time, they have managed to completely transform the manner in which communication in the correctional facilities is handled. When the company started out, they were only offering telephone services to connect the inmates to their loved ones at home, but with time, they have expanded their reach, and they are now offering comprehensive security solutions to both the correctional facilities and private companies.


The customers who have used the services offered by Securus Technologies have had a lot of positive things to say about their services. There is one customer who states that they were having a hard time dealing with one of their employees because he seemed to be keeping some secrets. They contacted Securus for video monitoring assistance. After a week of monitoring the individual, they had gathered the evidence they needed to take him to court for bringing in contraband through their business premises.


Another one of their customers states that their main problem was a case of a gang of criminals working from inside the correctional system to organize crimes, smuggle in drugs and weapons. When they contacted Securus, they got video monitoring systems. These methods enabled them to catch those who were involved in the criminal activities, and once the gang knew that the administration was on to them, they stopped their illegal activities.


These are just a few of the cases where Securus has come in and helped customers to solve their security and crime-related problems. The CEO of the company, Rick Smith, believes that they have made commendable progress in the right direction. He also believes that they are going to get even better with time and that the strategies they have put in place will help them deliver superior quality service to their customers all the time.


Most people are well aware of the benefits having access to efficient and effective methods of communications brings them. Unfortunately, many of those very people are unaware of where to look when striving to find such methods of communications. They’re often referred to as being “solutions” as they enable people to connect with one another to accomplish common goals. However, it’s important for everyone to know that communicative solutions certainly exist for all kinds of people in all types of environments and/or professions in this highly developed and technologically advanced society.


Securus Technologies is a form of communications protocol that has revolutionized the world of technologies to an extent that people are able to communicate with those who they may have otherwise thought as being nearly impossible to accomplish. A vast array of individuals have no idea that they are able to communicate with inmates who are incarcerated without needing to actually physically visit them. In such cases, one may wonder, how exactly is that possible? They are able to do so by utilizing the program that has been designed with state-of-the-art elements in its elements of engineered of Securus Technologies.


The Securus Technologies platform has not only allowed inmates and their significant others, family members, or friends to communicate with one another, it’s also given police agencies a chance to follow up on the sessions that have been conducted in the video conferences to potentially use anything that may be relevant to a crime as parts of investigations. Customers service technicians are able to assist and guide you on how to use this tool. The BBB has accredited Securus Technologies as being a reliable company that people can depend on to deliver the services as it says it will. They’ve also been rated well by past customers, thus, a testament to the quality of services that it provides.


For many inmates, staying away from their families could break them. For most times, these inmates are parents that have lived with their families all their lives. A visit from family members once a month is usually not enough. The visits are occasional and short. It never allows them to share their emotions feelings. On the other hand, families with inmates will struggle to cope up with daily routines. Families that have children and one parent in prison will strain the working parent. He or she would have to work on a full-time basis to support the entire family.


Luckily, things are changing thanks to the advancement of technology. Securus Technologies has created a technology that allows inmates to make video calls from correction facilities. Families take part in scheduling the video call. Inmates can now participate in special family events. Imagine how good it would be for an inmate to connect with their families during special events such as graduation, Christmas and birthdays. Through the use of the video visitation program, families have created a stronger bond with their members in correction facilities. The result is that Christmas and other special occasions have become more enjoyable. Securus Technology created the video visitation program as a special gift for inmates and their families. The technology is so powerful that the company has stated that family members can use the program to assist their children with homework.


While there is no substitute for family or friends during the holiday season, there is no option for someone behind bars. Securus Technologies is providing one of the best opportunities for people in correction facilities. The company has developed the video visitation program which allows individuals in correction facilities to keep in touch. Once connected, people can communicate with their friends and families in real time. I think that the technology developed by Securus is a great leap in prison communication industry.


The ability to see and talk to family and friends is something very special during Christmas. Securus Technologies is a company that has dedicated to improving the lives of inmates. It enhances their security and enables communication to be carried in a smooth and flawless manner. The company has established its offices in different parts of the world. It is currently available in correction facilities within the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Apart from developing communication services, the company is dedicated to developing other technology services to improve security in prisons.


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