There is no doubt that the former Israeli ambassador to the U.K., Mr. Daniel Taub, did a fantastic job. Before resigning in the summer of 2015, he had served his home country in the highest envoy office in U.K. for four years. During his tenure, the relationship between the two countries improved for the better both socially and politically.

Improved Cultural, Academic, and Economic Ties

Sources privy to transactions at the Israeli Embassy in the United Kingdom indicated that the trading cooperation between the Jewish country and the European economic giant had greatly improved under Ambassador Taub. According to the sources, business transactions in 2015 were double those of 2010 before Daniel Taub assumed office.

The sources also indicated that besides trade, cultural ties between the UK and Israel are much more improved today as compared to how they were seven years ago.

Ambassador Taub also takes credit for having massively contributed to the introduction and sustenance of academic exchange programs between the UK and his home country, a move that has improved education standards in Israel.

A lot regarding UK-Israeli economic ties came out even clearer during the British Israeli Business Awards ceremony of 2015. The event was graced by Mr. Sajid Javid, the British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.

It was during his address to the audience that Sajid revealed that bilateral trade between UK and Israel was nearly hitting $7 billion per year. In his view, trade between his country and the Jewish nation had reached a golden era.

Even though his figures slightly differed with those released by the Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce, Sajid had managed to capture the state of affairs perfectly well. The chamber of commerce projected the annual bilateral trade between Israel and UK to be in the region of $5.5 billion. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

The adopt a boycott of Israel

Another notable aspect of Daniel Taub’s reign as Israeli ambassador to the UK can be traced back to 2012 during the adopt a boycott of Israel by UK students.

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During that period, the majority of college and university administrators in the country were barring free expression of opinions and feelings by students. It took the intervention of Daniel Taub who wrote to the administrators pleading with them to give students the freedom of expression.

Earlier Interactions

Even before he was appointed to head the Israeli envoy to the UK in 2011, Ambassador Daniel Taub had had strong personal ties with Europe. First, he was born and partly raised in the UK and secondly, he was among the key peace negotiators during the Northern Ireland’s crisis.

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Anthony (Tony) Petrello has a different dream in that he is always advocating for mathematics, law, and charity. Petrello was one of the highest compensation CEOs in the U.S in 2015. Tony has experienced great success out of consistent hard work, natural gifts, and creative thinking.

In his early life, he was a remarkable student throughout his schooling life. He grew up in Newark, New Jersey where he attended public schools.At 18, Tony excelled in linear algebra and calculus because of his amazing math abilities. This success was recognized by Yale University who gave him a scholarship and a chance to be mentored by Serge Lang, an incredible professor, mathematician, and author.

He had an amazing personality at the University. Tony Petrello graduated from Yale with a B.S and M.S degrees in Mathematics. Later, Petrello joined Harvard Law School and graduated with a J.D.

Tony joined Baker $ McKenzie in 1979 which is a famous American law firm. At the company, Tony specialized in business law more so arbitration and taxation. Petrello became a managing partner of its New York branch. At Baker $ McKenzie, Anthony worked with a client called Nabors Industries, an oil and natural gas drilling company on land. Nabors Industries managers were so impressed with his work and consulted if they can hire him. With this step, the mathematician who turned to a lawyer was entering the business globe.

In 1991, the new business executive started working at Nabors Industries as Chief Operating Officer. The same year, he became a member of the board of directors and board of executives. With his hard work and skills, in 1992, Tony became Nabor’s president. In all the positions, he saw the company through many achievements, for example, he helped direct a $ 32 million purchase of a firm, Grace Drilling, in 1993.

As from October 2011, Tony has been serving as the CEO at Nabors Industries. He was also made the chairman of both the board of directors and the board of executive committee. Under his leadership, Nabors Industries has experienced notable growth. Other than working at Nabors, Tony has been a director at, and currently, he is a director of Hilcorp Energy Company. Also, he has been a director at Stewart $ Stevenson.

He also has inspiring charitable acts such as when he donated $ 7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital for neurological patients. Tony is passionate about helping the society and taking Nabors to the next level.

Cassio Audi was a member of the Brazilian group Viper. He joined the band as a teenager in the 1980’s. He remained in the group until 1989, when he left to pursue other goals. The band played heavy metal, thrash metal, power metal, and alternative rock music. Cassio Audi was known as the drummer in the band, but he was also a song writer and singer. In 1987, Viper released an album entitled Soldiers of Sunrise, on which Cassio is credited for writing a song. This album went on to be known as their best album selling over ten thousand copies. The contributions he made on this album were his final work with the band. In 1989, Viper released their second album Theatre of Fate. Viper’s music was a mixture classical music and metal. The album Soldiers of Sunrise was very popular both with critics and fans of the band. The album was recognized in world magazines such as Metal Forces, Kerrang, and Metal Hammer. These magazines focus on the music of heavy metal bands. Many Viper fans were from the band’s home country of Brazil. Heavy metal began to gain popularity in Brazil in the 1980’s when the country was recovering from political dictatorship. The music has grown with now having thousands of heavy metal and punk groups. Cassio and his band mates were influenced by British metal bands. The group has credited Iron Maiden as being the most influential. Viper was loved by fans and they were praised for their talent and skill. The band was influential in spreading heavy metal to Latin America. Drummers were known for being influential to the sound of the band. With their loud and unique beats drummers were instrumental for the band forming their sound. Cassio’s contribution to Viper and the music industry is both remarkable and unforgettable.


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