When Scottish entrepreneur Brian Bonar set out to design and create the kind of restaurant he would want to go to, he didn’t think he would be running it himself someday. But that is exactly what happened when head chef Patrick Ponsanty left to start his own place in Escondido.
This San Diego area restaurant stands out from the usual Southern California offerings in that it is a top quality traditional French restaurant in a simple, ordinary location. This restaurant focus on substance more than it does style. One critic, in Modern Luxury San Diego called it refreshing like finding “the Beatles playing a set at your local roadhouse”.

Since the exit of Ponsanty, this high quality restaurant, has continued to impress and wow its guests. Under the capable direction, the restaurant continues to serve high cuisine such as Suzie’s Farm beet sorbet with filaments of watercress and a disk of goat cheese, wild hare, Spanish bore, and canales from Boudreaux and macaroons for dessert. While elegant, the menu is still approachable, and does not leave diners put off by its exoticism.  Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://people.equilar.com/bio/brian-bonar-trucept–inc./salary/470203

The quality and substance of the cuisine is not to be doubted. It is this menu that won the Bellamy, and its then head chef Ponsanty the coveted Meilleurs Ouvrier de France in 2012. Bellamy is only one 10 California restaurants to ever win the award of which only one other is in San Diego.

The restaurant has not suffered under Bellamy. In fact, it could even be said that it has improved. Brian Bonar used his considerable skills as a financier and entrepreneur to find the right people to run and create his dream restaurant. Those skills have allowed Bellamy to continue to appeal to its guests, creating many fans and regulars out of San Diego natives and visitors alike.

As for Bonar himself, he has an just as impressive a resume as the restaurant that he built and currently runs. Bonar’s background is in finance, and he has proven himself to be an expert in this field. Currently, Bonar spends most of his time and energy at Trucept, a company that focuses on temporary staffing, where he is CEO.

Before entering the workplace, Brian Bonar studied at James Watt Technical College, where he studied Mechanical Engineering. He then went on to continue his studies with a Masters in Engineering at Stafford College. Upon graduating, he began to translate this skills to the finance industry and entrepreneurship by working as a Procurement Manager at IBM.