ClassDojo has managed to raise $21 million in a venture funding (Series B round) for a new application. The new technological communication platform will offer teachers, parents and students with a connection that will enable them to communicate in a consistent manner. It will enable these parties discuss about the student’s behavioral, social and activities development while at school. This ground-up change in communication will allow parents to be apprised of everything that occurs in school daily as opposed to getting surprised during the once in a semester parent-teacher meetings.

Co-founders’ Word

According to Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, ClassDojo’s founders, the company closed its round of funding back in 2015 and is looking at ways to grow the team as well as the features and content that will prove useful to parents who are expected to use the application not only in school but also at home. Chaudhary stated that the idea behind the app is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools as well as guiding the conversations held at home. Teachers will be able to use the app to update parents on a number of daily scheduled activities and send parents videos or snapshots of their children’s latest activities or work. The founders identified a gap in the education tech business, as they started the company in 2011. There were a number of other platforms creating digital curriculums, testing and grade books platforms. They saw that there was no app capable of creating community and culture between teachers, parents and students.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo refers to a classroom communication platform that creates a simple app to help teachers, parents and students to share on the daily occurrences in class through messages, videos and photos. It is based in San Francisco and is currently focused on distributing it to even more parents and teachers. The startup hopes to start generating revenue by creating premium content and features for parents to use but it will not sell off the user’s data due to its high privacy policies as there are children involved. The founders are considering inputting content like discussion guides, videos, custom yearbooks and lessons to use at home. There are transactional features within the app to help parents pay for lunches, field trips or supplies.

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