Joe Arpaio, the former Sheriff of Maricopa County, was once again thrust into the spotlight after receiving a presidential pardon from President Donald Trump. Over the years, Joe Arpaio has been in the media a number of times; usually for discriminatory practices, and general misconduct within the Sheriff’s Department. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

One of the most notable feuds in Joe Arpaio’s career occurred between him, and two of America’s most prominent newspapermen; Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. While the issues between Joe Arpaio and the duo of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had been building since he the former sheriff had become an elected official, it was ten years ago that the mutual disdain between sides took a turning point for each party involved.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were arrested at their home in Phoenix, AZ on the orders of Joe Arpaio for allegedly revealing sensitive information regarding a grand jury at the time. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey did mention that they, themselves, were being investigated by the grand jury.

At the time of the arrest, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were still very heavily involved with the goings on at New Times, with Jim Larkin holding the position of Chief Executive Officer, while Michael Lacey worked as the Executive Editor for Village Voice Media.

The charges were dropped in less than 24 hours due to the fact that the arrest was a clear violation of the constitutional rights of the two newspapermen. Despite this fact, the fight was very far from over. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would spend the next five years battling Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office, eventually receiving a substantial award of $3.75 million. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Facebook

This was used to start the Frontera Fund, which is dedicated to upholding and protecting the rights of the people Sheriff Arpaio criticized the most, immigrants. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was not elected for another term, and many contribute his unlawful practices to being the catalyst for his failure to secure another term.

In the wake of Joe Arpaio’s recent pardon by the President of the United States, a member of the team at Front Page Confidential, revisited the issues surrounding Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and the community that he abused. Stephon Lemons, provided an in-depth profile of Joe Arpaio’s history with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, detailing issues regarding the concentration camp-like conditions of “tent city,” his well-documented discrimination of minorities, and the exorbitant amount of people who have died while in custody.

In 1970, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey would publish their inaugural issue of the Phoenix New Times, setting the stage for what would eventually grow to be a conglomerate and international powerhouse.

In 1983, what started as a small newspaper that was created in response to the conservative coverage of the Vietnam War being presented on the campus of Arizona State University, had blossom considerably, as Larkin and Lacey acquired 17 additional magazines that helped grow their brand across the globe.

James Larkin was an Ireland born labor organizer and an activist born in 1874. He grew up from a humble family which he later left for Belfast. He acquired a bit of formal education that enabled him to secure a variety little jobs.

He later upgraded and as per the year 1905, James became a full-time trade union organizer. As a result of improper care to the workforces, He moved to National Union of Dock Laborers. The Irish born is remembered for his role in the 1913 Dublin Lockout.

The Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, the union gained fame in Ireland under James Larkin organization. The union primary focus was to bring all together all Irish laborers to enlighten them with their rights. The union did not discriminate; it combined all levels of employees.

The party was responsible for a string of strikes which included constant support for thoughtful strikes and boycotting of goods. Most significant of these were the anti-war marches, 1913 Dublin Lockout where more than 100,000 employees went on strike for almost eight months. Eventually, the union won the right to fair employment.

The Dublin lockout gained support from the time prominent leaders and influential figure such as James Connolly and William X. O’Brien together with Patrick Pearse,

In the year 1914, The Union collapsed and James left for the United States to raise funds to fight the British. In the United States, he became an enthusiastic supporter of the Soviet Union. In 1923, he was exiled to Ireland. By the year 1924, James organized a huge workers union of Ireland secured recognition from Communist International. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and James Larkin | Biography

He was a fervent Marxist who continued his labor organizing into the 1940s. In 1943 he became a member of Labor TD for North East Dublin. In late 1946 he died in the Meath Hospital in Dublin. In honor of James activism, the 50th anniversary of the Lockout marked the revival of the Larkin legend.

Larkin has been the subject of poems by Brendan Behan alongside other artists. Additionally, James Larkin was commemorated by an Irish rock band Black 47. Presently, Larkin statue stands on O’Connell Street in Dublin.

Nathaniel Ru has definitely proven that he can take on fast food competition with a healthy food alternative like Sweetgreen. Very few people may have thought that this would be a possibility before the first Sweetgreen opened up near Georgetown University. Now it appears that everyone wants to get in on the investing portion of Sweetgreen.

Venture capitalists have put up more than a hundred million dollars to invest in this idea that Nathaniel Ru created. It is a clear-cut sign that he is someone that had a vision that others could believe in.

Everyone that starts out in the restaurant industry is up against a lot of competition right away. There are so many well known staples in the fast-food industry that have made the barriers-to-entry extremely difficult.

Nathaniel Ru may not have considered this much because he was simply looking for a healthy food alternative for himself.

He did not have any desire to engage in world domination when it came to leading in the fast food industry. It appears, however, that Nathaniel Ru may be able to push his way to the top with the fresh fruit and vegetables that are part of the Sweetgreen menu. It is definitely a sign that people are tired of eating the same things over and over.

They are tired of the fast food that is not as fulfilling as the fruits and vegetables that are served by Nathaniel Ru. Nathaniel wants to do something different with Sweetgreen, and he has shown that people are receptive to the idea that he created.

There is a lot of buzz about new Sweetgreen locations because there is a lot of interest in changing the way people look at fast food in the south. Right now Sweetgreen has still not penetrated southern markets just yet.

There is still a great amount of interest in getting these franchise restaurants into the south because that is where the biggest obesity rates are occurring. Nathaniel Ru definitely has a lot of room to grow, and the South may be one of the best areas for him to expand to.

He has already shown people in the east and the west that they can have healthy alternatives. Now people can look forward to more of these restaurants popping up in southern states.

That is why people are looking forward to what Nathaniel Ru is going to do next.

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The president of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen, was interviewed for a program on Fox News. Halvorssen was asked to talk about his views on socialism and whether he agrees with the policies proposed by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders has been traveling across the country during his presidential campaign to spread his theories that socialism can help to fix some of the economic issues that have been tearing the country apart for quite a few years now. Halvorssen said that even though he supports Senator Sanders for the next presidential election over the alternative candidate, Hilary Clinton, he does not agree with all of the socialist policies proposed by Senator Sanders.


In sum, Thor Halvorssen is mostly concerned with how socialism can affect the status of human rights. He says that with a socialist regime, it is far more likely that private property rights will not be respected. This recent Buzzfeed article about Thor Halvorssen shows that it becomes easier in a socialist society for the government to start accumulating more power and using it for political purposes.

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Intelligent discourse is rare in politics today. Donald Trump bloviates, using half-truths, lies and bigotry to push an empty agenda. His ad hominem style makes for great ratings and allows him to lead the news every night. Fox News uses this confrontational style to drive up ratings in their own reporting.

Sometimes the network uses interviews with unsuspecting interviewees as a weapon against ideas they do not agree with, like the Democratic socialist agenda of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Recently the network brought the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and film producer, Thor Halvorssen, on the network for an interview. The man is world famous for being a human rights activist and it appears the network tried to use his good name to slam socialism and Bernie Sanders all at once. But cooler heads prevailed and Thor Halvorssen turned the interview around against Fox News.

According to Forbes, Thor Halvorssen used intelligent discourse to expose Fox News bias during the interview. The network figured that Thor Halvorssen hates socialism because his own father was a political prisoner of the socialist dictator of Venezuela. But Thor Halvorssen’s response to the question, “Why is socialism a violation of basic human rights?” shocked the network. He calmly explained that socialism is not bad and that unchecked unilateral power in the hands of one dictator is bad, no matter the form of government.

The hostess then asks the world famous human rights advocate to define socialism. He then asks her what kind of definition she wants; the academic definition, the theoretical definition or the definition of in a socialist ideal. The hostess couldn’t handle it, calling all that information mere “details”. That’s when an exhausted Thor Halvorssen tells Fox News that he supports Bernie Sanders and has donated to the insurgent candidate’s campaign.

You can hear the shock in the hostess voice. It’s as if the entire network squeals through her.