Bruno Jorge Fagali: Law Connoisseur

Bruno J. Fagali is a lawyer by profession who graduated from the University of Sao Paulo in 2009. He has a Masters in Law from the Faculty of Law of USP. In his professional career, he has worked with the Anti-corruption, the Electoral law on public issues focusing on cases attached to the federal civil action, size effects, civil law, and regulatory law and similar.

He also oversees cases involving consumer law, domestic violence and family law in 2006. And in 2007, he Intelligently presides over the Advisory Public Law contract. After that, dedicated his time to reaffirm on regulatory law and administrative process.

Fagali has a personal office in Sao Paulo with a position of Integrity Manager in a private establishment with interest on public infrastructures. He has a management role within the institution and is responsible for all their illegal and legal actions. He also formed and managed the compliance of this private agency and his effectiveness at various platforms re-echo his commitment to his profession.

Bruno Fagali also an influential fellow of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics; where he has been a significant part of Congress and attended seminars that are related to Brazilian law procurement and health. Magali’s practical analytics skills have earned him a part in the judges and advisory committee. This position not only gave him experience but has showcased his competence down the line.

In his time with the SB advertising agency, Fagali wrote an article on anti-corruption practices and legislation and facts with regards to this matter. There, he talked about five points, raised motions/arguments in support of the anti-corruption practices and made his point/position more solid.

Bruno Fagali has a keen interest in foreign languages as well, although his mother is Portuguese, he perfected the art of speaking French Spanish and English in his professional career.

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