Basics About Betsy DeVos’ Involvement in Philanthropic Causes

Elisabeth DeVos is an iron lady, and a competent leader appreciated for her zeal in pursuing impacting endeavors. The advocate also plays crucial roles in innovation and as a disruptor. Her pursuit in ensuring that people enjoy an environment influencing their success is out of this world. Betsy DeVos’ most charitable works revolve around education. They operate a movement that oversees education for over 250,000 children. It impresses Betsy every time they realize significant growth in their public-funded, private-option programs running across 17 states and in the Colombian district. In their recent review, the administrators realized an enormous prevalence of their educational programs, particularly among the Latinos.

How Betsy and her Husband, Dick DeVos Started Off in Philanthropy

When Dick and Betsy’s children were young, the couple visited Potter’s House Christian School, an institution famously known for accommodating children from low-income families. It has been the case for over the last three decades where the school served as part of Grand Rapids. Upon visiting, Dick and Betsy encountered parents filled with so much love for their children that they did everything within their means to see them dwell in a safe and learning-friendly environment. Betsy and her husband were moved by such an experience such that they kept on going back to the environment that was evidently electric with curiosity. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

I am amused by how Elisabeth and Dick relate with other people despite being so wealthy. As the couple went back time and again, they thought about how much they had to take their children to highly-reputable schools comfortably. They got to the point of fathoming how sacrificial it was for some parents in the school to afford the fee. By and by Betsy and Dick spotted individual students and would support them with resources. The endeavor continued growing and eventually blossomed into a consistent commitment. As we speak, the couple bankrolls Potter’s House at a substantial level.

Betsy’s Zeal for Educational Initiatives

Betsy Devos looks forward to having the Republican leaders embrace educational-choice programs. Even when mandated with tedious tasks, Betsy pursues them zealously as long as they are intended to benefit the education sector massively. In her capacity, Betsy actively joins hands with other officials in organizing parent-information meetings. On 7th February 2017, it shone brightly for Betsy as she was confirmed the United States’ secretary of education. Having been a children’s advocate and voice of parents for close to thirty years, Betsy DeVos understands what is best for children, particularly those coming from poor backgrounds.


Betsy’s Innate Desire for Education

DeVos’ mother was a public school educator, and she managed to take her kids to school. Sadly, not everyone afforded quality education for their little ones. At that time, Betsy was quick to understand the extent to which the leaders went to impart education to all regardless of their economic background. Betsy has since had a desire to make a difference in every environment she steps.

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