JD.com recently grabbed the headlines by launching its own e-commerce platform commonly known as “JD CENTRAL”. With its official debut slated for September 28, JD.com made the bold decision to partner with the Central Group, a prominent Thai retail conglomerate, to explore new market and harness its innovation and creativity. By launching the e-commerce platform, Jingdong aims at extending its footprint in the region as well as developing a unique and strategic investment in Tiki currently considered to be Vietnam’s upcoming e-commerce enterprise. With pilot operations exercised on June 18, JD CENTRAL uniquely offers unrivaled sales and ideal marketplace models. Suffice to say, sales have surpassed expectations with various categories currently on offer ranging from digital products to home appliances and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as beverages and processed foods.

By harnessing its own state-of-the-art technology, JD CENTRAL has disrupted the retail sector by bringing on board exceptional expertise and prompt delivery to Thai consumers. The enterprise’s Warehouse Management System integrates JD CENTRAL’S booming warehouses in Bangkok with a keen focus on making same-day deliveries. With such a synergetic partnership, JD CENTRAL aims at dominating nationwide coverage. The company’s CEO, Vincent Yang, lauded the substantial steps made in propelling JD CENTRAL to greater heights by serving customers throughout Southeast Asia. By partnering with Thailand’s leading retail player, JD CENTRAL looks forward to providing unrivaled e-commerce experiences and ensuring optimal product authenticity. Such a strategic move is aimed at unlocking the untapped potential within the nation’s population with the ultimate goal of becoming a household brand in Thailand.

San Miguel Joins the Illustrious JD.Com E-Commerce Business

San Miguel is widely considered to be a prominent citrus company based in Jingdong Shengxian and the Southern Hemisphere. As a prominent retail platform, the company deemed it necessary to reinforce its status by partnering with Jingdong to market its fresh citrus produce through the e-commerce platform. From the strategic partnership, the “Global Fruit Strategic Alliance” initiative had been conceived to optimize fruit and vegetable production and sales across the country. Not only did the partnership attract more like-minded companies but also enhanced business development through the e-commerce platform. According to Wu Zhengzhi, the alliance provided a unique opportunity to interact with customers and provide exceptional products to Chinese consumers and beyond.

Sahm Adrangi graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He is the founder of Kerrisdale capital management, a firm well known for publishing and selling research. The firm was founded in 2009 with under $1 million. Mr. Adrangi has seen the company grow by organizing its functions despite the financial challenges until it stood the test of time. As of July 2017, the firm had managed up to 150 million dollars.

The company was started on the basis of being a trusted investment administrator. Sahm Adrangi has great knowledge that helps investors to keep up with the current market conditions. The company’s main objective is to carry out a detailed research and come up with solutions that clear the misunderstandings that exist within the capital and stock markets.

Adrangi first came to the lame light when he shared his research and evidence on the fraudulent activities of some Chinese companies in 2010. It was a great relieve for the security exchange commission to ascertain its longtime targets, such as Chinese Education Alliance and the China Cast Education Corp. This discovery enabled enforcement agencies to respond to the matter and administer disciplinary actions immediately. Apart from the wide research of companies and industries, Mr. Sahm Adrangi has focused the firm on other specific areas of expertise.

The biotechnology is one area where Kerrisdale has pointed out as an area of expertise that he has researched and highlighted on a variety of issues affecting a company’s growth such as Sage Therapeutics, Bavarian Nordic and Pulse Biosciences. Kerrisdale’s other areas of interest and focus is the mining and telecommunication sectors where the company has published numerous reports.

Mr. Sahm Adrangi has played a great activist role to ensure that the majority investments continue to progress. His work has made him popular in different institutions and in turn enabled him to serve as the guest speaker in several major conferences. Sahm has been featured in publications such as the Washington Times and the New York Times. He also made an appearance at the Bloomberg and on CNBC.


It all started at a party launch when Whitney Wolfe’s desire to empower young women was witnessed, and she did this through announcing to everyone that it was a high time the female individuals also participated in the power lunch.

She saw the need for all women participants to even sit at the table with the men. Therefore, through this empowerment, Bumble realizes that it has brought changes to the nature of dating as women now become the first individuals to approach. Read this article about Whitney Wolfe at Forbes.

Their competitor tinder is now facing stiff competition as the BUMBLE number of registered users is now 22 million. Whitney Wolfe ensures that the usual dating and mating norms have been made entirely different for all individuals.

Ever thought of how you can unintentionally create something without expecting good results, but you end up having all the positive gains you could ever wish for? Well, this is the same case scenario with Whitney Wolfe as she came up with the Bumble idea owing to her bad experience with Tinder.

All she wants for all the women is positivity, and she expects the means through which they are treated to turn out to be their constant source of happiness. Her other inspiration comes from her talk with Andreev when she confesses that she would love it more if a woman had the guy’s number and thus she would make the first move eventually.

She has managed to help Bumble to grow its dividends, shares and also membership.

Whitney Wolfe and Andreev both settle for Bumble, and many women appear to be willing to join in the race towards being the ones that hold the final relationship decision. According to these two founders, women seem to like the empowered species when it comes to online dating, and this is evident in the experiences that Whitney Wolfe is forced to go through when she joins Tinder.

It is December 2014 when the app was first launched and revealed to the public, but within one month, there were 100,000 downloads from willing users. It has since gained popularity, improved its sales and profits and also brought in a right dating attitude to women.

Learn more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/clareoconnor/2017/11/14/billion-dollar-bumble-how-whitney-wolfe-herd-built-americas-fastest-growing-dating-app/

The success of every company depends entirely on its management and partnerships. The vision plans and strategies a management team enacts for a company is not possible without the foresight of a CEO. It is impossible to talk about OSI Group without talking about its CEO, Sheldon Lavin. Under his leadership, Sheldon Lavin has taken OSI Group to greater heights, and one such achievement is making this company a sustainable food production company. His efforts are built upon the history, challenges, state-of-the-art technology, and teamwork. Combining all these aspects have made OSI Group a large food production company in the world.

Over the years, this company has grown from a Chicago neighbourhood butcher shop to a principal McDonald’s leading supplier. In any business, taking risks allows for more growth and a push out of the comfort zone. Implementing new strategies and techniques led to the growth of the company in terms of market as well as an increase in clients. The growth of the company has also led to an increase in its employment rate as well as its working facilities. OSI Group has received various awards not only due to its economic achievements but also for its services to the community and environment.

The growth of OSI as a company can also be attributed to contributions made by McDonald. McDonald the COO and the president of McDonald restaurant has played an active role when it comes to the success of OSI. Some of the contributions he has made when it comes to the expansion of OSI to the international market include the procurement of Flagship Europe and Boho Foods in China. His expertise in food production also helped raise the standards of production and supply to his chain of fast food restaurants. Another common similarity between McDonald and OSI is that they originated from the American Midwest.

The first McDonald was raised in 1995, and apparently, it was not so far away from where the first OSI headquarters was located. However, during this period OSI was known as Otto & Sons. Their locations led to the strong working relationship that has gone on for years and eventually led to its growth worldwide. McDonald also worked in OSI, and this taught him a lot about the technical operations of a food company as well as instilling in him a corporate culture. With the success that OSI has had over the years, you can surely expect nothing less in the coming years.

Shiraz Boghani is among one of the people who founded the Sussex healthcare. Sussex healthcare is an organization that provides health services and also provides a home for the older adults, and those people with physical and learning challenges. Under his experienced leadership, Sussex healthcare has already established 20 homes in London, and it is in the process of expanding more areas. Due to his high experience in the hotel industry, he can identify the different desires of people and provide all-around homes where the people living there get to have a wonderful experience since all their needs are sorted.

Other Achievements

Other than being the founder of the Sussex Healthcare, Shiraz Boghani has engaged himself in other entrepreneurship activities primarily in the hotel industry. His first project was in 1990, where he established the Splendid Hospitality group in London, which currently has 20 hotels. He is the chairman of the group, and also plays a significant role in its management. He also founded the Sojourns Hotel and played a significant role in its expansion in the United Kingdom. He also helped them in brokering their asset deals. He actively supports the Aga Khan Foundation, which is a charity organization that operates globally. The recent project that will cost him $121 million will be the opening of the Hilton London Backside. Other current projects include: The Grand Hotel & Spa, York, Holiday Inn, and The Conrad St James that will be both located in London

Awards and Recognition

Shiraz Boghani has been in the hotel industry for more than 30 years. Currently, he owns and manages 19 hotels in the UK. The hotel industry is quite competitive, but he has managed to perform exemplary well and beat the competition. His commitment to his work, passion, and professionalism has earned him his success, and also recognition all over the world. In 2016, the “Asian Business Awards,” honored him by awarding him, “The Hotelier of the Year Award,” due to his unwavering commitment and excellent leadership skills. During his speech after receiving the award, he expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the whole team of the Splendid Hospitality Group. Stuart Bailey, the CEO of the group, said that Shiraz Boghani played a very significant role in getting the group to the level it is in now, that is among the most rapidly growing private hotels in the UK. He also adds that Shiraz is the most deserving person of the award

Debt reduction is a matter that has been a challenge for many families. People are strained by debts and are not able to do enough to change their situation because they lack knowledge of financial management. It is for such reasons that the role of financial advisers is a necessity. Not many people know anything about debts, and that is why we still face some of the challenges that we do today. When in financial problems especially that touch on loans, it is proper to deal with someone who has the expertise and can show you a thing or two about solutions which will help you out.




Infinity Group Australia is one of the companies which can show you the right way when dealing with such matters. This company has been in the industry for five years, but the track record of achievements speaks volume. In 2018, it had been listed as one of the most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand. In a report done by Australian Financial Review, over 1000 companies from this region were ranked, and Infinity Group Australia emerged number #58. It was a great achievement given that the company has not been in the industry for a long time. The award emphasized on something that this company has been saying all through, that the solutions they are offering are unique and innovative.




Infinity Group Australia is ready to take up the responsibility of changing the lives of Australians who would like to do more with their finances. This company which was founded by MPA Top 100 broker Graeme Holm recognizes that the people need to be shown the right direction when it comes to money management so that they can stop falling into the trap set by financial institutions such as banks. They aim to get interests from the people they give out loans to but in return they offer no guidance on how the money should be managed.




Infinity Group Australia reviews approve of the progress this company has made. Many clients are happy about the support they have received from this company. Graeme Holm has established this company with the philosophy of cutting on frivolous spending so that more moony can go into savings and debt reduction. No one should sit pretty and engage in wastages while there are pending loan repayment. He also insists on sticking with weekly budgets as a way of avoiding excessive spending. Learn more : https://www.medianet.com.au/releases/166333/


For a business to achieve success, it should always ensure there is progress. That is what Fortress Investment Group has done, and it has turned out to be one of the most successful asset management companies around the world. Since the company began, it has been enjoying great success. The best part is that people who have been in business runs the company and they know the best way to run an asset management company. Fortress Investment Group is a company that has embraced technology and change. Today the company is controlling assets worth billions of dollars. The company is now found on The New York Stock Exchange, and this does not come without hard work. SoftBank Group Completes Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group.

A company goes through different phases, and Fortress Group has gone through the same. It has faced tough and challenging times, but the leaders are always firmly ensuring that no trouble can make the company collapse. The commitment of the leaders has ensured that clients are happy with the results they get from the able leadership and management. Some of those who have benefitted from the company include hedge funds, private equity companies, and permanent capital firms. The company has been offering services in operations management, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions and asset investments.

The main reason why Fortress Investment Group has achieved success is due to best leadership from the founders. Those who founded the company wanted to ensure that they bring their ideas together to start a company that can succeed in the financial industry. They knew they would use the experience they have to change the industry. Randal Nardone, Peter Briger, and Wes Edens are the great individuals who came up with the idea. Their leadership and management are excellent, and that is what has made Fortress Investment Group be where it is today.

Customers have found the company reliable because it has already done what it promises. Potential consumers should consider investing with Fortress Investment Group, and there are high chances of being successful because Fortress is a company that assures employees of their success.

Fortress Group is helping the people to create wealth and so far many investors have benefited from the information gathered from this company. This company understands the financial industry so well that clients can rely it to help them out. The company is on its part committed to making sure that their clients benefit from their decision to work with the company.

For details: www.fortress.com/businesses/credit

An important process in any campaign will always be political fundraising. Whether it’s a small or large campaign, political fundraising still plays a vital role in whether there will be a successful outcome for the candidate. An essential element of fundraising is being able to associate with members of the community, which will result in expanding the candidate’s base. NGP VAN is the leading technology provider to Democratic campaigns, progressive campaigns, and nonprofit organizations. As the leading provider for political campaign software, NGP VAN has provided national candidates with an integrated platform to achieve the best fundraising outcome.


You can achieve a successful fundraising event by using a few tips.


  1. Choose traditional and non-traditional venues to maximize results.


Political fundraising can take place in various types of venues. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a fundraising event at a five-star hotel or an event at a supporter’s backyard for a barbeque, there will be a high-level of expectancy to bring engaging people together to interact socially. The primary reason for any fundraising event is to get people to come through the front door. The more passionate people that you can get through the front door, the greater chance you have for meeting your candidate’s ultimate political desires.


  1. Establish a monetary goal for the fundraising event.


Establish a reasonable goal for the expected donations you will raise. It’s important that you stay realistic. Take a look at previous fundraisers that are comparable in order to get a good understanding of a reasonable outcome. However, there should not be any reason to expect the exact outcome, even if there is every matched similarity – with the exception of the same candidate. NGP VAN has established products that are specifically designed for targeted emails, fundraising, online actions, online contributions, social network integration, contact management, and event management. Make sure the fundraising goal coincides with the type of event that will be held. Donors are much more generous when they feel contributions will be on the same level as the fundraising event.


  1. Keep all of your RSVP’s organized and traceable.


Every RSVP should be traceable with all contact details and pertinent information. Ideally, there should be a database created to locate this information instantaneously. NGP VAN’s software has been used by most democratic campaigns in America, including Barrack Obama’s presidential campaign. The company’s software is used by client’s for voter contact, fundraising, volunteering, as well as for adhering to campaign compliance regulations for all 50 states. If someone was sent an RSVP, the database should show the day it was sent, confirmation of a response and any follow-up information. Your RSVP database should be “real-time” and conveniently accessed for your fundraising duties. This will not only make your job easier for the current fundraising event, but it will also be helpful for future events.





Academy of Arts university alumni Kendall is a fan favorite in Bachelor in Paradise Tv program.

The opening episode of Bachelor in Paradise hit the screens on August 7 and viewers have been excited by the growing romance between Kendall Long and “Grocery store Joe” Amabile. It is speculated that Joe has been hanging around in California since the shooting ended in the closing of June. California state is home to Kendall where she had the opportunity to attend the Academy of Art University. Kendall gained favor in the eyes of the fans in the period of the run of season 22 of The Bachelor, and her personality and captured the attention of the viewers. The Bachelor starred a renowned racecar driver known as Arie Luyendyk, and as viewers can recall, Kendall was among the three final ladies that were contesting for Arie’s love.

Just before the closing of the show, Kendall and Krystal were at loggerheads in a showdown that turned dramatic during a two on one date. Despite Krystall badmouthing Kendall and revealing that she had never maintained a stable relationship for more than ten months, Kendall took control of the situation and was able to talk it out with Arie and Krystal. This occurrence made Kendall gain even more favor in the eyes of many fans that follow this exciting TV show, and she was also able to win more fans in the process. During season 5, it is the hope for many viewers that the charming personality and creative talents possessed by Kendall will help win the heart of Joe. Kendall attended the Academy of Art University located in San Fransisco where she obtained her degree in Multimedia Communications.

Kendal also took part in the athletic program of the school known as the Urban Knights. The Academy of Art University was launched in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens. This institution for higher learning is privately owned, and it is an art school for profit based in San Fransisco California. Academy of Arts University is a school that has open admissions with 100% rate of acceptance and currently has about 12,000 students. Over time, the school has earned the reputation as the most significant art and design school that is privately owned in the United States.

OPSkins is renowned throughout the gaming world for being a leading provider of in-game assets. For those unfamiliar with the term, these are things that can be purchased and used within the gaming environment itself. It should surprise nobody, then, that they have also dipped into the cryptocurrency market. This is all due to the actions of their Chief Information Officer Malcolm CasSelle. This has to lead to the formation of the newest blockchain platform to hit the world stage, that being the company called WAX.

For those who are unfamiliar with Malcolm CasSelle, here is a brief rundown on him. He began his career back in 1995 when he co-founded the company known as NetNoir. Within this company, he also served as Chief Technological Officer. NetNoir was widely heralded as one of, if not the first, websites focusing on media production of African-American culture.

After leaving this company, he served in the capacity of Vice-President at the Honk Kong-based Pacific Century CyberWorks. This was a publicly traded telco company at which Malcolm CasSelle found great success. After leaving this company, he became the director at Capital Union Investments. This company was also based in Hong Kong. In this position, he focused and dealt with direct investments into late-stage web companies. He also found great success in this company as well.

Malcolm CasSelle continues to expand his portfolio of successful companies he has served at and there is no reason to believe that this one will be any different. It seems to be that no matter what position he has held he has reached the greatest heights within the boundaries of the industry he is taking part in. This will only continue to be true as he takes the company of WAX to the pinnacle of the burgeoning cryptocurrnecy world.