Whistleblower program is designed for the Public or people to report violations such as monetary fraud market manipulation schemes, insider trading, misleading or false in SEC earnings calls and fillings or the bribery of foreign officials or governments

A person who freely provides the SEC with original information that leads to an enforcement action of more than one million dollars will be awarded between 10 and 30 percent of the total money collected by the SEC. SEC Whistleblower office will determine the percentage paid to the whistleblower based on some other factors. They also consider the level of assistance provided by the Whistleblower.

The SEC Whistleblower Program is designed to enforce the United States securities laws and to compensate individuals who participate with large sums of monetary awards.

Whistleblowers may report crimes anonymously to the SEC. Before reporting it is advisable for them to hire or retain a lawyer that can represent them in the process of submitting a claim. Firstly, a lawyer experienced in securities issues will be able to prepare a disclosure in a way that will make your claim more appealing and easily noticeable to the SEC. The whistleblower may remain unidentified during the investigation by the Securities and exchange commission. The SEC protects the whistleblower after they receive payment by covering or editing the award orders so as to keep the whistleblower’s identity confidential

When a crime is reported by a whistleblower, the SEC will immediately start to investigate the case before contacting the whistleblower or the lawyer. If the tip reported has some merit then the whistleblower will be invited by the SEC for an interview and to provide more documentation. This is the part a lawyer can help the whistleblower to organize and prepare documentation so that it is easily accessible by the SEC. The lawyer will also help to prepare the whistleblower for the follow-up interviews with the SEC lawyers

The issuing of a reward is at the SEC’s discretion. The whistleblower may appeal the reward if he or she is not happy about the size of the reward. It is especially vital to have a lawyer represent the whistleblower during this process.

Since this program started the SEC has paid millions of dollars to whistleblowers. THey SEC has a dedicated fund for Whistleblower payouts.

Whistleblowers are protected by law from retaliation by their employers. No employer may demote, harass, suspend, discharge, threaten, or in any other manner discriminate against, a whistleblower in his or her employment.

Although Papa John’s has struggled this past year in both revenue and customer loyalty, newly appointed CEO Steve Ritchie is confident that their efforts will eventually pay off. Recently the company started an online social media campaign that featured a video with the phrase You expected better from Papa John’s. So did we, a hard-hitting quote that makes customers aware that the company is disappointed as well with the past behavior of a certain former employee. In addition to this quote, the video also features negative comments from customers to further send out the message that they are being heard.

CEO Steve Ritchie’s first act as head of the company was to write a personal letter to both staff and customers about the situation they were in and the efforts that the company would take going forward. The letter by Steve Ritchie began by apologizing to anyone offended by those terrible remarks, however, he reminds people that those words are not a reflection of the company as a whole. The letter did state that actions more than words would be needed to capture back the lost loyalty of customers. These included a national tour of some locations by senior management including Steve Ritchie himself, in addition, a companywide audit of the company would take place to better understand the company culture.

Steve Ritchie stated that his number one priority when he took over as CEO was to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within the company and these efforts laid out in his letter would be just the tip of the iceberg in reaching that goal. In a recent social media post, Steve Ritchie also mentions the building of a new foundation that will aid in funding organizations around the country which battle biases that separate us and promote unity.

Find out more about Steve Ritchie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Papa_John’s_Pizza

In 2010, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar received the Most Compassionate Award, it is an award given by the patient’s choice recognition program in which patients choose their favorite doctor. That award is much deserving because he makes a deep connection with the client by being patient and taking time to listen to his each individual clients’ desires. When clients come to his office, he makes sure the clients are cared for before, during, and after the surgery.

“I like what I do, I think I have the greatest job in the world” said Dr. Sameer Jejurikar about his plastic surgery profession. He is truly passionate about satisfying his clients’ needs and enjoys being able to transform their bodies by surgery and improve the clients self-image.

Dr. Jejurikar is very involved in continuing to learn about improving plastic surgery. He is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In 2018 he spoke at the 97th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Plastic Surgery where he shared his innovating ways of improving the Brazilin butt lift.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has his practice in Dallas, Texas and is associated with Dallas Medical Center, Pine Creek Medical Center, and The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He specializes in hair restoration, breast and lip augmentation and reduction, rhinoplasty, face, eye, chin lift, laser skin resurfacing, micro needling, and botox injections. Dr. Jejurikar has been in practice for more than ten years and has had many clients. His qualification are a medical degree from University of Michigan Medical School. He took his residence at University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers.

Madison Street Capital recently served Sachs Capital Group as its exclusive advisor when they decided to acquire RMG Networks. The financing for this acquisition was provided by Merion Investment Partners and Virgo Capital. RMG Networks is a firm that creates digital signage software, hardware, and services. Their customers include half of the Fortune 100. Madison Street Capital’s Senior Managing Director Barry Petersen led the team of professionals who handled this transaction.

Chief Executive Officer Gregory H. Sachs of Sachs Capital Group released a statement stating that he and his team were gratified to have completed this transaction. He praised the team at Madison Street Capital as one that brought to bear their professional relationships, advice, and efforts to successfully handle this deal. They brought in both of the sources of capital, companies they had used before in other transactions and were critical in the success of this acquisition.

Barry Peterson stated that he really enjoyed working with Mr. Sachs and the rest of his management team. He also found it a really interesting transaction to work on and feels that RMG Networks will be able to capitalize on its success and have great growth opportunities on its recently released platform, Korbyt, through which customers can get digital signage.

RMG Networks is based in Dallas, Texas, and has other offices around the world. Sachs Capital Group is a firm that provides capital to entrepreneurs they see as having a great business model. When evaluating a company to invest in they focus on business fundamentals, corporate governance, superior management, and valuation.

Madison Street Capital has been providing financial services to mid-sized companies around the world since 2005. They are based in Chicago and have other offices in Africa and Asia. They were co-founded by two businessmen, Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala. Charles Botchway acts as the chief executive officer while Anthony Marsala is the chief operating officer. This company is an international investment bank does mergers and acquisitions advising (on both the buy-side and sell-side), business valuations services, financial opinion services, private equity fund administration, and financial asset management services.

Madison Street Capital reputation as a high-quality firm has earned it multiple awards and recognitions. In just 2017 they won the Annual Turnaround Awards for Restructuring Deal of the Year, the International M&A Advisor Awards M&A Deal of the Year, and the Debt Financing Deal of the Year awards. In 2015, Anthony Marsala was named as one of the 40 Under Forty Industry Maverick Award winners by the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts.


To learn more, read https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/madison-street-capital-advises-sachs-capital-group-on-its-acquisition-of-rmg-networks-300735620.html.

Shervin Pishevar is the unquestioned king of Silicon Valley venture capital. The legendary investor has been behind the formation of some of the biggest companies to come out of the tech space over the last decade, including Virgin Hyperloop, Uber and Airbnb. He has also been the personal founder of such names as Social Gaming Network, Ionside and WebOS.

But in his spare time, Shervin Pishevar enjoys debating some of the country’s most pressing issues via his Twitter feed. And with 100,000 followers, whenever Shervin Pishevar finds the time to share his insightful and interesting ideas on topics ranging from economics to tech startups, the world listens with rapturous attention.

Shervin Pishevar says that inflation isn’t gone. It’s just in hiding

Shervin Pishevar believes that the last 10 years, inflation has taken to hiding in the jungles of Southeast Asia like a Viet Cong guerilla. He says that inflation has not died as many have speculated. Rather the inflation that classical economics would predict is inevitable from a country that had printed more than $4 trillion out of thin air to buy its own debt has simply been displaced. Shervin Pishevar says that this inflation is showing up in places like Vietman and China, where manufacturing wages and the cost of production have been steadily increasing over the last few years.

Pishevar says that another place to which inflation has been artificially siphoned is into various asset classes. Pishevar says that the recent asset inflation has been witnessed in markets from housing to equities is scarcely deniable. With cities like Los Angeles featuring median home prices that the median earner would need to work more than 120 hours per week to afford, Pishevar says that this type of asset inflation can actually be more pernicious than dollar inflation, especially when it makes rents so unaffordable that cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco are seeing massive upticks in those who have full-time jobs but not roof over their heads.

But Pishevar is quick to warn that dollar inflation is just around the corner.


Newswatch TV is a specialized TV program. They offer many infomercials on their lineup. The Newswatch TV began in Washington DC where it is headquartered. The Newswatch TV is a weekly syndicated talk show program. It runs for 30 minutes on many US channels. With many topics each week there is no classifying Newswatch TV.

Newswatch TV is watched by millions around the United States. They have many products they advertise on their talk show every week. Many companies enjoy the millions of viewers every week and bid on a spot to advertise for their upcoming gadgets or events.

There have been a number of celebrity appearances on Newswatch TV over the years. When there is a celebrity appearance it only brings up the viewership of the program, Some of the celebrities who have appeared on the syndicated news program include Jennifer Lawrance, Carrie Underwood, Chris Noth, and Jerry West to name a few.

Recently Ockel used Newswatch TV for its campaign of a new Windows 10 PC that is versatile like a mobile device. They had much success with a previous campaign where they used Newswatch TV and thought they would give it another try.

The representative from Ockel had nothing but nice things to say about Newswatch TV and the success of the campaign in the past. She was fond of the interviewer who wanted to know about the Ockel campaign and the opinions of Ockel. She touched briefly on the successes the company had with another campaign.

In conclusion, this article discussed Newswatch TV and where it is headquartered. This article also discussed several of the celebrity appearances who have had a guest spot on Newswatch TV. We wrapped up with a spot from Ockel. Ockel is using Newswatch TV to promote its pocket Windows 10 PC.

JD.com recently grabbed the headlines by launching its own e-commerce platform commonly known as “JD CENTRAL”. With its official debut slated for September 28, JD.com made the bold decision to partner with the Central Group, a prominent Thai retail conglomerate, to explore new market and harness its innovation and creativity. By launching the e-commerce platform, Jingdong aims at extending its footprint in the region as well as developing a unique and strategic investment in Tiki currently considered to be Vietnam’s upcoming e-commerce enterprise. With pilot operations exercised on June 18, JD CENTRAL uniquely offers unrivaled sales and ideal marketplace models. Suffice to say, sales have surpassed expectations with various categories currently on offer ranging from digital products to home appliances and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as beverages and processed foods.

By harnessing its own state-of-the-art technology, JD CENTRAL has disrupted the retail sector by bringing on board exceptional expertise and prompt delivery to Thai consumers. The enterprise’s Warehouse Management System integrates JD CENTRAL’S booming warehouses in Bangkok with a keen focus on making same-day deliveries. With such a synergetic partnership, JD CENTRAL aims at dominating nationwide coverage. The company’s CEO, Vincent Yang, lauded the substantial steps made in propelling JD CENTRAL to greater heights by serving customers throughout Southeast Asia. By partnering with Thailand’s leading retail player, JD CENTRAL looks forward to providing unrivaled e-commerce experiences and ensuring optimal product authenticity. Such a strategic move is aimed at unlocking the untapped potential within the nation’s population with the ultimate goal of becoming a household brand in Thailand.

San Miguel Joins the Illustrious JD.Com E-Commerce Business

San Miguel is widely considered to be a prominent citrus company based in Jingdong Shengxian and the Southern Hemisphere. As a prominent retail platform, the company deemed it necessary to reinforce its status by partnering with Jingdong to market its fresh citrus produce through the e-commerce platform. From the strategic partnership, the “Global Fruit Strategic Alliance” initiative had been conceived to optimize fruit and vegetable production and sales across the country. Not only did the partnership attract more like-minded companies but also enhanced business development through the e-commerce platform. According to Wu Zhengzhi, the alliance provided a unique opportunity to interact with customers and provide exceptional products to Chinese consumers and beyond.

Sahm Adrangi graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He is the founder of Kerrisdale capital management, a firm well known for publishing and selling research. The firm was founded in 2009 with under $1 million. Mr. Adrangi has seen the company grow by organizing its functions despite the financial challenges until it stood the test of time. As of July 2017, the firm had managed up to 150 million dollars.

The company was started on the basis of being a trusted investment administrator. Sahm Adrangi has great knowledge that helps investors to keep up with the current market conditions. The company’s main objective is to carry out a detailed research and come up with solutions that clear the misunderstandings that exist within the capital and stock markets.

Adrangi first came to the lame light when he shared his research and evidence on the fraudulent activities of some Chinese companies in 2010. It was a great relieve for the security exchange commission to ascertain its longtime targets, such as Chinese Education Alliance and the China Cast Education Corp. This discovery enabled enforcement agencies to respond to the matter and administer disciplinary actions immediately. Apart from the wide research of companies and industries, Mr. Sahm Adrangi has focused the firm on other specific areas of expertise.

The biotechnology is one area where Kerrisdale has pointed out as an area of expertise that he has researched and highlighted on a variety of issues affecting a company’s growth such as Sage Therapeutics, Bavarian Nordic and Pulse Biosciences. Kerrisdale’s other areas of interest and focus is the mining and telecommunication sectors where the company has published numerous reports.

Mr. Sahm Adrangi has played a great activist role to ensure that the majority investments continue to progress. His work has made him popular in different institutions and in turn enabled him to serve as the guest speaker in several major conferences. Sahm has been featured in publications such as the Washington Times and the New York Times. He also made an appearance at the Bloomberg and on CNBC.


It all started at a party launch when Whitney Wolfe’s desire to empower young women was witnessed, and she did this through announcing to everyone that it was a high time the female individuals also participated in the power lunch.

She saw the need for all women participants to even sit at the table with the men. Therefore, through this empowerment, Bumble realizes that it has brought changes to the nature of dating as women now become the first individuals to approach. Read this article about Whitney Wolfe at Forbes.

Their competitor tinder is now facing stiff competition as the BUMBLE number of registered users is now 22 million. Whitney Wolfe ensures that the usual dating and mating norms have been made entirely different for all individuals.

Ever thought of how you can unintentionally create something without expecting good results, but you end up having all the positive gains you could ever wish for? Well, this is the same case scenario with Whitney Wolfe as she came up with the Bumble idea owing to her bad experience with Tinder.

All she wants for all the women is positivity, and she expects the means through which they are treated to turn out to be their constant source of happiness. Her other inspiration comes from her talk with Andreev when she confesses that she would love it more if a woman had the guy’s number and thus she would make the first move eventually.

She has managed to help Bumble to grow its dividends, shares and also membership.

Whitney Wolfe and Andreev both settle for Bumble, and many women appear to be willing to join in the race towards being the ones that hold the final relationship decision. According to these two founders, women seem to like the empowered species when it comes to online dating, and this is evident in the experiences that Whitney Wolfe is forced to go through when she joins Tinder.

It is December 2014 when the app was first launched and revealed to the public, but within one month, there were 100,000 downloads from willing users. It has since gained popularity, improved its sales and profits and also brought in a right dating attitude to women.

Learn more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/clareoconnor/2017/11/14/billion-dollar-bumble-how-whitney-wolfe-herd-built-americas-fastest-growing-dating-app/

The success of every company depends entirely on its management and partnerships. The vision plans and strategies a management team enacts for a company is not possible without the foresight of a CEO. It is impossible to talk about OSI Group without talking about its CEO, Sheldon Lavin. Under his leadership, Sheldon Lavin has taken OSI Group to greater heights, and one such achievement is making this company a sustainable food production company. His efforts are built upon the history, challenges, state-of-the-art technology, and teamwork. Combining all these aspects have made OSI Group a large food production company in the world.

Over the years, this company has grown from a Chicago neighbourhood butcher shop to a principal McDonald’s leading supplier. In any business, taking risks allows for more growth and a push out of the comfort zone. Implementing new strategies and techniques led to the growth of the company in terms of market as well as an increase in clients. The growth of the company has also led to an increase in its employment rate as well as its working facilities. OSI Group has received various awards not only due to its economic achievements but also for its services to the community and environment.

The growth of OSI as a company can also be attributed to contributions made by McDonald. McDonald the COO and the president of McDonald restaurant has played an active role when it comes to the success of OSI. Some of the contributions he has made when it comes to the expansion of OSI to the international market include the procurement of Flagship Europe and Boho Foods in China. His expertise in food production also helped raise the standards of production and supply to his chain of fast food restaurants. Another common similarity between McDonald and OSI is that they originated from the American Midwest.

The first McDonald was raised in 1995, and apparently, it was not so far away from where the first OSI headquarters was located. However, during this period OSI was known as Otto & Sons. Their locations led to the strong working relationship that has gone on for years and eventually led to its growth worldwide. McDonald also worked in OSI, and this taught him a lot about the technical operations of a food company as well as instilling in him a corporate culture. With the success that OSI has had over the years, you can surely expect nothing less in the coming years.