Andrew Rolfe’s Ubuntu Education Fund Helping Over 2000 Children to Date

The group led by Andrew Rolfe who is the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund wanted to raise just less than $1 million to help fund their new school at Port Elizabeth. The fund helps children who need a refuge and are the more disadvantaged children in the local community. The gala dinner’s 300+ attendees enjoyed some extraordinary dishes and entertainment from the Xhosa choir before hearing some inspiring speeches from people whose lives were positively changed by the Ubuntu Foundation. One such story that was told was that of Sinesipho Rabidyani who said that the school was a sanctuary from her dread of going home to her father who was often overly-drunken ways made peace at home virtually impossible. She received a scholarship to the school and was provided with an excellent education that allowed her to go on to law school which changed her life and gave her a chance at a better life.


The Ubuntu Education Plan has also been touted as an organic blueprint for sustainable development to help the local children of Port Elizabeth as 100% of the children helped through the program have an HIV positive mother. Furthermore, 100% of the toddlers that come through the program begin primary school on time and 90% will go on to attend some sort of university or get a higher education that will give them a brighter future!


The man behind the Ubuntu Education Fund is Andrew Rolfe who founded the entire foundation to help provide health, education, and social services to impoverished children in African communities. Andrew also serves as the Managing Director at the TowerBook Capital Partners. The philanthropist is an alumni of the University of Oxford where he studied before moving on to the Harvard Business School where he received his MBA in business/managerial economics. He has since used that degree to help run his business at TowerBook Capital Partners as well as to help improve the Ubuntu Education Fund that is helping children across Africa and to rise much money as possible through philanthropic efforts to ensure that many children are helped as possible through his funds which is currently providing assistance that is needed for about 2,000 children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


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