An Emerging Promise In Democracy

It may be unfortunate, but we get many of our best contributions to democracy through conflict. This conflict may not be violent or oppressive, but the conflicts of society places men and women in various conditions they also seek freedom from. This freedom, whether obtained or in pursuit of, is a giving right within the parameters of democracy.

The promise we have in a democratic form of government gives space for individuals to pursue a life suited to them. The promises emerging enable better understanding of how far the realization of ourselves is and how much more room we have to grow within democracy. This new vision for republic order is being pushed by Sujit Choudhry and through the conflicts we’re witnessing in Spain.

Our Sights Are On Sujit Choudhry

We look toward Sujit Choudhry as his experience qualifies him as the best voice we have and regarding the legal parameters of Spain’s recent move. The dilemma is grounded on recent actions taken by the government and to ignore the voices of its people as they speak about identity and secession. The government of Spain is also being held accountable by Sujit.   Additional article on

Mr. Choudhry helps as an open letter is released to the public and the Spanish government. The letter speaks about the importance of people having a voice and the importance for a government to maintain the people’s means of speaking. These are simply the basics regarding freedom of speech and what governments like Spain promise to their people.  More about his published work on

Hinging All On The Decision Of The Spanish Government

The entire conflict rests in the hands of the Spanish government. Catalonia and its people bring forward a message that aims to secede Catalonia from Spain. The country’s people hold to their identity and their freedom to voice the needs and desires they want. The end result rests within the government’s hands. The outlook is ambiguous for both involved in this transition.

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The reason for ambiguity lies in how the Spanish government is not aiding Catalonia with discussion. There is no agenda by Spain to better understand the conflict with dialogue. The voice of Catalonia is instead being drowned out and ignored. The louder that Catalonians move to speak, the further away Spain distances itself from dialogue in the equation.  For the professor’s recent timeline activities, hop over to

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