The group led by Andrew Rolfe who is the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund wanted to raise just less than $1 million to help fund their new school at Port Elizabeth. The fund helps children who need a refuge and are the more disadvantaged children in the local community. The gala dinner’s 300+ attendees enjoyed some extraordinary dishes and entertainment from the Xhosa choir before hearing some inspiring speeches from people whose lives were positively changed by the Ubuntu Foundation. One such story that was told was that of Sinesipho Rabidyani who said that the school was a sanctuary from her dread of going home to her father who was often overly-drunken ways made peace at home virtually impossible. She received a scholarship to the school and was provided with an excellent education that allowed her to go on to law school which changed her life and gave her a chance at a better life.


The Ubuntu Education Plan has also been touted as an organic blueprint for sustainable development to help the local children of Port Elizabeth as 100% of the children helped through the program have an HIV positive mother. Furthermore, 100% of the toddlers that come through the program begin primary school on time and 90% will go on to attend some sort of university or get a higher education that will give them a brighter future!


The man behind the Ubuntu Education Fund is Andrew Rolfe who founded the entire foundation to help provide health, education, and social services to impoverished children in African communities. Andrew also serves as the Managing Director at the TowerBook Capital Partners. The philanthropist is an alumni of the University of Oxford where he studied before moving on to the Harvard Business School where he received his MBA in business/managerial economics. He has since used that degree to help run his business at TowerBook Capital Partners as well as to help improve the Ubuntu Education Fund that is helping children across Africa and to rise much money as possible through philanthropic efforts to ensure that many children are helped as possible through his funds which is currently providing assistance that is needed for about 2,000 children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


YouTuber Kim Dao absolutely loves Pokémon. She has filmed numerous vlogs over the past few years taking viewers to Pokémon Centers around Japan. In one of Kim’s latest vlogs, she visits a brand new Pokémon Center in Asakusa with her good friend Toph. This vlog is called, “Japan Vlog: NEW Pokemon Center in ASAKUSA & Harajuku | KimDao in JAPAN ft Amadofu.


At the start of the vlog, Kim Dao introduces us to Toph at the Tokyo Solamachi shopping mall. They are both extremely excited to check out the goodies at the Pokémon Center.


As Kim Dao walks towards the center, she spots a vending machine with cute Pokémon miniature characters. She decides to spend ¥300 to try and get a Pikachu figurine. Unfortunately, Kim Dao gets a Squirtle toy. Learn more:


In front of the Pokémon Center a few giant Pikachus are walking around. Kim Dao sees tons of limited edition Pikachu stuffed animals in front of the store. She is so tempted to buy all the Pikachu-related items, but in the end she only purchases two Pikachu plush keychains. Learn more:


A few moments later, Kim Dao and Toph go to a nearby restaurant for lunch. Kim Dao orders chocolate milk in a Max Brenner Alice cup to start off with. She then eats a chicken pesto pizza while Toph eats a cuatro pizza and salad. Learn more:


After lunch, Toph takes Kim Dao to a fancy dessert bakery called Magnolia’s. Kim orders a slice of blueberry cheesecake and Toph orders a red velvet cupcake.


The video closes with Toph and Kim Dao walking through a bunch of stores in Harajuku. They also have some fun taking pictures in a Barbie photo booth. Learn more:



When my team of crime scene investigators is assigned a cold case, we have to retrace steps that may have been taken months or years ago. The one thing we have become to rely on more than anything else in solving these type cases is the help from informants. Even those who wish to remain anonymous are extremely helpful because they share information that we may have never had a chance to uncover without them. This month, my team was trying to break a cold cash that was going to let a killer back on the streets if we could not find solid evidence fast.


We have tried to collect evidence without help, but when you are dealing with a case that is so old, nothing is where it was during the crime. Eyewitnesses can often point us in a direction that we may have missed, and that was our hopes with this case. We knew no weapon was ever recovered in this crime, and we knew somebody knew where it could be. We decided to head to the jail this suspect was spending his last few days to try and rattle his cage so to speak.


We knew the jail had installed the Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system, and it was going to play a key role in getting us help. This company has 2,500 systems in jails around the country, making the world safer in their own way. Once the inmate got wind we were in the jail and taking about his crime, he reached out to his sister to see if everything he asked for was taken care of. She did not apparently, and our suspect told her to get it done today. When we traced her, we discovered she was trying to locate and dispose of evidence in his case.

Sawyer Howitt is the youngest member of the Meriwether Group, but it does not stop him from being one of the most valuable people in the company. At a very young age, he already knows how their family business works. He knows what problems might arise, and how he can possibly solve it. He understands how their business operates, and the finances that it might need. His attitude towards their clients is also a big plus, as they appreciate the way he is connecting with them, providing them with great customer satisfaction.

Sawyer Howitt can do any task that is given to him, and would always be present whenever a meeting is called, jotting down notes on how their business could improve. Sawyer is also responsible for the spreadsheet reports of the Meriwether Group, doing it accurately and submitting it on time. These characteristics that he developed while he works in their family business have helped him become a better person, and it is the sole reason why he was appointed to become Meriwether Groups’ Project Manager.

As the project manager of Meriwether Group, he is responsible to oversee the possible changes in the system of commerce in the years to come. He has to think how business development should adapt with the continuous change in the technology. It might seem to be a daunting task to some, but for Sawyer Howitt, it is just a small step into dealing with the real world. Their family business, the Meriwether Group, services clients who are starting up a business. They are providing a series of consultations on how the business can grow. Because of how their business works, it is fairly important for Sawyer Howitt to look into ways on how they can adapt to changes.

Presently, Sawyer Howitt is dividing his time working for the company and studying. He plans to go to the University of California, Berkeley to take up a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance once he graduate from high school.

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