In 2015, Mexico decided to host a competition called Best Franchiseee of the World. This regional event mimicked an international one that is held on an annual basis. The regional event took place as a way for Mexican business leaders to decide upon two representatives to represent the country at the real international event. The top two winners were Omar Yunes and Ivan Tamer. These two individuals stood out as franchisees and that can be seen in the success of their individual franchises.

A franchisee is someone who decides to buy and take ownership of a single franchise. The real international best franchisee of the world competition took place in Florence, Italy and business leaders from over 34 different countries were in attendance. They came from places like Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, and even Mexico. Judges of the event look for leaders who can motivate employees, implement savings programs, and pour their own knowledge and unique personalities into the company. Both Ivan Tamer and Omar Yunes were able to do this.

Omar Yunes is currently the Franchisee of Sushi Itto. He has been the leader of the Japanese style restaurant since he was 21 years old. Since taking over, Omar Yunes has successfully expanded the company into an addition 13 units, which he manages. His employee count is up to 400 member workforce and the workers seem happy to be employed under Yunes. The main characteristic judges first noticed about Omar Yunes and Sushi Itto, was the unconventional relationship he formed with Sushi Itto. The relationship allowed Omar Yunes to take better control of the network and have easier access to different management controls. Additionally, he was able to improve the relationship that the brand previously had with their customers. This has allowed the business to grow exponentially.

Ivan Tamer, on the other hand, is the Franchisee of Prendamex. He was recognized for the tools he created in order to implement a new marketing system. This system is now used all over Pawnshops owned by Ivan Tamer and now other business are interested in copying the same system for their own use.

Omar Yunes recently visited Florence in Italy to attend the award ceremony for Best Franchise in the World event and was given the award for the Best Franchisee at the event. The organizers and jury of the award ceremony felt that Omar Yunes is the right person to give the award because he is passionate about his franchise units, and helped grow his business tremendously from the time he started in the food industry when he was just 21. It is when he started his first franchise of sushi Itto, a famous Japanese fusion food chain that has over 150 outlets across the country.

At present, Omar Yunes is the owner of 13 Franchise units of Sushi Itto. In the award ceremony where Omar Yunes won the award for the best franchise, he humbly said that the award he won is all because of the effort made by his efficient workforce of over 400 employees. Sushi Itto is a brand that Omar Yunes like personally from the very young age and continues to stay passionate about the brand as well as the food it provides. Different franchise from over 34 countries participated in the event where Omar Yunes won. It speaks volumes about the achievement of Omar Yunes has accomplished at such young age.

Each franchise owner that participated in the event were evaluated on many different parameters. One of the biggest factors was the value that the franchise owner can bring to the original brand. Over the years, Omar Yunes has worked hard to ensure that each of his franchise units works efficiently and to customers’ liking so that it does not receive any negative feedbacks. Providing customers with complete satisfaction is the primary motive of Omar Yunes, and it is the culture that is deeply embedded in all the franchise units he owns of Sushi itto.

Omar Yunes is one of the most successful as well as a well-known entrepreneur in the food business, and he said recently that he is interested in opening more branches in the future. Benjamin Cancelmo, CEO of Sushi Itto, is also happy about the results of the award ceremony and said it is with the help of such Franchisee that the brand is renowned globally.

The purpose of a health screening is to catch potential problems before they become bigger health issues and help improve the quality of life. Life Line Screening is a privately owned company that was founded in 1993 in Florida. In 1996, they began to expand to the midwest, and in 1999 they expanded their services throughout the United States. Since its foundation, it has grown to have over 1,000 employees and is the foremost company who specializes in  preventative exam. In 2007 and 2012, Life Line Screening began offering preventative exams in the United Kingdom and Australia, respectively. Life Line Screening offers 3 types of preventative screenings including ultrasound screenings, finger-stick blood screenings, and electrocardiograph screenings.

Life Line Screenings is committed to quality care and excellent service. All of their labs are certified, their technicians are either certified or eligible to be certified by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographer or with Cardiovascular Credentialing International. Life Line Screening also has board certified physicians and sends all abnormal screenings to be looked at by a second technician.An Ultrasound Screening uses sound waves to show pictures of the inside of the body in real time. An ultrasound screening provides accurate, reliable pictures for a variety of issues like carotid artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, osteoporosis risks, and abdominal aortic aneurysms.

Finger-stick blood screenings are a quick, easy procedure that checks the blood for important risk factors that contribute to heart disease and diabetes. Finger-stick blood screenings look for cholesterol levels, glucose levels, c-reactive protein levels, and elevated liver enzymes.An Electrocardiograph (EKG) screening will help monitor and detect signs and factors the contribute to a stroke. Electrocardiograph screenings look for an irregular heartbeat, which can lead to a higher chance of having a stroke.Life Line Screenings will continue to grow and redefine healthcare, as the company reaches more people with the goal to improve the quality of life for its patients.

Over the last 60 years, the United States has undergone significant, fundamental changes to its demographics and to its economy. At no time and U.S. history has it been more important to understand the long-term ramifications of general economic trends. One of the main concerns that are currently besetting the United States economy is the extreme uncertainty surrounding both pensions and social insurance programs, in particular, Social Security.


Many U.S. workers in middle age are today wisening up to this reality of the future. They know that as they reach retirement age, there’s a good chance that programs such as Social Security, Medicare and state employee pension funds simply will not be there. As many of these astute workers begin to look for alternatives to traditional methods of generating retirement income, they inevitably come across some variation of precious metal investment strategies.


Precious metal investment is not an end-all strategy in itself. Rather, it is part of a holistic approach to creating an investment portfolio that has the greatest chance of withstanding all types of financial turmoil that are likely to come to pass in the mid to long-term future. One of the greatest benefits of precious metals, particularly coinage made of gold, silver and platinum, is its incredible track record, spanning millennia, of withstanding virtually every major financial panic, bubble and stock market crash that has ever befallen humankind .


This remarkable robustness and ability to weather financial storms makes investing in gold coins a particularly attractive option to those who will be reaching retirement age 20, 30 or 40 years from today. And no one can help tomorrow’s retirees prepare for whatever may come through the purchase of precious coins better than U.S. Money Reserve.


For over a decade, U.S. Money Reserve has been the nation’s premier provider of precious coin sales and related services. With a staff of experts who collectively have hundreds of man years of experience, U.S. Money Reserve is your one-stop source for all things related to the purchase, storage and management of precious coin portfolios.


One of U.S. Money Reserve’s unique aspects is its staff of retirement planning experts. These are certified financial planners who are capable of helping customers set up self-directed individual retirement accounts, a form of retirement account that allows for the allocation of significant portions of assets into precious coins including gold, silver and platinum-based currencies. These accounts also retain all of the tax advantages and other favored treatments of traditional individual retirement accounts.


Dick DeVos is usually seen somewhere in the center of business and politics, though not always at the front of it. But when his wife Betsy DeVos, a longtime Michigan school of choice and freedom of private school education advocate became chosen to run the US Department of Education, the light shone on the DeVos family once again. Dick DeVos has given the millions he’s made over the years to various non-profits and advocacy groups, but he’s always been one to keep the total amount secret. But in the days leading up to the Senate confirmation hearings for Betsy, the DeVos’s revealed that their lifetime giving amounted to over $139 million.


So how did Dick and Betsy DeVos come to giving away that much? For Dick DeVos it started as a young man and seeing how his father Richard DeVos Sr., a wealthy businessman in Grand Rapids, MI was always involved in the community and starting initiatives to benefit the less-fortunate. Dick also had a high business acumen just like his father and after graduating from Northwood University, he spent many years working in his father’s company Amway Corporation. He took the company on a large global expansion when he took over as CEO upon his father’s retirement, and in his last year alone in that position Amway brought in over $4.5 billion in revenue. Dick had also founded The Windquest Group several years before which became one of Michigan’s largest investors in clean energy as well as small business startups.


Part of Dick and Betsy DeVos’s generosity has been strengthening private schools to meet administrative needs and building operational expenses. But they also wanted to give low income students and families a chance to attend school and also pay their bills, so with the Education Freedom Fund that they started as part of the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation, many families started being able to afford schools. In 2010 they went beyond simply helping private schools to starting a charter school with a special curriculum that included piloting lessons, and it became known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Dick and Betsy have also given to art foundations including ArtPrize and the Kennedy Center‘s Institute of Arts Management. They’ve also given to hospitals including Spectrum Health for which Dick was awarded the Art of Giving award in 2006. They also give to conservative action groups such as Heritage Foundation and Action Institute and also have supported various Republican political candidates. At one time Dick DeVos ran for governor when he felt it was time to bring change to Michigan, but he fell short in that effort. He did later offer support to Republican lawmakers to pass a right-to-work law in 2012.