Cloud computing is fast-paced and evolving now and then to accommodate the expanding challenges of database management. One of the latest inventions in the field is NuoDB Cloud Technology which provides a variety of choices of databases that are adaptable and elastically scalable to new opportunities. NuoDB cloud technology gives cloud applications that are elastic SQL bases for mega data which can be processed in seconds. Sometimes the innovation is referred to as New SQL because the database is compliant to SQL.


The speed of the cloud database runs faster when for scaling-out a new server is added. It means NuoDB cloud technology is an object distribution architecture that functions well in the cloud. Unlike other servers that sometimes encounter problems, the NuoDB cloud technology can scale out and distribute tasks to various processors without data bottlenecks. Tasks are routed to nodes through peer to peer messaging system. The tiered approach the technology uses is comprised of redundant or multiple storage managers (SM) and transaction engine (TE) tiers which assist in scaling the data in the cloud predictably. The domain of NuoDB is made of many redundant SMs and TEs that can concurrently operate on a similar platform.

If you’ve ever attended a wine tasting led by an independent Wine Consultant for the Traveling Vineyard, you’ll see that they have a great time while they earn money. He or she owns her own business, earning commissions from the wine sales. If you look at the Traveling Vineyard’s Facebook page, you’ll notice videos made by Wine Consultants who joined the company’s program for a variety of reasons, including extra income, the social aspects or some individuals want to replace their full time job with one that gives them the freedom to set their own hours.

There is a fee for the Traveling Vineyard’s Success Kit to get started, however, the kit contains, among other things, 10 bottles of wine. If they did not charge for the kit, people might keep the 10 bottles of excellent wine and decide not to participate. For each wine tasting, the Wine Guide brings five bottles, so the Success Kit covers the first two tastings. It also includes everything, including training materials, for you to begin holding tastings.

The Traveling Vineyard is upfront with individuals who are considering the opportunity. If you decide to join, you will pay for your Success Kit and each subsequent five bottle tasting set. In addition, the Traveling Vineyard supplies each Wine Guide with a website that they can personalize; after three months, you will pay $15.99 each month for hosting and related expenses. For less than $200, you can start your new business today.

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Everyone loves a good party. However, usually everyone except the host can relax and have fun. This is because the host of the party is running around making sure every detail is perfect. From the food, to the drinks, to the entertainment, it is a lot of work.

Thankfully, you can rely on one of the best event planning companies in NYC, Twenty Three Layers. The dynamic minds of these event planners in NYC will coordinate your entire event from beginning to end. They will pay attention to every detail from venue selection, to photography, to food & drinks. The company will help you plan parties, wedding, galas, and more, and will handle every aspect so that you can relax and enjoy the event as much as your guests!

As one of the top-rated corporate event planners in NYC, Twenty Three Layers will bring all your ideas to life to create the most dynamic event you can imagine. They are dedicated to creating successful corporate and private events. They understand how many aspects go into planning a successful event, and they are highly skilled in making sure it goes off perfectly. Voice your concerns to the party planners regarding invitations, floral arrangements, styling, catering, lighting and more, and your event will be just as you dream it to be.

Let the team at Twenty Three Layers make sure that you have an event that won’t soon be forgotten. Whatever your needs are, they can make it come to life in a way that will impress every guest on your list.

The dynamic staff at Twenty Three Layers is skilled at making the party planning process fun. Taking the stress off of the host, it is their livelihood to create highly anticipated, positively talked about events that guests are sure to remember.

It’s the desire of many businesses to grow and expand their revenues. As for Honey Birdette, it’s increasing its presence in many countries far and beyond Australia. Honey Birdette recently announced that it would open an e-commerce site for the American market. Also, plans are underway to expand its stores in the United Kingdom. The company currently has three stores in the UK and plans to increase them to 40. However, the company announced that these were plans for the year 2018. Honey Birdette is the idea of Eloise Monaghan from Brisbane Australia. The firm was established in the year 2006.

According to its chairman and chief executive officer, the company has experienced a growth of 374 percent in the United States alone in the past two years. This combined with the desire to enhance customer experience is the reason behind the e-commerce site. Honey Birdette has plans to make free deliveries for products worth over $50. It’s also the wish of the company to come up with a first delivery process. When this project is complete, Eloise Monaghan said that the company would open retail openings in the United States. The first store to be opened outside Australia was a shop in Covet Garden London. Later on, the company opened two more shops in Westfield City and Victoria Gate in Leeds.

Among the 10 openings lined up for the United Kingdom include shops in Leeds, Westfield Stratford, Liverpool as well as Leeds. In their home country alone, Honey Birdette has over 60 stores and more stores are being set up. Other than the United Kingdom and the United States, the company revealed that it was conducting research on premiums locations elsewhere in the globe. The products offered by the company are customer friendly ranging from $50 to 65.

Like other businesses across the globe, Honey Birdette has maintained a huge social media presence where they market their products. They also take this platforms to answer questions and complaints about their products. Some of the social media profiles that the company has maintained include Facebook, Whassup, Instagram and Twitter.