Are you interested in real estate investing? Want to find someone who can train or guide you properly? If you want to achieved tremendous success in the lucrative real estate investing arena, you need to contact Samuel Strauch right away.

For many individuals, real estate is one of the easiest to understand investment vehicles. As long as you learn the proven ways to run this business, you will find it simple and straight-forward. Countless people have made their fortunes in real estate investing and you can do the same.

Samuel Strauch is a reputable real estate investing expert and he comes highly recommended in the industry. Samuel Strauch has mentored numerous newbies and even experienced real estate investors and is well respected by both clients and peers.

Making money, or building a hugely successful business, in real estate takes effort and time. With the advice and help of an expert, you can learn exactly what you need to know for success. That’s where Samuel Strauch comes in.

Different entrepreneurs invest in different types of properties and real estate opportunities. While some investors are interested in purchasing rental properties that they can rent out right away, others feel more comfortable buying and restoring properties.

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You may purchase homes or apartment building that need repairs, fix them and then put them in the market. Usually, you buy low and then sell high after making the needed repairs. Each type of real estate investing has its own advantages and drawbacks.

Samuel Strauch is passionate about teaching people how to be successful in real estate. He has a proven track record and encourages ambitious people to keep pursuing their goal of business success. Samuel Strauch believes that anybody who is determined to succeed, and works hard will eventually reach their goal.

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Ever since 2014, Mike Baur has been leading Swiss Startup Factory to gradually become one of the biggest and best firms in Switzerland. Swiss Startup Factory is a company that majorly focuses on offering consultation and funding to other start-up organizations to help them develop. Ever since Baur was young, he always wanted to join the banking and financing industry, and he had the privilege of both his dreams come true.

Before founding Swiss Startup Factory, Mike worked in the banking sector for more than fifteen years where he majorly helped entrepreneurs and organizations acquire funding to help them grow their business. He majorly helped in providing capital to these clients while assessing the potential of these companies. In most cases, if the business had the potential of growing and profiting, Baur would offer the loan needed by the client with the hope of expanding the start-up firm. While working in the banking industry, Mike had helped numerous businesses accessing the funding they needed to help them reach their goals.

He had a successful career journey in the banking sector before he decided to quit and join the financial sector. Mike believes in the power of determination and ambition as this played a significant role in shaping the person he is today. At the peak of his career, Mike majorly invested most of his time and money in start-up organizations that had the potential of growing in the near future. Through investing his money, it was easier for him to learn more about start-up firms and be in a position of identifying the best startups from the worst ones. From what he learned over the years as he invested his money helped him when he decided to found Swiss Startup Factory with the help of other two partners.

Starting Swiss Startup Factory was a big step in Baur’s career journey as he believed through the firm; he would continue helping other businesses achieve their goals. From what he had learned as an investor, Mike was sure that he would run the business well and bring about much success. By providing mentorship and funding, Mike trusts that organizations have a chance of achievement in the ever-evolving business world where everybody wants to succeed. To make sure people have equal opportunities, Mike employs a business model where every entrepreneur is given a chance to present his/ her idea before Mike evaluates all of them to choose the best. Through this, Mike believes he will continue helping business to reach their greatest potential.

Brad Reifler is the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital. He is a licensed investor and financial professional. Brad has three decades of experience. Brad attended Bowdoin College where he graduated with a degree in Business. He started his first company known as Reifler Trading Company in 1982.

The firm focused on institutional research, global derivative advisory, information dissemination, and discretionary accounts. Reifler Trading Company became one of the top independent futures company under the management of Brad. Its success led to its acquisition by the largest futures company known as Refco Inc. in 2000. Reifler joined Refco in 1995. He was responsible for the sale of global derivatives. He also came up with investment packages for high net-worth individuals.

Brad Reifler started Pali Capital while he was still an employee at Refco Inc. Pali Capital was a sell side broker-dealer that specialized in the equity markets. Brad Reifler was able to capitalize on hedge fund growth by performing detailed research and credit analysis. He taught this strategy to his traders until they were able to execute the strategy correctly.

The company made more than 1 billion dollars in commission income. It also expanded to other countries. It employed hundreds of people and experienced exponential growth with Reifler as the CEO.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler left Pali in 2008 to start Forefront Capital. Forefront is made of multiple subsidiaries including Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory, LLC. The principals of the company are experienced financial professionals who are respected in the industry.

They have worked together with Reifler to steer the company to success and to meet its goals. The board members of the company are affiliated with Fortune 100 companies. They have received numerous accolades for their business excellence.

Reifler decided to start the company after observing that many people were locked out of investment properties because they were not accredited investors. His company helps these individuals to diversify their investment portfolios since they are exposed to multiple investment opportunities.

He has served as the director of various companies including Wins Finance Holdings, Genesis Securities, the European American Investment Bank, and Foresight Research Solutions. Brad Reifler is currently a director of Sino Mercury Company, ROOT Exchange Company, and ITG Market Research.

In a financial perspective it is very important to look at the issue of social security. A survey conducted by the nationwide security institute confirmed that most advisers are not talking about the social security and this has made those who have retired and those that are attaining the retirement age to change advisers. Furthermore, the advisers avoid the topic on social security because it is complex to comprehend. Similarly, advisers should take interest in the social security since clients will start moving out if they think about the retirement process. Social security is important so that the clients can know about the consequences of taking retirement benefits early and the advantages of delaying these benefits.



Since April 2013 David Giertz has been the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors. Previously in march the same year he held the position of vice president. He also serves as the president, senior Vice president and director for other Nationwide companies. Prior to his current position he served as a vice president, Sales FI/WH from the year 2009 to 2013 and later as a vice president-NF sales (Bank Channel) from 2004 to 2009. David recommends the creation of an income plan that will be in exclusive of the Social security benefits.



According to the study a majority of the retirees tend to experience unexpected problems such as health earlier than expected forcing them to take up their retirement benefits early. This should not be the case since taking up benefits early leads to a lower monthly amount after retirement. Most retirees with advisers tend to foresee such occurrences and avoid them. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those without advisers. This shows that advisers play a major role in facilitating proper planning for retirement. As such, the advisers should also advise clients on social security to ensure that the clients are fully prepared.

It is very hard for an individual to live his/her home country and decide to live in another state and still become successful. Sujit Choudhry is one person who understands the precise meaning of the saying that goes “when you go the Romans, act like Romans.” Having being born in Delhi, Mr. Sujit decided to go to America and make a living while working there. He has gained respect and acknowledged for the good job he has done while living in America. His hard work made him become the first Indian ever to become a dean at the University of California.  For more, try clicking

This was a privilege for Sujit Choudhry considering he was heading one of the top law schools in the United States. Many people find Choudhry as a mentor, scholar and most importantly a professor. His interest in Law enabled him to join New York University as a Law professor. Regardless of the fact that Sujit had to work his butt off in a foreign country, he has become very successful compared to some native of America. Over the years, the law industry has been faced with numerous changes that almost crippled the sector, but Sujit is never afraid to serve justice. He believes that through hard work, commitment and togetherness, the law industry can become one of the beset sectors in America.  Related Articles here.

According to Sujit Choudhry, joining the University of California, Berkeley was the best thing he has ever done considering how the university is filled by individuals who are innovative and willing to try and experiment new things. Sujit argues that for one to become successful, one should be ready to take risks while having an open mind to enable a person to learn new things. Sujit Choudhry’s comprehension of comparative law has opened numerous doors for him which lead to him to work in various places.  He once worked at the World Bank Institute as a consultant. Based on, he has also worked as an expert when it comes to constitution transition of numerous states such as Tunisia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Egypt, and Libya.   Useful link here.

Having earned his law degrees from various universities such as Toronto, Harvard, and Oxford, Choudhry believes that in his own unique way he is transforming the American Law industry.  Check this on



Jason Halpern the Business Leader

Many of the people that have gotten wealthy will tell you that one of the most effective vehicles to get there is real estate investing. The great thing about real estate is the fact that even though you might get it wrong a few times, when you do your due diligence, the returns are amazing. One man that has learned how to invest in real estate the hard way is Jason Halpern and through his experience, he has become the busiest business man in the entire western hemisphere. Jason currently operates between New York, Miami and has a company with a capital base of half a billion dollars.

Jason Halpern with Family

There are many companies that he has collaborated with to create the property that is part of his portfolio. These include Madden Real Estate and the projects that they did together, The Aloft South Beach Miami project that was finished two years ago. Currently, his company is planning to convert the Wild Turkey Bourbon building into condos. According to the agreement, the company will make 338 condo units from the current building. Jason has also in the past teamed up with Madison and purchased the Brooklyn Heights Cinema to make condos out of it.

He confides that he has had a few setbacks when he was investing. One of the most memorable of these setbacks for him was watching a major deal that had cost him a lot debacle at the last minute. He states that these are the failures that make an investor tough. Through mistakes, he has learned to make better investment choices.

Jason’s Background

Jason’s father was a real estate developer too. He worked for his father before setting out on his own. When Jason is not busy working, he really enjoys staying at home and spending quality time with his family. He has a son that he really enjoys engaging in activities such as car racing and others. There was a time that he wanted to be taking part in car racing as a hobby, but being the busy man that he is in business, this has been put in the backseat for now.