Betsy DeVos has often been described as one of the most passionate supporters of education reform in the U.S. after becoming involved in the school choice and school voucher activism community when it was not considered a mainstream idea in the 1970s and 80s. However, I believe there is much more to the life and career of Betsy DeVos than simply her work as an education specialist and reformer; alongside her education work, the Calvin College graduate has also built a strong political and business career often in partnership with husband Dick DeVos.

In looking back at the life and career of Betsy DeVos I have discovered she has seemed to have maintained an interest in politics dating back to her time as a student of Calvin College where she studied political science. Despite the long hours of hard work Betsy has put into reforming the education system in her home state of Michigan and across the U.S. I was shocked to discover she has also found the time and effort to act as the Chair of the Michigan Republican Party on two occasions in the 1990s and early 2000s. Working alongside her husband, AmWay heir Dick DeVos, Betsy has amazed me with the level of success she has achieved as the founder of The Windquest Group that invests in clean energy and local businesses in Michigan; Betsy DeVos is also well known for the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation she and Dick use to provide funding for charitable projects they pack. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has provided funding for the Kennedy Center for the Arts across a range of projects, and made sure some of this funding is used to back Michigan based arts projects to aid the often economically challenged state the couple still call home.

In my own view the work Betsy DeVos will always be remembered for is her dedication to education reform she has previously stated when she visited Michigan schools when her own children were of school age. A visit to the Potter’s House Christian School is often cited by Betsy in articles I have read about her as the turning point in her view of education reform; over a number of decades I have been happy to see Betsy DeVos acting as the Chair of the Alliance for Education Reform and has personally funded a number of marketing campaigns to raise awareness of school choice and voucher programs across the U.S. After founding the West Michigan Aviation Academy Charter School close to Grand Rapids, Betsy DeVos has finally seen her hard work payoff with her nomination to become the U.S. Secretary for Education in 2017.

We all lose our hairs every time we comb our hair. It is natural and perfectly OK. However, the only thing that should get you worried is the amount of hair you lose every time you brush your hair. In addition to hair breakage, you also need to monitor any changes in your hair. Does it feel strangely clumped up? These changes will tell you whether your hair is undergoing any distress or is just normal. From there, then you have an idea of the problems that you are addressing with your hair and what to do about it.

You don’t need to be a hair dresser and expert to take care of your hair. All you need to do is know your hair and the problem you are trying to solve. Then, invest in a good cleansing conditioner. Conditioners are like an oasis in the desert. Something that restores and is valuable. Conditioners can be applied every time you take a shower. But for excellent results you need to apply the right amount and stroke your hair evenly until all the strands get some.

Cleansing conditioners not only strengthen the hair but protects it from the external taints and blemish surrounding us. They get to close the hair cuticles that when left open can result in the loss of moisture and natural oils. By closing the air cuticles, you are assured that your hair will be moisturized which gives it a healthy feel and a lustrous look. Moreover, conditioners help the hair retain their color and also feel which comes in handy especially because of the pollutants that cause a lot of damage to the hair.

Wen Hair Care is a brand developed by Dean Chaz fifteen years ago. The product has received so much positive reviews with people agreeing that the product is unique and perfect for all hair types. The products are made from plant extract which gives 100% surety of no chemicals that could damage the hair. More so, the product is suitable for all types of hair. All you need is to know your hair texture so that you can apply the correct amount of the product.

Wen cleansing conditioner is a five in one product that cleans the hair with the shampoo in it and ensures that the hair is detangled and conditioned with one application and an extensive stroke. Chaz gives us the opportunity to enjoy a safe product that gives desired results.

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Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, a company that specializes in offering high quality makeup products that consist of bright and bold colors that are used in order to accentuate and to show off the beautiful features on the faces of both men as well as on women. Doe Deere has always been a creative individual and has now turned her creative streak into a successful and booming business that was founded in 2008 as a side business to a clothing business that she also created in order to showcase bright and bold colors. Doe Deere is known for her presence on social media sites where she has shown off the looks that she has created. Doe Deere has been changing the way that individuals wear makeup and has now created a new trend to use makeup as a way to wear for oneself and not as a way to only coverup blemishes and imperfections.


Doe Deere was born in Russia and grew up in New York City, a city that has been able to encourage her creative way of thinking as well as her vibrant products that continue to attract countless makeup enthusiasts to wear. Doe Deere has taken New York City as an inspiration to her makeup brand and has used the vibrancy of the city in order to promote bright and bold colors to be used on not only the eyes, but also on the cheeks, as well as on the lips.


As the name suggests, Doe Deere has chosen the color of lime due to the fact that the color of lime is her favorite color to use on her customers due to the fact that she believes that everyone looks good in lime. Doe Deere has become such an inspiration to many makeup enthusiasts that she has even dubbed the name of her fans as her unicorns, a creature that embodies her essence as a positive creature that is known for their bright colors. A positive attitude is what Doe Deere wished to promote with her makeup brand and hopes to encourage her customers to wear her makeup brand with a positive attitude that is contagious to others.


Doe Deere currently has a brand name that is internet-based. Though her name has been growing on the internet, Doe Deere wants to one day own her own brick and mortar shop where she can sell her makeup brand to local customers. As a vibrant individual, Doe Deere wants to feel a part of a community and wants to spread a positive attitude to people that she knows. The business of Lime Crime continues to expand with much promise of the future soon to come.

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Global stocks have dropped at an alarming rate due to investors getting concerned about China’s slowing economy growth. There has been a steep decline in the Chinese stocks and a devaluation of currency that continues to stoke fears that the China outlook is deteriorating. This could spell hard times ahead to its trading partners that include Europe, Japan and eventually the US. It is against this backdrop that Timothy Armour, a portfolio manager, shared his thoughts on the events that are unfolding in China.

Unfolding Events

China holds about 15% of the gross domestic products in the world and therefore holds a bigger impact on the global economy than before. The well known catalyst for China’s selloff was the unexpected decision the country made concerning the devaluation of its currency which was a huge blow to the financial markets.

A number of developed economies with noteworthy trade links in China like Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and Europe ought to find ways of dealing with the expected export activity decline. According to Timothy Armour, in order for some of these negatives to be offset, commodity and oil prices ought to be lowered to boost the economy.

Timothy Armour’s Perspective on Market Selloff

In response to a question on whether the various reforms that China is taking will bear fruit, Timothy replied that the country’s economy was suffering the pains of a transitioning economy. China’s economy is seeking to transition from one that is closed and investment-led to another that is more open and consumer-led. The government in China controls most companies, banks, fiscal and monetary policy and this according to Tim makes it difficult to analyse the open-market and classic developed economy. This makes the transition rocky but the experts have to find a way of investing in strong companies. Timothy believes that the internet companies in China could present an area of opportunity during this selloff. The internet companies are world-class and have great valuations making them attractive.

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Timothy Armour Elected as Capital Group’s Chairman

Capital Group’s board of directors has announced the election of Tim Armour as the Group’s chairman. Tim was the Chairman of the Group’s Capital Research and management Company and the management committee. This change reflects the succession plan of leadership that was put in motion a few years back and it was only formalized when the former chairman passed away. Jim Rothenberg, Capital Group’s former chairman passed on after suffering a heart attack while on holiday. Timothy Armour started his career at Capital Group in its Associates Program soon after graduating from Middlebury College with a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

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Brian Bonar a highly respected financial executive who has over 40 years of professional experience. In 2016 he was selected as one of the males of the Cambridge inductees’ honor. Cambridge list has a strict requirement for inclusion. They look for the top professionals in several distinct fields to include them in their lists.

They begin by selecting a special committee that investigates the professional as well as educational standards all individuals on their list of honor. There are three main areas that they investigate they include leadership abilities, academic achievement as well as professional accomplishments.

Throughout his entire career, he has illustrated the qualities that Cambridge is looking for and this assists in developing standards for both academic excellence as well as professional integrity. He is a Ph.D. degree holder. And his over 40 years of experience, he at the top of his peers.

According to MG2, Brian Bonar’s has a distinctive experience in the field of management that has enabled him to become Dalrada Financial Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer. His responsibility within the company has enabled him to have direct control of both the employer and employee benefits as well as for market products.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has worked hard to enable companies to achieve a high level of efficiency and effectiveness within the companies.

Through partnering with the marketing department, he has developed exceptional offers for employee effectiveness. For example Trucept Inc. the company that Brian Bonar is currently working for partners with other companies.

The firms seek to take over some of it partnering firm’s business responsibilities such as safety programs, payroll, human resource management, workers compensation insurance, and other aftermarket services that mainly concerned with staffing. In addition, led by Brian Bonar the firm offers employees and employer benefit as well as aftermarket products.

He has an exemplary career since he began working. He has worked for large companies such as IBM where he worked as a procurement officer in charge of outsourcing motherboards for special types of computer that IBM was building.

He later became the QMS Director Engineer where he managed over 100 people who included hardware as well as software engineers. Adaptec is yet another company where he served as sales and marketing manager.

Bonar is also affiliated with the American Finance Association. Combined with his firm education in finance background and management Mr. Bonar is rightfully qualified for the Cambridge list.

Among four others he was the only individuals who were on this 2016 list. The list takes only two women and two men and all must meet the strict requirement of Cambridge and their committees.

Brian Bonar has exemplified excellence in everything that he does. He is committed to developing solutions and to improve the companies’ rankings. He is one of the best leaders in the financial industry.

Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the largest document-processing companies based in the United States. According to the company, they have taken their best efforts to respond to the calls of actions by major clients and stakeholders to revolutionize the process of acquiring property titles. Many arties and people have reported to the company about numerous causes of property report failures. For this reason, Nationwide Title Clearing has decided to make the property reports readily available through their online ordering form available on their website. V has stayed ahead of the rest to ensure that no one has a claim to a title which does not belong to them.


Title defects, in the recent past, have become one of the principal causes of concern in the real estate and property titles platform. For this reason, there are many people who feel that they have become the causes of the wrongful foreclosures. On the other hand, they may also feel that they are the primary causes of buyback of property and titles in the region. As a result, they end up blaming each other without finding the correct solution to this major problem affecting the real estate industry.


Most of the people, on the other hand, are here to blame themselves because they feel that they contribute to the stagnation process f a transaction which would otherwise be named a seamless process. Within the secondary market, you must first find yourself working with people in the region to make a better working environment. According to Nationwide Title Clearing’s customs, the property records are the main reason why transactions are rendered invalid or seamless. For this reason, a careful look at these titles will bring out the real picture of the main problem affecting the real estate industry.


For you to have a clear title conveyance, the property records hold a special room in the transaction. For you to avoid the risk of the buyback, the property titles are the key to ensuring such a tragedy does not befall the property purchaser. For this reason, Nationwide Title Clearing has become one of the leading research and document-process company working to satisfy the needs of the financial and mortgage companies in the United States. For this reason, the company has also taken their steps to ensure that the process of securing title is made simple at all costs. For this reason, it recently launched an updated website that allows property title seekers to order for these reports through an online application platform presented by the company. Therefore, these applications are made available through one of the most secure platforms in the United States. When a person lays a false claim on a title, it will automatically have a defect.

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For many inmates, staying away from their families could break them. For most times, these inmates are parents that have lived with their families all their lives. A visit from family members once a month is usually not enough. The visits are occasional and short. It never allows them to share their emotions feelings. On the other hand, families with inmates will struggle to cope up with daily routines. Families that have children and one parent in prison will strain the working parent. He or she would have to work on a full-time basis to support the entire family.


Luckily, things are changing thanks to the advancement of technology. Securus Technologies has created a technology that allows inmates to make video calls from correction facilities. Families take part in scheduling the video call. Inmates can now participate in special family events. Imagine how good it would be for an inmate to connect with their families during special events such as graduation, Christmas and birthdays. Through the use of the video visitation program, families have created a stronger bond with their members in correction facilities. The result is that Christmas and other special occasions have become more enjoyable. Securus Technology created the video visitation program as a special gift for inmates and their families. The technology is so powerful that the company has stated that family members can use the program to assist their children with homework.


While there is no substitute for family or friends during the holiday season, there is no option for someone behind bars. Securus Technologies is providing one of the best opportunities for people in correction facilities. The company has developed the video visitation program which allows individuals in correction facilities to keep in touch. Once connected, people can communicate with their friends and families in real time. I think that the technology developed by Securus is a great leap in prison communication industry.


The ability to see and talk to family and friends is something very special during Christmas. Securus Technologies is a company that has dedicated to improving the lives of inmates. It enhances their security and enables communication to be carried in a smooth and flawless manner. The company has established its offices in different parts of the world. It is currently available in correction facilities within the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Apart from developing communication services, the company is dedicated to developing other technology services to improve security in prisons.


Sujit Choudhry is the founder of Director of the Center constitution Transitions. He is the professor of law at Michael Heyman. Before the appointment, he worked as the dean of Berkeley Law. He mainly focuses on comparative constitution law and its development. He tries to unlock the problems concerned with the law through research with the aim of foreseeing a peaceful co-existence in politics.

Sujit Choudhry mostly targets societies with diverging differences. Moreover, he has been involved in writing having published over 90 articles focusing on law. He is also a member of the board of International Society of Public Law and an editor of constitution review in South Africa. Also, he is among the advisory board in Cambridge Law School among many other organizations.

Comparative Law

It is a field of law and a course study that focuses on the differences and similarities between laws of different countries. That is, it concerns the study of international law and the legal systems in place. The areas of coverage are Jewish law, civil law, Chinese law, Hindu law, common law, Socialist legislation and canon law. It looks at the impacts of the integration of all the laws of the land.

It further goes behold to analyze and give a comprehensive report concerning foreign laws and the systems in various countries. With an increase in trading among different states, the comparative law has become an important tool in ensuring there is democratization.

The primary purpose of studying comparative law is:

  • To ensure that the existing legal systems fit each one well
  • Attain more understanding of legal systems
  • To try and achieve unification of all jurisdictions in place

Moreover, the comparative law helps in formulating other legislation where the involved parties can get to see the normality. This means that it helps answer questions regarding the law field hence bringing cohesion in the area.

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One of the most successful and popular entrepreneurs of America is Eric Lefkofsky. This genius was born on September 02, 1969 in Southfield city of Michigan. Eric is known as someone who founded several companies at a relatively younger age. Nowadays, he is the Chairman of Groupon and Chief Executive Officer of Tempus, an organization he co-founded too. He is the co-founder of many companies like Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, and Uptake. He went to the University of Michigan to study finance. In 1993, he completed the Juris Doctor degree from the law school of Michigan University.

He started to sell carpets while he was still a university student. Eric and his college friend bought Brandon Apparel in 1993; it was an apparel company in Wisconsin. The pair launched an online company named Starbelly in 1999. After one year, Halo Industries bought Starbelly, and Eric was made its CEO. Just one year later, they filed for bankruptcy.

In 2001, Eric and his friend founded InnerWorking. It provided print procurement services to different businesses. Fortunately, the company was a great success and managed to enter United States stock market by 2006. Eric remained a member of Board of Directors of InnerWorking until 2012. Eric and his partner decided to launch a freight logistics company in 2005. That is how Echo Global Logistics was created. The company was so successful that New Enterprise Associates wanted to become a Series D finance investor. By next year, it entered America’s stock exchange, and it is still traded.

Eric and his friend decided to launch a technology company in 2006. The company was named MediaBank, and it provided services like planning and buying to advertisers, accounting, and software analysis. It was another success, and NEA was interested in investing. The pair founded in 2007. After one year, the company was renamed to Groupon. Several investors got interested in this company. Eric and his partner founded Lightbank in 2010 and Uptake in 2014. In 2015, Eric stepped down as the Chief Operating Officer of Groupon. In 2016, Eric created Tempus which is a technology company that enables physicians to provide care to cancer patients.

Eric is also involved in philanthropy. His foundation, Lefkofsky Foundation, funds different organizations around the world for charitable, scientific and educational causes. Lefkofsky Foundation has a strong focus on children, and it has funded over fifty organizations around the world.

Eric authored a book which describes how business is affected by technology; the book’s title is Accelerated Disruption. Eric Lefkofsky has a strong presence in social media. He updates people about his personal life through the internet and spreads positive messages. He promotes cancer treatments through his Facebook page. The main focus of his Twitter account updates about technology advancements and also cancer awareness.

ClassDojo has managed to raise $21 million in a venture funding (Series B round) for a new application. The new technological communication platform will offer teachers, parents and students with a connection that will enable them to communicate in a consistent manner. It will enable these parties discuss about the student’s behavioral, social and activities development while at school. This ground-up change in communication will allow parents to be apprised of everything that occurs in school daily as opposed to getting surprised during the once in a semester parent-teacher meetings.

Co-founders’ Word

According to Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, ClassDojo’s founders, the company closed its round of funding back in 2015 and is looking at ways to grow the team as well as the features and content that will prove useful to parents who are expected to use the application not only in school but also at home. Chaudhary stated that the idea behind the app is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools as well as guiding the conversations held at home. Teachers will be able to use the app to update parents on a number of daily scheduled activities and send parents videos or snapshots of their children’s latest activities or work. The founders identified a gap in the education tech business, as they started the company in 2011. There were a number of other platforms creating digital curriculums, testing and grade books platforms. They saw that there was no app capable of creating community and culture between teachers, parents and students.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo refers to a classroom communication platform that creates a simple app to help teachers, parents and students to share on the daily occurrences in class through messages, videos and photos. It is based in San Francisco and is currently focused on distributing it to even more parents and teachers. The startup hopes to start generating revenue by creating premium content and features for parents to use but it will not sell off the user’s data due to its high privacy policies as there are children involved. The founders are considering inputting content like discussion guides, videos, custom yearbooks and lessons to use at home. There are transactional features within the app to help parents pay for lunches, field trips or supplies.