My cell phone service was cut off because the bill became so high that I couldn’t possibly pay for it. When I was working at my past job, I didn’t mind paying over $100 a month for my cell phone service, but after losing my job, the phone bill became too high for me to keep up with. I had to seek other means of cell phone service, and that’s when I came upon FreedomPop. I was told about FreedomPop in the past but felt that any service that was offered for free couldn’t possibly be anything that I would like.

I was very wrong about FreedomPop and must admit that I was wrong. I started off with the free service that FreedomPop was offering because I was on such a strict budget that I couldn’t afford to pay for cell phone service. Luckily, the phone I was using with my last service provider was paid for an unlocked, so I was able to use the phone with FreedomPop. I only needed to purchase a sim card from FreedomPop that only cost $4.99. Once I received the sim card, I inserted it into my phone and began using the service.

I found a lot of ways that were very creative to keep using my phone service free of charge, and one great way was using Wi-Fi whenever I could as well as using Google Talk or other calling services that were free. Eventually, I was able to get enough money to start paying for service, and I switched over to the FreedomPop unlimited service.

The great thing about the 3-in-1 sim card that FreedomPop sells is the international calling capabilities that it has. I’ve added an international calling plan to my phone because I have family in other countries that I want to call, and the price is very low when I use FreedomPop’s international calling plan. I also found that I can avoid roaming charges as long as I’m in one of the 25 countries that FreedomPop allows usage of their cell phone service. I would suggest that a customer who’s interested in FreedomPop services to read a FreedomPop review to learn how great the company is.

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Madison Street Capital is an international investment firm based in Chicago. Recently it was announced as the finalist of the highly contested 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. The award is prestigious and is recognized all over the world as it appreciates and recognizes the achievements of leading professionals and firms in the financial industry. It rewards firms that perform well in restructuring and deal making. The acquisition of Acuna and Asociados S.A. by Dowco that was facilitated by Madison Street Capital’s Managing Director Karl D’Cunha enabled the firm to get nominated for International and Industrial Deal of the Year. The acquisition process was complicated and involved several steps for it to be successful. Mr. Charles Botchway, who is the company’s C.E.O, has always praised their deal makers for their tireless work to ensure that their clients are well guided in making deals for business and financial growth.

Madison Street Services
Madison Street Capital has been in the forefront in the provision of corporate financial advisory services, acquisition and merger services, valuation services, and financial opinions globally. Their clients include both private and public businesses. The services they offer aim at enabling their customers to succeed in the competitive global market. It is a team that is run on the core values that are excellence, leadership, and integrity. It has always focused on the client’s objectives. The firm also ensures that it achieves its targets whenever there is a goal set to be completed. It has always made its focus on emerging markets and has always advised their clients to channel their assets in this direction as it is what they need for their global growth. Through its professionalism, Madison Street Capital has gained a lot of trust from their clients all over the world.

Madison Street Capital has been in existence and operational for 18 years. Its primary task is to advise clients on matters pertaining M&A services. It has employed an excellent team of professionals that have got diverse experience and knowledge in the Investment and banking sector. They are capable of full analysis of different situations and giving the necessary for business growth. They also have a record of providing suitable financing and capitalization that best suits each and every need of all its clients. Currently, it is one of the best middle-level investment and banking firms globally. It has branches in Africa, North America, and Asia. Madison Street Capital is always recommended for individuals who may want to sell a business, make an acquisition, and corporate governance matters due to its outstanding reputation in offering ideal investment and banking services.

Malini Saba is the founder of Saban. She is among the most remarkable female investors, businesspersons, and philanthropists in the world. Malini kick started her career life in the 1990s in the Silicon Valley. Here, Malini tried investing in various firms, before she made a decision to start her own venture. I see this as very inspiring and motivating to women as well as men out there. She began Saban, which would later turn out to be the most substantial investment. Saban primarily operates in three varied locations in the world, specializing in different business activities. In China, Saban operates in the oil and gas industry. The firm also holds interests in the real estate sector in Australia and India as well as technology in the United States.


Aside from being a remarkable businessperson, Malini Saba is an impassioned philanthropist. Malini donates and contributes money to various charity causes with the ultimate aim of creating sustainable societies. In 2001, Malini Saba started Stree: Global Investment in women. Bill Clinton and Queen Noor inaugurated the organization. The foundation aims at providing reliable access to education and healthcare services to both children and women from low-income backgrounds.


The funds were dedicated to starting the first Research Center for the South Asians. This donation was only a year after she made a $10 million pledge to the victims of Tsunami in India and Sri Lanka. Malini Saba serves as the chairperson of Saban. Malini was born, raised and attended schools in Perth. On completing her schooling, she moved to the USA and resided in San Francisco. Malini was a dedicated and skilled entrepreneur from her early years.


Malini took full advantage of every opportunity, which she came across when growing up and in school. In San Francisco, Malini enrolled for business classes, which she gave her full attention. She gained the relevant entrepreneurial skill set and knowledge about the various aspects of business. In school, Malini would make sure to attend every conference, which would offer opportunities to meet with successful investors and entrepreneurs. Because she had plans to start her own business venture, she took all the advice from successful businesspersons seriously and into practical use. Through the conferences at her school, Malini was able to create substantial links with other entrepreneurs. In over 25 successful years of business, Malini has been successful through capitalizing on the results of her market trend analysis.

IAP Worldwide Services is responsible for many unique mission support operatives in over 35+ countries. Their main goal is meeting the demands of their clients mission. It is important that their clients attend a briefing to discuss their mission. IAP has assembled a brave team of highly skilled professionals that are there for your project in a moments notice. They have successfully completed many missions for the United States and have subleased their vehicles and aircraft for a faster response time. They can be dispatched from different locations across the world. IAP is headquartered across the world including the United States.

They admire the way their customers know what they want regarding their program management operations. They keep security at a high standard and provide services on many classified missions that involved corporations like the Navy. You won’t be disappointed with the level of excellency that they provide for their customers in a crisis situation. They have several contracts that have involved natural disaster. IAP Worldwide Services has the manpower to function in a small community setting.

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IAP Worldwide Services Inc Panama City FL, 32405
Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

They have a strong team of men and women that will work towards your expressed goals. During your briefing you have the opportunity to discuss what you expect as a suitable outcome. Security on your project is specified under your contract and met with a firm approach. IAP Worldwide Services can be trusted with your classified mission. Nobody has been able to match their services or logistics.  There are a number of people that continue to use IAP Worldwide a name trusted globally by thousands.

They originated from a few successful businesses that wanted to branch off on their own and find a unique solution to global crisis and disaster. They have a level of professionalism that encourages them to be a strong powerful team. IAP understands that without teamwork your program mission can be hard to accomplish. They pride themselves in being able to handle a natural catastrophe with the best team of men and women in the world next to the armed forces. They have 2,000 men and women that are dedicated to you as committed professional leaders of a revolutionizing global front.

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