Mathew Fleeger Leads Gulf Coast Western Company in Oil Exploration

Mathew Fleeger is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. This firm focuses on managing businesses that deal with Oil and Gas. These partnerships are also referred to as Joint Ventures. This is made possible by its ability to combine resources, talents, experience and the technical know-how.

This has enabled the firms to primarily focus in oil exploration, developing and acquiring domestic gas and oil deposits that are located in the coastal region of the US. The firm also concentrates on areas that have a combination of both Geological and Geophysical advantages. Therefore, the achievements of this company over time can be attributed to the transparency and openness of their partnerships with their business partners. This relationship was based on mutual confidence and esteem that arises from their ability to work with high levels of integrity.

The origin of Gulf Coast Western Company can be traced back to the year 1970 where it started as a family business that was based in Texas. The company then laid its footprint through the establishment of two partnerships between Orbit Gulf Company which had acquired almost all the assets of Orbit Company. Gulf Coast Western on the other side acquired rights and access to the Southwestern Louisiana region. It also managed to acquire 13 productive wells and one hundred and forty drilling locations that were already established.

The company has also embraced Exploration and research in its efforts to boost its operations. It has greatly committed itself in oil exploration and acquisition of lease in areas adjacent to the Gulf Coast that were rich in oil deposits. They saw a lot of potential in those areas as they had the ability to develop thousands of acres in the future. The Mathew Fleeger led comapny is also doing a lot of exploration so that they can be able to expand to other parts of the United States.

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